How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are all gardeners of our personal reality. Ever stopped to look around and survey the condition of your own garden? Ever stopped to consider what it is that you are cultivating? Is your garden falling apart due to a lack of water or nutrients? Are there weeds all throughout sucking the life out of your plants? Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a colorful display of lush flower beds or an abundant array of fruits and veggies ready for harvest?

Whatever kind of garden you may have, realize it is all a result of what you can envision and the amount of attention you have placed on that vision. What we sow, what we water, and what we feed is always what will grow. So be sure to choose wisely the types of plants you want growing in your garden and give them the extra TLC, that special touch that you are certainly capable of providing. Your garden will reward you for it in abundant supply.

No matter how much we may deny it, consciousness will always create our reality. The things we give our attention to, what we identify with, what we associate ourselves with, and the thoughts and emotions that go through our minds all play a part in the creation of our personal realities.

So if you want a lush, beautiful, and abundant garden, you will have to start by planting some very hearty and robust seeds. These seeds will represent how you see yourself,  what you can envision for yourself, and what you think you are capable of. Ask yourself this question. Are you a powerful co-Creator with the universe or just some mere human being without any special powers? Your answer to this question will be the sole factor in determining the course of your garden for the entire season and beyond.

Once you have planted your seeds and they have sprouted, you will notice they are still in a very delicate state. You will want to take great measures to keep them safe and away from any harsh elements that can obliterate or stunt their growth. This is akin to the measures you will take when it comes to your self doubts, your negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative speech. Don’t fall prey to any of them. (If you need help in this there are numerous techniques available to get your mind on the right track.) This is the critical point where you will bring in your unwavering faith and belief. You know for certain that your garden will rise and it will grow.

Once you are past the critical stage, you can rest easy knowing that a harvest is on its way as long as you keep watering your growth. However, there will still be a few precautions to take if you want your garden to not just exist but to flourish into a lush and abundant oasis.

This will be the time to keep vigil on the weeds that poke through every once in a while. Always be sure to pull them out as soon as you recognize them for what they are. Don’t wait on this, for the longer they remain in your garden, the more potential they have to set you back by sucking the life out of your bounty. This will include the energy vampires that you will surely come across and the toxic relationships hindering your growth.

In addition to pulling out weeds, you must also feed you garden the best plant food there is. You want the good organic stuff, not that fake synthetic fertilizer that’s out there. Therefore, take heed of the images you place before your eyes and the things you choose to indulge in on a daily basis. If love and joy is what you want to cultivate, then be sure to cultivate this around you. Be sure to treat yourself and others well and be sure to smile and show gratitude for what you’ve already witnessed.

Your garden is unable to feed itself. If you want a lush and beautiful garden, then you will need to take the first step to feed it yourself and feed it well. It doesn’t work any other way.

If a beautiful garden or an abundant harvest are what you’ve always wanted, then know that it can absolutely happen for you. It will simply require your highest intention, a firm commitment, laser focus, and meticulous care.

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Your Right Now

Allow yourself to fall in love with your present day and your present moment. Your life may not be exactly in the state that you want it to be. You may think you’ll be happier in the future. But your today is the only mound of clay that you have to build and shape your tomorrow.

Happiness will not suddenly appear from out of nowhere when tomorrow comes. You are fooling yourself if you think so. Tomorrow will only be filled with the essence of the energies you put into today. So why not infuse today with the essences of love, joy, and gratitude. Infuse it with the things you want in your tomorrow.

If you are reading this, chances are you woke up this morning. (Some others weren’t so lucky.) Chances are you’ve got a cell phone or computer with internet access. Chances are you’re not starving and will have a place to sleep tonight. Are things really so unbearable that it can’t wait til tomorrow?

Take stock of what you currently have around you. Sure, you may not like everything that you see. Some things might be painful. Somethings might be ugly. But if you’d adjust your perception a bit, you’d see that these things are also the growing pains and lessons you are using to carve out a better you.

