Your Right Now

Allow yourself to fall in love with your present day and your present moment. Your life may not be exactly in the state that you want it to be. You may think you’ll be happier in the future. But your today is the only mound of clay that you have to build and shape your tomorrow.

Happiness will not suddenly appear from out of nowhere when tomorrow comes. You are fooling yourself if you think so. Tomorrow will only be filled with the essence of the energies you put into today. So why not infuse today with the essences of love, joy, and gratitude. Infuse it with the things you want in your tomorrow.

If you are reading this, chances are you woke up this morning. (Some others weren’t so lucky.) Chances are you’ve got a cell phone or computer with internet access. Chances are you’re not starving and will have a place to sleep tonight. Are things really so unbearable that it can’t wait til tomorrow?

Take stock of what you currently have around you. Sure, you may not like everything that you see. Some things might be painful. Somethings might be ugly. But if you’d adjust your perception a bit, you’d see that these things are also the growing pains and lessons you are using to carve out a better you.

Amidst your pains you will find that there’s still plenty of beauty to be found. Make it a point to seek out the beauty in your everyday life and have reverence and awe for what it is that you see. Take as much time as needed to enjoy the view, knowing that each moment is a gift that is both unique and all-too-temporary.

It is in these moments you will realize that now is the space where amazing things are already happening. It is in these moments you’ll see that tomorrow can wait. It is in these moments you will find your peace and your gratitude. And it is in these moments you’ll realize that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey.

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