How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are all gardeners of our personal reality. Ever stopped to look around and survey the condition of your own garden? Ever stopped to consider what it is that you are cultivating? Is your garden falling apart due to a lack of water or nutrients? Are there weeds all throughout sucking the life out of your plants? Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a colorful display of lush flower beds or an abundant array of fruits and veggies ready for harvest?

Whatever kind of garden you may have, realize it is all a result of what you can envision and the amount of attention you have placed on that vision. What we sow, what we water, and what we feed is always what will grow. So be sure to choose wisely the types of plants you want growing in your garden and give them the extra TLC, that special touch that you are certainly capable of providing. Your garden will reward you for it in abundant supply.

No matter how much we may deny it, consciousness will always create our reality. The things we give our attention to, what we identify with, what we associate ourselves with, and the thoughts and emotions that go through our minds all play a part in the creation of our personal realities.

So if you want a lush, beautiful, and abundant garden, you will have to start by planting some very hearty and robust seeds. These seeds will represent how you see yourself,  what you can envision for yourself, and what you think you are capable of. Ask yourself this question. Are you a powerful co-Creator with the universe or just some mere human being without any special powers? Your answer to this question will be the sole factor in determining the course of your garden for the entire season and beyond.

Once you have planted your seeds and they have sprouted, you will notice they are still in a very delicate state. You will want to take great measures to keep them safe and away from any harsh elements that can obliterate or stunt their growth. This is akin to the measures you will take when it comes to your self doubts, your negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative speech. Don’t fall prey to any of them. (If you need help in this there are numerous techniques available to get your mind on the right track.) This is the critical point where you will bring in your unwavering faith and belief. You know for certain that your garden will rise and it will grow.

Once you are past the critical stage, you can rest easy knowing that a harvest is on its way as long as you keep watering your growth. However, there will still be a few precautions to take if you want your garden to not just exist but to flourish into a lush and abundant oasis.

This will be the time to keep vigil on the weeds that poke through every once in a while. Always be sure to pull them out as soon as you recognize them for what they are. Don’t wait on this, for the longer they remain in your garden, the more potential they have to set you back by sucking the life out of your bounty. This will include the energy vampires that you will surely come across and the toxic relationships hindering your growth.

In addition to pulling out weeds, you must also feed you garden the best plant food there is. You want the good organic stuff, not that fake synthetic fertilizer that’s out there. Therefore, take heed of the images you place before your eyes and the things you choose to indulge in on a daily basis. If love and joy is what you want to cultivate, then be sure to cultivate this around you. Be sure to treat yourself and others well and be sure to smile and show gratitude for what you’ve already witnessed.

Your garden is unable to feed itself. If you want a lush and beautiful garden, then you will need to take the first step to feed it yourself and feed it well. It doesn’t work any other way.

If a beautiful garden or an abundant harvest are what you’ve always wanted, then know that it can absolutely happen for you. It will simply require your highest intention, a firm commitment, laser focus, and meticulous care.

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The Waiting Game

It’s funny how in our modern  world of convenience and instant gratification we have very little patience. It’s so easy to walk into a mall, shop to our heart’s content, and head home with more stuff than we could possibly need in less than an hour. At a restaurant we get “hangry” when our food takes too long to arrive. And when the WiFi is acting up and the web pages are taking a half second to turn (instead of the usual 1/10th of a second), we are ready to tear our hair out.

However, when it comes to changing our lives, so many of us will wait til the cows come home. We could be miserable as heck, but we still don’t dare to make a move. We reason that it’s safer to be miserable and comfortable than to temporarily lose our comfortability for the sake of a happier future.

Why are humans such creatures of comfort and habit? What is it about change that could be so daunting that we’d rather wait eons to make it happen?

And not only are we creatures of habit, but we’re also very adaptable. I suppose this is good, but come on now! Must we adapt to anything and everything? So many use their gifts of adaptability to adapt to pain, while keeping their lives in a state of misery and stagnancy. Meanwhile, this same adaptability could have been used to help adapt to change and a better experience?

