It Is Your Right To Be Here

You were not born to be a slave, nor were you born to grind out a living. You are not an animal. You are a self-aware God being with a powerful mind and incredible authority. The fact that you are here means you have the right to be here. You came here for your specific purpose. This should be your only concern and your main focus.

You are not required to earn your earthly survival, nor justify your existence, as they are both a given. If you think these are required of you, then you have some things to figure out.

To trade your time for a livelihood and to earn your survival is a false and outdated paradigm. If others still choose to buy into such a reality, this is not your problem, for you know who You are.

Please do not allow people to shame you for what you know to be true. (They’re darn right it’s entitlement. And you take shameless pride in it!) Please do not allow society to convince you that this is just the way things are on planet earth. Please do not allow anyone to fool you into believing that because it’s been this way for so long, it should always be this way.

Some will call you lazy. Many will call you crazy. However, most walk around never even realizing their mental and physical enslavement. Most go from cradle to grave never even realizing their incredible God-like powers. And most sell themselves cheap never even realizing their intrinsic worth.

If you truly want freedom from this type of slavery, know that you are a powerful God and that you hold the power to create an abundant living for yourself without having to slave away doing things that are inconsequential to your mission, regardless of what is going on around you.

Contrary to what some motivational gurus will tell you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK YOUR FACE OFF.

You have an Inner Genie ready to grant all of your wishes by just you commanding it so. By lining up with and relying upon your Inner Genie, you can have all that you need (and more) in order to fulfill your mission here.

So the next time someone tells you that you have to “earn” your living on planet earth, feel free to tell them where they can shove it.

You are a God and it is your divine right to be here on earth and live a comfortable life.

I repeat, you are a God. So isn’t it time you lived like one?

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Raising Your Standards

I have no tolerance for squalor, mediocrity, brutality, or lack of integrity, particularly in the western world. Call me a snob, but there are certain standards I must uphold. After all, I am a Divine Being.

How many of us use the excuse of not having enough time or money to create beauty in our homes, maintain our bodies, or spruce up our wardrobes? How many of us are waiting for that perfect partner to walk into our lives before we start expressing love (to ourselves and others)? How many of us are waiting for that perfect event before we wear something nice? How many are waiting for that perfect house before we grow a garden? How many are waiting for that perfect job, that raise from our boss, or that lottery windfall before we give ourselves a nicer reality?

Lack of money is not an excuse for living a bland life. It does not take much money to keep your home clean, beautiful, and inviting. It does not take much money to keep ourselves healthy and well-groomed. We use all sorts of justifications to stunt our growth, stall our happiness, and postpone being the greatest versions of ourselves. While life passes by, many are telling the universe they’d rather settle for less.

Life will reward only those who choose to multiply their gifts and talents. Take pride and show gratitude for all that you’ve been gifted and sure enough more will come your way.

If the universal mirror of life is to smile back at you, you must always be willing to smile first.

Many are content with living a dull, undistinguished, and mediocre life. Many have forgotten their divinity, as it sits on a shelf collecting dust, waiting to be noticed. But you don’t have to forget. You have no obligation to conform to the standards of your society. You can take command of your life at any time to raise your standards and act like the God Being that you truly are!

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