Top 3 Unspoken Ways to Say I Love You

When it comes to a budding new relationship, sometimes the most difficult things become the easiest thing. For most of us, saying I love you is usually a pretty daunting task. But when you’ve fallen in love and walking on Cloud 9, you make it a point to declare your undying love for your partner every chance you get.

But what happens over time when the honeymoon phase morphs into the less euphoric phase of real life? What happens after you’ve been together for some time and the novelty of a new relationship has worn off? Yes, you may still love your partner, but you both end up falling into a set of routines where you neglect to do the little things for each other.

Continuing to say “I love you” is great, but sometimes those three magical words you are so accustomed to hearing can easily turn into background noise among all of life’s demands and distractions.

“Action speaks louder than words.” And sure enough, this can be applied to romantic love. When it comes to expressing love, your words should always be backed with action and what you do will always count for more than what you say.

So it shouldn’t be hard for you to see that certain acts of love can have a significant effect in keeping the flame of intimacy kindled. It also shouldn’t be hard to see that you have the power to bring plenty of joy to into your relationship in just the little things that you do.

So without further delay, here are the top 3 ways to show your partner you’re still madly in love with them without having to say a single word.

1- PHYSICAL TOUCH.  Physical touch is one of the most obvious of nonverbal ways to express your love for your significant other. You can choose to do this in a private or public setting (with modesty, of course). Private affection can be reserved for those times when you want a tender moment to share what you are feeling in your heart, and don’t want any prying eyes on your display. They are the moments, infused with the energies of just the two of you. Public affection can be a spur of the moment type of thing where your love requires expression without delay. Not to mention, you have no reservations in letting the world know just how much you love your partner from top to bottom.

You can use kisses, hugs, or any of the other unmistakable tiny displays that speak in volumes.

And I can’t leave out sexual intimacy, which combines all the other forms of physical affection and then some. Use this highly sacred act as a very creative means to express your love and the energies released will create a stronger, more loving bond between the two of you.

2- THOUGHTFUL GIFTS.  The act of gift giving has always had special meaning in almost every culture throughout history. Even today, in our modern times, this ritual still holds a lot of value. And in love relationships even more so. Though it may be the most material of ways to express your love, for the most part, it is not materialistic.

Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, to say thank you, or to even say you’re sorry. They can also be used to acknowledge a milestone, symbolize your commitment to each other, to share your blessings, or to share something that’s personal and just between the two of you.

Words, actions, and gestures tend to always disappear and become figments of the past. However a gift will usually stand the test of time. They are the symbols of love that we can hold preciously in the palm of our hands and keep in the most sacred spaces in our homes. Even though the flowers will die and the chocolates will get eaten- a small part of them can always be saved.

It’s in these tangible mementos that your partner will find reassurance when you are not there to fully express your love in person. Gifts are a binding physical reminder that you are loved and so is your partner.

3- ACTS OF SERVICE.  Acts of service are acts of kindness. They are the little and big sacrifices we make just to make things easier for our partner or just to put a smile on their face. In them lies chapters of words that need not be said, because the actions always tend to speak for themselves.

It takes a lot of love for your partner to be the sole breadwinner while you to finish your education or stay home to focus on the children. It takes a lot of love when you take on all of the house chores for a time because your partner just isn’t feeling well. It also takes lots of love when you make your partner a cup of hot chocolate simply because you are making one for yourself.

Be happy for the chance to be of service to your partner whenever the opportunity shows up. And when those gender roles come into play, think hard before turning it into an issue. As with all non-utopian situations in life, we must always choose our battles wisely.

And for those of you who stuck around long enough to read this far, I’ve got a bonus one for you.


4- SPENDING TIME TOGETHER.  Your partner is not only your lover, but also your best friend. But as with any best friend, you could never know them 100% inside and out. Neither will they ever know you 100% inside and out. Everyone is a work in progress. The question is do you care deeply enough to keep up with their progress?

If so, then the best way to do this is by spending time together. A text, email, or phone call just won’t cut it. You have to spend the time in person. A smile across the table, a gaze into each other’s eyes, the look of excitement, or the frown of disappointment cannot be experienced by any other means but in the presence of your partner.

These times when you choose to show up are some of the most valuable memories that you can add to your relationship bank account. Over time and with every deposit that you make, the richer will be your bank balance. If you can help it, never miss on an opportunity to make a deposit.

So sit with your partner in their time of need, even if it means sitting in silence. Book that weekend getaway for the house in the country. And call in a sitter and plan a fun date for Saturday night.

Remember, the power to beautify your love life lies within you. You can choose to ignore all expressions of love, and blame your partner for not meeting your needs, and then wonder why relationships never seem to work out for you. Or you can choose to let your guard down to make lasting expressions of love a priority, and then stand back to witness the magic unfold. The choice is up to you.

