Why I Could Never Be A Feminist

I am female but I am not a feminist.  I will never be a feminist. I love men way too much.

At this point, I think I’ve seen enough of the feminist movement that’s out there to know that it only breeds hostility, delusions of grandeur, penis-envy, and hatred towards men. Feminism takes the femininity right out of women and turns them into the same brutish-type men that they claim to have oppressed them for ages.

Sorry feminists, but strapping on balls just ain’t my cup of tea. I personally am not striving to be a man, nor am I trying to outdo them. Why should I when I thoroughly enjoy my womanhood? I love everything that makes me a woman and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But then again, I love everything that makes a man, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

As a female, I love being the more emotional and intuitive of the two sexes. In an ideal world it would be awesome if both men and women were in touch with their hearts and emotions. But for now, I’m happy that at least many of us women already have that going for us. I also love the privilege of shaving my legs, smelling like flowers, and being the one that can nourish a baby from conception to birth. I love that we are the sentinels for beauty on earth. I love having a pale lavender bedroom and wearing my colorful dresses. I love my female body with all of its curves and womanly softness. Best of all, I love being a stunning contrast against the male figure while also being its compliment. This is what sends electricity throughout my entire being!

Speaking of men, have I told you how much I love them too? Not only do they make the perfect compliment to my feminine essence, but they also make for great company. Oh, how I love how they’re usually taller than me, how their skin is just a little bit rougher than mines, and their voices just a bit deeper. I love their physical strength and firm masculine build. I’m elated when I get to ask them to help me open a jar of pickles! I love their courage, drive, and stamina. This tells me that I’m in safe hands and in the presence of quite a powerful being. Last but not least, I love their wit, because nothing could ever compare to the sense of humor of a man.

Why is it that one sex always needs to claim superiority over the other in order to get validation? Surely, men have oppressed women over the years. But the feminist movement brings in a group of women who now want to get their turn at being the oppressors. I will never understand why it is so necessary to bash and undermine men in order for women to have equal rights?

To me equal rights is not about women becoming dominant or taking on masculine traits. It is more about women embracing their femininity while having the same options and opportunities available to men. Could it get any simpler?

The media does a fine job at teaching women what a “strong woman” should look like. They have all sorts of examples of bad-ass women for us to aspire to. From the gun-toting, ass-kicking female characters we see in the action movies to the muscle-clad female athletes that are constantly paraded in our faces. What we see in the feminist movement of today is simply the outplaying of a bunch of women under the mind control of their beloved mainstream media.

If I have to be a feminist in order to be politically correct, then I’d rather not be correct. If I have to discard my femininity while hating men to be considered a modern woman, then I’d rather be old-fashioned, outdated, backwards or whatever else the ladies of the feminist movement would like to throw at me.

The future could never be female. So far I have yet to see any man-made machine that can dispense sperm at a moment’s notice. Mother Nature designed it so that we women need men as much they need us and procreation will never be possible without the two. I think it’s best if both men and women came to terms with this reality and started looking for a more balanced and more realistic approach to equal rights.

Feminists, sorry to have to break it to you, but the future will always be male and female (whether you like it or not).

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