The universe will extend all sorts of opportunities to help us change and expand into a much higher being. Like a loving parent, it wants to see us thrive and become happier individuals. As we grow into our new selves, we will also manifest a new reality to match that brand new self. However, all windows of opportunity will come with an expiration date. They remain open only for a limited time and shouldn’t be pondered on for too long.

Imagine a special someone offers to meet with you for a dinner date. When the time comes, you are still stuck at home deciding on what to wear and finishing up with some chores around the house. In the meantime, you’ve texted your date numerous times to say that you’re running late but will be arriving shortly. By the time you finally arrive, you are 3 hours late and your date who had been waiting patiently for the first 2 hours, is no longer there (and nowhere to be found).

You may claim that you got stood up, but one has to question who’s really the one who got stood up in this situation. Your date most likely came to the conclusion that meeting up wasn’t much of a priority for you. So they just decided to move on.

The universe works in the same manner. Be keen on when it offers to take you out to new places and circumstances. And don’t dilly dally on the opportunity. Otherwise, you risk being stood up.

Opportunity will always come knocking and we will always receive another offer down the road. However, the new offer may not be as evident or as welcoming as the one prior. With every new opportunity out of a dead-end situation, the road leading up to it becomes a bit more bumpy. This is because the longer we simmer and wait in a miserable situation, the more entrenched we become in it, and the more complicated it gets when we finally decide to make a change.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation that no longer serves you, don’t just stand there playing the waiting game. Decide you will do something about it and take action much sooner than later.

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Raising Your Standards

I have no tolerance for squalor, mediocrity, brutality, or lack of integrity, particularly in the western world. Call me a snob, but there are certain standards I must uphold. After all, I am a Divine Being.

How many of us use the excuse of not having enough time or money to create beauty in our homes, maintain our bodies, or spruce up our wardrobes? How many of us are waiting for that perfect partner to walk into our lives before we start expressing love (to ourselves and others)? How many of us are waiting for that perfect event before we wear something nice? How many are waiting for that perfect house before we grow a garden? How many are waiting for that perfect job, that raise from our boss, or that lottery windfall before we give ourselves a nicer reality?

Lack of money is not an excuse for living a bland life. It does not take much money to keep your home clean, beautiful, and inviting. It does not take much money to keep ourselves healthy and well-groomed. We use all sorts of justifications to stunt our growth, stall our happiness, and postpone being the greatest versions of ourselves. While life passes by, many are telling the universe they’d rather settle for less.

Life will reward only those who choose to multiply their gifts and talents. Take pride and show gratitude for all that you’ve been gifted and sure enough more will come your way.

If the universal mirror of life is to smile back at you, you must always be willing to smile first.

Many are content with living a dull, undistinguished, and mediocre life. Many have forgotten their divinity, as it sits on a shelf collecting dust, waiting to be noticed. But you don’t have to forget. You have no obligation to conform to the standards of your society. You can take command of your life at any time to raise your standards and act like the God Being that you truly are!

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9 Things They Never Told You About Halloween

Every year millions of people celebrate Halloween. They think it’s a fun-packed holiday where everyone gets to dress in scary costumes, do-up their homes with creepy decorations, and all the kids get to go out trick-or-treating.

If you happen to be one of those who think Halloween is all cute and family-friendly, I’ve got some big news for you.

It’s not as innocent as it seems.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. And sorry to have to crash your party too. But I think you might want to know this.  So without further delay, here are 9 things they never told you about Halloween.

1- HALLOWEEN WAS ENGINEERED BY DARK FORCES.  For those of you that still don’t want to believe in the existence of dark forces, you may stop reading right now. This article is not for you. Feel free to excuse yourself and find some happy-go-lucky Halloween thrills to tickle your fancy. I hear there’s plenty out there on the internet. So bye!

For those that have decided to stay, let us proceed.

Yes, dark forces do exist and this holiday is just another one of their ploys in their quest to steal people’s light.