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Getting Past the Barrier

What outplays in a nation’s government is an exact reflection of the consciousness of its people. With Trump constantly talking about building a wall, I find that most Americans have actually built a wall around themselves.

Why are we so guarded and reluctant to share our feelings with others? Why is it that most of us don’t even know how to open up? When will we take down these invisible barriers we’ve put up around ourselves? You know, the ones we use so that others can’t come too close.

When I meet someone, I’ll try to get under their surface. I’ll prod, poke, and throw all sorts of questions at them. I’m trying to get to their story and figure out the type of batteries they run on. Heck, I‘ll sometimes even volunteer to tell a piece of my story with the hopes they too will open up. Just doing what I can to build up a connection, not a barrier. I find that if I know your story and you know mine, then all of a sudden we’re no longer worlds apart.

Sadly, most choose to still keep the conversation at the surface level and sometimes I’ll even end up listening to crickets. Most will walk away with my story, while failing to reciprocate the gesture.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people just don’t want to be put in a situation where they have to be vulnerable, so they will simply gloss over your story and nod as they slowly back away from you.

I don’t want to generalize and say this applies to all Americans. But I have to say that I experience this in most of the people that I come across here. Being born and raised in the US, I didn’t notice it so much at first. But after visiting several other countries and interacting with the open-hearted and expressive people there, I can clearly see where we lack. Upon returning to American society, the barriers have become quite obvious.

At this point I am so over the small talk and fluffy relationships. Wearing a mask is suffocating. I’ve taken mines off and am done with upholding emotional facades, surface-level conversations, and fake realities. Lately, I find myself skipping past the hum-drum pleasantries and moving along when I am offered the mask.

If we can’t fully express ourselves, then how are we going to heal from the things that burden us? Not sure what could possibly be so earth shattering about others witnessing the expression of our true selves? Not sure what we have to protect so much? But whatever it is, I guess it’s worth the trouble of building up a barrier.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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You Are Not A Robot

Most of us don’t even realize it, but we’ve all been programmed to react in certain ways during certain situations. For example, think about how you react when someone treats you nicely as opposed to when someone treats you poorly.

Do you think you came up with those reactions yourself? Of course not. They were programmed into you by the mass consciousness and society’s not-so-gentle coaxing. This is why some of your reactions are so automatic and require very little thinking. This is also why you think you don’t have a choice. But do you really believe you don’t have a choice? Do you really want to be on this common programming that everyone else is on? Why is it then that you’ve allowed your programmed reactions to come this far with you on your journey?

You are a Divine Creative Being. This means you have the freedom to choose not to be a programmed robot. Remember, when it’s about you, you get to call the shots. You get to create your own responses, which in turn will create your own reality. You don’t have to settle for society’s reality. You don’t have to allow your reactions to be determined by some standard chosen for you.

Just because someone pushes your buttons doesn’t mean you have to respond all nasty and such. Someone else’s negative actions does not have to draw out a negative reaction from you. You can choose to respond in a completely unexpected way! This is what creativity is all about and you may end up surprising even yourself when you put it to good use.

Ok, I know. This may be easier said than done. But you can start by simply questioning all of your reactions and considering if some of them could actually be programmed into you.

Remember, you are upholding status quo the more you continue to cherish the programs you are on. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be that mindless drone. No one does. So stop letting the world choose your reactions for you. Get creative and choose your own reaction to things.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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You Have The Right To Change

You have the right to change your mind and to change yourself on a daily basis. This is your divine right.


You also have the right to try something different if what you are currently doing is not working.


You were created to grow and change and flow and expand. You were not created to stand still.


Always be willing to expand your mind and to change your mind, so that you are always ready to change your life at any moment. This is your birthright and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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They Don’t Have To Figure You Out

This isn’t about keeping people guessing about who you are. It’s not even about being mysterious or obscure.

It’s more about you not owing anyone an explanation for who you are or what you do.

When Spirit moves you to take action on something, you simply take action. You don’t need to consult with others, nor do you need to explain to others. Heck sometimes, you don’t even need to explain it to yourself.

Many will think you’re strange for the things that you do.

Is it really so important that they understand?

As a Divine Creative Being, you have the right to be whoever you want to be at any given moment. You also have the right to change, the right to choose, and the right to be free.

When you are moved by your Inner Calling, there is no need for explanation.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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Always Be Switching It Up

…As you feel inclined to do so, of course.

The universal law of creation is that nothing is permanent.

The basic rule of life, is that we cannot stand still.

This means that as a co-Creator, you don’t have to be perfect. But you must continue transcending yourself and grow more and more into the Divine Being that you truly are.

Be sure to welcome change with open arms, because with change comes new opportunities for growth.  There are no mistakes, only experiences.

So always keep it moving and always be on the up and up!

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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