The Establishment

It doesn’t need be about the high levels of power that have always existed in the church and state. The establishment consists of a multitude of things and can be found even in the small confines of our everyday lives, from the unspoken commandments that govern the cold corporate world, and the intellectual rules that permeate the halls of higher education, to the grandiose career plans that your well-meaning family may have for you.

It seems no matter where you turn there is always a dominant figure ready to show you their disapproval of your behavior and ready to dictate how you should think, what you should like, who you should worship, and how you should act. These leading experts will always have a level of reputation and a set of very rigid standards to uphold. Most have worked very hard to climb to their ranks of authority, and you had better not mess with their game.

At this point, I think most of us are aware of how the establishment has hijacked the major institutions of politics, religion, business, finance, medicine, media, and education. Sadly, they’ve also managed to infiltrate the arts. What were once unhindered means of expression for beauty and emotion, now bear evidence that they too have been tampered with. One can see the establishment’s seals of approval stamped all throughout these vehicles of creativity.

We are all made from the same godly fiber and we all carry a delicate inner knowing of what is naturally beautiful and what is not. However, the establishment has managed to convince many not to trust their own inner sense. Currently, some of the most perverse works are what we call beautiful. What is downright ugly (by intuitive standards), we now call stunning and avant-garde. What is downright stupid, we now call brilliant and thought-provoking.

By observing the patrons who frequent the pretentious art exhibitions, by attending some of the pompous music, fashion or dance extravaganzas, you get to see how the establishment has its way of turning the most ridiculous into the most cutting-edge. If you manage to not breathe in the hype, you’ll walk out of there completely dumbfounded, while asking yourself if there’s something you’ve missed.

Understanding who you are, acknowledging what is happening, and being aware of those put in place to sell you the grand fallacy, is the best you can do right now. Just remember, you have no obligation to fall in line with any of the protocols they’ve laid out for you, no matter how earnest they may seem. You also have no obligation to wear any of the straight jackets they ask you to put on, no matter how easy they may make it look.

The emperor will have nothing on almost everywhere you look. However, when you try to point this out to others, you’ll most likely get clobbered. The fact is many are not ready to be awakened from their illusions. It would cause them way too much pain. So be prepared for the side glances, the eye rolls, the nervous laughter, the insults, and the ridicule that comes along with being outspoken and daring to say what most are not willing to hear.

True beauty, integrity, and devotion lies within our hearts. By listening to our hearts, we are all capable of waking up from the illusions created by the establishment and the mass-conscious. This is when we will remember all of the wonderful things we had long forgotten about ourselves. However, the heart speaks to us in very soft tones and if the fanfare of the avant-garde is way too loud, we just might miss it.

Fortunately, there are those who don’t have the noise up so high and are very close to hearing what their heart has to say. These individuals may simply need someone like you to come along and remind them to turn down the volume just a tad. Therefore, it is pertinent to always call out the naked emperors whenever you see them, regardless of the backlash you may receive from the crowd. If you are able to help lower the volume for even one person, then you’ll know it was all worth it.

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