2- DARKNESS IS ON DISPLAY FOR A REASON.  During the Halloween season, dark images are seen all throughout. Theses images make it into your conscious and subconscious minds. Their main purpose is to harm you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and to slow down your growth.

So perhaps your neighbor will be putting out his spooky lawn extravaganza again this year. And you may also have to go past that costume shop with all the creepy displays in the window. The best thing you can do is to pass them by without taking them in.

3- THERE IS NOTHING “FUN” ABOUT BEING SCARED.  Being scared is nothing to laugh about, as it always releases light and opens your subconscious mind to dark forces.

You may think it’s all in the name of fun and games, but you unknowingly place yourself in a position where the dark spirits can feast on your light. They are always waiting for the next person and they never miss a chance.

Everything isn’t la-di-da! Don’t be the next fool.

4- DARK SPIRITS ARE EXTREMELY ACTIVE AT THIS TIME. For those who are sensitive and those who can see past the veil, there will be many dark creatures and entities lurking around at this time of year

Halloween will also bring a black cloud of fear over the nations that practice this yearly ritual. The cloud can be seen lingering for weeks, even after the holiday has passed.

This is not to scare you. This is simply reality.

We call the dark beings out every year. How can we not expect them to show up?

5- HUMANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UPHOLDING THE DARKNESS. Consciousness creates reality. This is a universal law and has always been the case.

Humans are co-Creators with the Universe and are always creating reality with their minds. This is the ever-popular Law of Attraction. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

What you place your attention on will always manifest.

Though Halloween was engineered by the dark forces, it is humans who took the bait and now willingly uphold it.

It’s crazy to think how humans happily work against themselves and on the dark’s behalf each time they take part in the festivities. Every year we bow down and pay homage when we put on the costumes, throw the wild parties, and send our kids out for trick-or-treating.

How humans love to dwell on these dark idiots. And as the universe always says, “Your wish is my command.”

6- OCTOBER 31st IS NOT RANDOM.  The final week of October marks the beginning of the darkest time of the year for most of the nations that celebrate Halloween. In the northern hemisphere, the sun goes down much earlier and it starts to get colder.

This is also the time of year when many people will go into depression. The depression will oftentimes stem from the Halloween pageantry, after taking in so many dark images. It may continue for weeks after that and into winter.

Christmas was meant to be a time of light during the winter solstice, otherwise known as the most darkest days of the year. However, depression and suicides are usually on the rise by the time the Christmas holiday rolls around because those who are already depressed find it hard to join in on the Christmas spirit. They therefore end up feeling worse and sometimes even suicidal.

7- HOLD A PARTY OF LIGHT.  Instead of celebrating darkness why not use that time to celebrate light. This can actually help to counteract all of the darkness that is so prevalent at that time of year.

It is something you can do together as a group. Have your own party with everyone dressed up in costumes of saints and spiritual figures, while invoking light throughout the evening.

And remember, no ghoul costumes allowed.

8- SPIRITUAL PROTECTION IS NECESSARY.  It’s inevitable that no matter how hard you try, you will be exposed to some of the darkness generated by those who take part in the dark festivities.

So, this is not a good time to be slacking on your spiritual protection. Better amp it up right now, to keep any pesky spirits from attaching themselves to you.

What better way to protect yourself than by invoking a strong shield of Archangel Michael’s vibration around you. Use Archangel Michael’s decree or Archangel Michael’s rosary diligently on the days before and after the holiday.

Everyone knows Archangel Michael don’t play. And all dark spirits will know not to mess with you either. 

9- LIGHT WORKERS DO NOT PLAY IN THE DARK.  In every walk of life there are always the fence sitters.  These are the ones who rationalize that as long as they are not wearing a dark costume, then it’s ok to participate in the Halloween festivities.

As a mystic, a light bearer, or a light worker it’s counterproductive to work with the light and then excuse yourself once a year so you can play in the dark.

Don’t stand in both places. Make the decision that you will do your best to protect yourself and your children, and no longer take in the dark images that can wreak havoc upon your manifestations.

You are a conscious co-Creator with the universe. I would not want you to place your attention on something you wouldn’t want to manifest.

