Why Do People Care About Designer Labels?

This here is where I expose the things that have a grip on society today, what we’re manifesting as a result, and the futility of it all. As the old saying goes, where our focus goes, the energy flows. So without further ado, here is number 1:

Designer Labels

“What fancy labels! Oh my!”

Definitely the talk of those who are impressed by such things.

Ok. Let’s get real here. Most of us aren’t made of money. The only reason we want designer brands is because we think they might magically make us look rich. We’ve been trained to think so. We can’t afford it, but we have to have it. Not to mention, we’re willing to spend an entire paycheck to get it.

We may be spotted wearing a pair of $1000 sneakers or we may walk around clutching an extravagant gold-clad leather handbag for the world to see. We may even end up feeling extra special and super important while out there. Even though we are all equally important, our egos will always try to get special attention and feel superior next to others. How we end up falling for it’s games…

If the illusion of an abundant life is what you’re after, there are tons of designer labels for that. However, what we portray to the outside world will never have any effect on actually changing our internal world, let alone our external circumstances. Only by going through the tough work on the inside will we be able to create the true changes that we are looking for on the outside.

It’s pointless to search for a shortcut to the abundant life. There’s no such thing as a shortcut. We all have to roll up our sleeves and put in the work.

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Lack Is Not Natural

Abundance is normal in nature, in the universe, and on planet earth. You do not live on a planet in which lack and suffering are inevitable. You live on a planet designed with the capacity to provide abundance for all.

Like most of us, you’ve probably been brought up to think that what prevents abundant living on earth is a lack of natural resources, but this is not true.

Planet Earth can provide abundance for even more people than are currently living on her today. The problem is that most people  have used their minds, their imagination and free will, to limit, divert, and obstruct the natural flow of abundance that is our birthright.

As a Divine Creative Being, you are creating with your imagination and free-will to manifest whatever you choose. You may choose to manifest something that brings you more freedom and abundance or you may use your free-will to manifest something that has less abundance, thus creating more limitations for yourself. This happens on the individual as well as the collective level.

The world of lack that we currently live in is an illusion. It’s a collective illusion because everyone has decided to agree on its existence. These illusions are made up of the paradigms and stories we’ve been fed by our society since childhood.

You don’t need to adapt to any illusion of lack. Only animals adapt. And you are not an animal.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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