Getting Past the Invisible Barrier

What outplays in a nation’s government is an exact reflection of the consciousness of its people. With Trump constantly talking about building a wall, I find that most Americans want to build a wall around themselves.

I find that Americans are very guarded and reluctant to share their feelings with others, almost to the point where they don’t even know how. So many are afraid to open up. It’s as if there’s an invisible barrier around them that just won’t allow you to come too close.

Usually when I meet someone, I try to get under their surface. I will prod, poke, and throw all sorts of questions at them just to get down to the bottom of who they truly are. I want to find out what irks them and what is their story. I‘ll at times volunteer to tell a piece of my story with the hopes that they too will open up about themselves. It’s not about being nosy, but more about building a connection. If I know your story and you know mine, then all of a sudden we’re no longer worlds apart.

Sadly, most remain guarded and choose to keep the conversation at the surface level. Many end up walking away taking my story with them while failing to reciprocate the gesture. I suppose they do not want to be put in a situation where they have to open up and share their own story, so they gloss over yours and what you’ve just shared.

I don’t want to generalize and say this applies to all Americans. But I have to say that I experience this in most of the people that I come across on a daily basis. Being born and raised in the US, I didn’t notice it so much at first.  But after traveling to the different nations in Europe and Asia, it became quite obvious.

Not sure what is the point of communicating if it’s always gonna be small talk? If we can’t fully express ourselves, then how are we to heal from the things that burden us?

Fluffy relationships exist only to uphold emotional facades and artificial realities.

Lately, I find myself having to pass on the hum-drum pleasantries.

Isn’t it time we asked ourselves what it is that we have to protect so much?

These barriers we use to keep people from coming too close are the same barriers we use to keep ourselves enslaved in an artificial world.

Due to familiarity, our enslavement might feel comfortable to us. However, I find freedom of expression to be a thousand times more comfy and cozy?

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You Are Not A Robot

Most of us are programmed to react in certain ways when someone treats us nicely and in other ways when someone treats us poorly. You must ask yourself what is this common programming that we’re on? And why is it that we act this way?

An even better question would be why do “I” act that way? Because ultimately this choice is up to you, and shouldn’t include anyone else.

Perhaps you didn’t know you had a choice?

You are a Divine Creative Being. This means you have the freedom to choose not to be a programmed robot. You get to create your own responses and not allow them to be determined by some standard chosen for you by your society.

Just because someone pushes your buttons doesn’t mean you have to respond all nasty and such. Negativity does not have to beget negativity. You can choose to be creative by responding in a completely unexpected but positive way!

It may be easier said than done. But you can start out by noticing your programs.

Don’t uphold the status quo, because status quo is so boring. Get creative and chose your own reaction to things.

Anything else simply means you are operating on software that was designed to keep you in line with everyone else.

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You Have The Right To Change

You have the right to change your mind and to change yourself on a daily basis. This is your divine right.


You also have the right to try something different if what you are currently doing is not working.


You were created to grow and change and flow and expand. You were not created to stand still.


Always be willing to expand your mind and to change your mind, so that you are always ready to change your life at any moment. This is your birthright and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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They Don’t Have To Figure You Out

This isn’t about keeping people guessing about who you are. It’s not even about being mysterious or obscure.

It’s more about you not owing anyone an explanation for who you are or what you do.

When Spirit moves you to take action on something, you simply take action. You don’t need to consult with others, nor do you need to explain to others. Heck sometimes, you don’t even need to explain it to yourself.

Many will think you’re strange for the things that you do.

Is it really so important that they understand?

As a Divine Creative Being, you have the right to be whoever you want to be at any given moment. You also have the right to change, the right to choose, and the right to be free.

When you are moved by your Inner Calling, there is no need for explanation.

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Always Be Switching It Up

…As you feel inclined to do so, of course.

The universal law of creation is that nothing is permanent.

The basic rule of life, is that we cannot stand still.

This means that as a co-Creator, you don’t have to be perfect. But you must continue transcending yourself and grow more and more into the Divine Being that you truly are.

Be sure to welcome change with open arms, because with change comes new opportunities for growth.  There are no mistakes, only experiences.

So always keep it moving and always be on the up and up!

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