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9 Things That Change When You Find the Mystical Path

So you’ve found the mystical path.  Not only do you realize that so much has changed, but you also realize that so much more will change. Not everyone is open to change, but you, you’re a trooper. You’re ready, you’re willing, and you’re on the edge of your seat, shouting, “Bring it on!”

But hold your horses! Perhaps, you haven’t realized what you’re in for?

Sure transcendence is your sacred right, but sometimes major change can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared for it.

To give you a quick glimpse of what lies ahead on your new journey, I’ve put together a list of 9 changes that will most certainly take place in your life.

Preparation is key to making things much easier and less complicated, and that too applies to the mystical life. So with that said, here are 9 awesome things that will change when you find the mystical path.

1- YOUR ENTIRE OUTLOOK ON LIFE.  Life takes on a new meaning once you’ve found the mystical path. It’s as if a haze has been lifted and you can now see so many things much clearer than before.

Most of what you thought was so important, you realize aren’t all what it’s cracked up to be. You no longer want the same things in life and so many things that had special meaning to you have now become meaningless.

For example, perhaps you thought that career, money, and material objects were of the utmost importance. How could you help it? It’s what you were taught by your society. Sure you gotta work, earn money, and buy things to live in this world, but you come to find out that it’s not the end all be all in life. Needless to say, these things can now take a back seat, as you come to realize that some things are more important.

You also find that you no longer chase after the same things as everyone else. You’re no longer impressed by riches, fashion, fame, or whatever else is trending. Fitting in with the flock and the popularity contest is not of great priority to you and you find that you’re better off not obsessing about such inconsequential things.

You start to analyze if what you are currently doing serves you, and if it doesn’t, you take action towards the things that do. Your future is now dependent on following your inner calling and your personal growth is what matters most.

2- THE QUEST FOR MORE.  It’s always fascinating how when you find out the world is not as you once knew it, you also realize that you don’t know Jack! There is so much more than meets the eye in the world of politics, economics, education, health, and spirituality.

Your newfound sense of curiosity now has you getting your hands on as many books as possible – not to mention your eyes and ears on as many podcasts, websites, and videos as possible.

Knowledge is infinite and you will never know all there is to know. But it sure is fun to take a crack at it! 

As long as you cry out that there must be more, then there will always be MORE.

3- YOUR IDENTITY.  You’ve walked away from your old identity as a simple human being. You realize you’re not just a mere bag of flesh and bones, nor are you a sophisticated monkey or miserable sinner.

You are more than the body and you will go on after the body.

You are an energetic being having a mystical human experience.

You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. You are a Divine Creative Being with the power to command the universe.

Yes, and you’ve been creating all along. You now just have to do so intentionally.

4- THE PRACTICE OF DAILY RITUALS.  You can’t expect to have a new identity and a new outlook on life without expecting it to change your everyday life. Yes, your daily habits and rituals will certainly be affected by your new mindset.

You will prioritize some of your time to make room for these new things that you find most important.

You’ve now come to see that your physical body is the vehicle you will use to accomplish your greatest goals in this physical world. Manifesting your goals in life is really no fun when you’re suffering with pain and sickness. So now your daily routine includes caring well for your body so that you can have the best experience and the best possible health throughout your lifetime.

Perhaps you’ll start a journal and even meditate on a daily basis, because you now know  that everyday “quiet time” and everyday “me” time is all too important for keeping your sanity on a nutty planet like earth.

You may also start to practice commanding the universe by reciting decrees, affirmations, and invocations out loud. This is an all-too-ancient practice that still works like a charm, even in today’s world. Want to be a powerful co-Creator with laser-like precision? They say practice makes perfect!

5- HOW YOU SPEND YOUR LEISURE TIME. With your newfound reality, there will be many things you no longer take for granted. For one, it will be your time.

You know you are on this planet for a limited time, you know you made certain plans before you got here, and you know you don’t have time to waste. You also know that everything you do has meaning and consequences.

There will be many activities you use to take part in that now no longer interest you.

