Dance Like There’s No One Watching

I’m not necessarily speaking about dancing, but more about how much of your true self you dare to express to the world.

Now if you are a dancer, you probably already know the meaning of this all too well. You are used to throwing all cares aside and expressing yourself physically and emotionally to the world. When you perform, you are in your happy place and oblivious to others and their critique of you. You’re quite comfortable with your body and bearing your soul to the world is like second nature to you.

But what about the times when you are not onstage? And what if you are not even a dancer? How do you abandon all your cares and express yourself emotionally, physically, verbally, spiritually, artistically, or however else you choose without shame or inhibition? How do you just let go and be in the moment? How do you give yourself permission to be real for the joy of the experience without any fear or agenda?

For starters, you have to get in touch with yourself. You have to learn to have an honest conversation with yourself and get comfortable with the voice(s) inside your head. This may require spending lots of time alone and in silence without any distractions. You will have to reserve some time everyday to do this. Others may require some extended time off to completely remove themselves from the distractions of the world. Some may even require a vacation retreat in order to get out from their all too familiar daily surroundings and routines. Whatever you do, do it alone, as this is the only way to know and be comfortable with yourself.

Remember, your time alone is meant for you to monitor your thoughts and emotions and many things will come to the surface, even the stuff you’ve kept buried for years. The main purpose of this is so that you can learn how to feel. You want to get intimate with your emotions and sit with your thoughts and feelings, no matter how good or bad they may feel. So let them rise to the surface. You don’t always have to understand the reasons behind every emotion. However, you do have to acknowledge them and do your best not to suppress them.

Once you’ve acknowledged your feelings, you can choose to meditate on them, to pray, or even write them down. You’re looking to get to a point where you still love yourself regardless of what you are feeling. You’ll come to see that your thoughts and emotions are fleeting, as they come and go at a moment’s notice. But the real you is simply the constant observer of it all.

To heal from any negative feelings that will rise, you can do a novena of the sacred word. This is where you invoke spiritual light in order to transmute the lower frequency energies occupying your energy body into higher frequency energies.

Once you’ve gotten to know the real you and you’ve fallen in love with this being, you will find that your emotions are no longer obscured. And then you too will want to dance the dance of the dancer. You will have discovered your truest individuality and this individuality will at times require the stage to express itself creatively.

Some call it finding your voice. Others call it confidence in your self-expression. I call it dancing like there’s no one watching.

When you dance like there’s no one watching, there will be no holding back. The real you will always feel compelled to reveal it’s true self to the world. The real you is not interested in hiding behind masks, reading from a script, wearing protective gear, or sitting on the sidelines. Through hell or high water, the real you will be expressed, for there will be no other way.

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