There are so many things in the world that are useless, distracting, and even detrimental to you reaching your highest potential and you now opt to ditch them all.

You consciously choose to no longer participate in the party life. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, porn, junk foods, toxic relationships, promiscuous sex, violent movies, mindless television, and video games could all take a hike. You got better things to do.

They all just serve to take up your time, make your life miserable, and divert you from your life’s purpose.

Many are just mere forms of escapism.  As a mystic, you welcome tackling your personal issues head-on and no longer need the escape that these activities are good at providing.

Because you no longer drink, party, and have promiscuous sex, everyone thinks you’re a goody-too-shoes and that mystics live a very boring life. But that’s far from the truth. You now realize that others live a boring life, and that’s why they have to drink, party, and engage in promiscuous sex.

6- YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS.  This is one change that you will notice immediately. As you shift internally, others will sense this and act accordingly.

Many things will be revealed. You will come to see who actually values you as a friend or relative and who doesn’t.

Since you are no longer willing to participate in some of the activities that you used to, some may even find you boring and no fun. Some relationships will fall to the wayside, as people may reject you. And some you will choose to simply walk away from on your own.

But it’s not all violins, heartbreak, and tears here. You will eventually gain new friends that have more in common with you. This has always been how the universe works.

Your vibe will always attract your tribe.

7- YOUR EATING HABITS.  Now that you realize your physical body is a critical factor in manifesting your life’s goals, you want to treat it as best as you can.

You become very selective with what you put inside your body and the foods that you eat are now more important than ever.

You choose to eat a simpler and cleaner diet. This means no more toxic or heavy foods. You may significantly cut down on your intake of red meat and animal products.

You understand that physical matter and the physical body can easily affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties, and you don’t want anything slowing you down. Not only can certain foods clog your arteries, but they can also clog your higher faculties so that you are no longer sharp.

With cleaner eating habits, your thoughts become clearer, your body becomes lighter, not to mention your appearance and health will improve.

8- YOU NOTICE THE SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE.  Our universe is a living entity who is always in communication with you. By default, it sends out a constant stream of information to all co-Creators so that we can all make the best decisions when it comes to making progress on our paths. The signs are there for your growth and expansion in consciousness, as this is the ultimate accomplishment as a Creative Being.

As a Creative Being your actions and thoughts send out impulses to the universe at all times.

The signs you get back from the universe in the form of events and circumstances are actually the feedback letting you know how you are currently doing. This is kind of like a universal report card showing you where you are succeeding and where you need to make adjustments.

Prior to finding the mystical path, you had no idea what was going on around you. Things seemed to happen randomly and you had no idea why they were happening.

Now that you are on the mystical path, the signs have become more apparent. You not only notice the obvious ones, but many times even the subtle ones. You find that the more you take notice, the more signs you uncover.

You find that now so much more makes sense out of life. Funny and strange things start to happen around you, what some would even call miracles. The truth is, they were always happening. It’s just that now you finally take notice.

9- YOU BECOME MORE INTUITIVE.  The whole point in following a mystical path is so that you can learn to make your own decisions, so that you can get better at it, and become confident with your decision-making skills.

As a mystic, you will find that the better you are at making decisions, the better you can handle the difficult situations that sometimes crop up in life.

The art of making decisions is not dependent on any particular formula, as there is no cookie cutter solution to every problem. Every circumstance in life is unique, and the rinse and repeat process cannot always be applied. This is where intuition comes in.

Intuition is the transistor radio that picks up the signals that you get from the universal radio station. It is also the guiding compass that points the way to the next part of your journey.

As a mystic you become more in tune with your intuitive faculties and you start to use it more often. It’s one of those things where if you don’t use it, you lose it. So you try your best to use it as often as possible and keep it well-sharpened.

You no longer need to consult with anyone to make a decision. You can now do that for yourself. You can also do away with the fortune tellers because they can’t tell you what you don’t already know for yourself.

You’re no longer lost or afraid in this world. You know that the universe has got your back and that you’ll always be ready to catch the ball.

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