Amidst your pains you will find that there’s still plenty of beauty to be found. Make it a point to seek out the beauty in your everyday life and have reverence and awe for what it is that you see. Take as much time as needed to enjoy the view, knowing that each moment is a gift that is both unique and all-too-temporary.

It is in these moments you will realize that now is the space where amazing things are already happening. It is in these moments you’ll see that tomorrow can wait. It is in these moments you will find your peace and your gratitude. And it is in these moments you’ll realize that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey.

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The Waiting Game

It’s funny how in our modern  world of convenience and instant gratification we have very little patience. It’s so easy to walk into a mall, shop to our heart’s content, and head home with more stuff than we could possibly need in less than an hour. At a restaurant we get “hangry” when our food takes too long to arrive. And when the WiFi is acting up and the web pages are taking a half second to turn (instead of the usual 1/10th of a second), we are ready to tear our hair out.

However, when it comes to changing our lives, so many of us will wait til the cows come home. We could be miserable as heck, but we still don’t dare to make a move. We reason that it’s safer to be miserable and comfortable than to temporarily lose our comfortability for the sake of a happier future.

Why are humans such creatures of comfort and habit? What is it about change that could be so daunting that we’d rather wait eons to make it happen?

And not only are we creatures of habit, but we’re also very adaptable. I suppose this is good, but come on now! Must we adapt to anything and everything? So many use their gifts of adaptability to adapt to pain, while keeping their lives in a state of misery and stagnancy. Meanwhile, this same adaptability could have been used to help adapt to change and a better experience?

The universe will extend all sorts of opportunities to help us change and expand into a much higher being. Like a loving parent, it wants to see us thrive and become happier individuals. As we grow into our new selves, we will also manifest a new reality to match that brand new self. However, all windows of opportunity will come with an expiration date. They remain open only for a limited time and shouldn’t be pondered on for too long.

Imagine a special someone offers to meet with you for a dinner date. When the time comes, you are still stuck at home deciding on what to wear and finishing up with some chores around the house. In the meantime, you’ve texted your date numerous times to say that you’re running late but will be arriving shortly. By the time you finally arrive, you are 3 hours late and your date who had been waiting patiently for the first 2 hours, is no longer there (and nowhere to be found).

You may claim that you got stood up, but one has to question who’s really the one who got stood up in this situation. Your date most likely came to the conclusion that meeting up wasn’t much of a priority for you. So they just decided to move on.

The universe works in the same manner. Be keen on when it offers to take you out to new places and circumstances. And don’t dilly dally on the opportunity. Otherwise, you risk being stood up.

Opportunity will always come knocking and we will always receive another offer down the road. However, the new offer may not be as evident or as welcoming as the one prior. With every new opportunity out of a dead-end situation, the road leading up to it becomes a bit more bumpy. This is because the longer we simmer and wait in a miserable situation, the more entrenched we become in it, and the more complicated it gets when we finally decide to make a change.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation that no longer serves you, don’t just stand there playing the waiting game. Decide you will do something about it and take action much sooner than later.

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Lack Is Not Natural

Abundance is normal in nature, in the universe, and on planet earth. You do not live on a planet in which lack and suffering are inevitable. You live on a planet designed with the capacity to provide abundance for all.

Like most of us, you’ve probably been brought up to think that what prevents abundant living on earth is a lack of natural resources, but this is not true.

Planet Earth can provide abundance for even more people than are currently living on her today. The problem is that most people  have used their minds, their imagination and free will, to limit, divert, and obstruct the natural flow of abundance that is our birthright.

As a Divine Creative Being, you are creating with your imagination and free-will to manifest whatever you choose. You may choose to manifest something that brings you more freedom and abundance or you may use your free-will to manifest something that has less abundance, thus creating more limitations for yourself. This happens on the individual as well as the collective level.

The world of lack that we currently live in is an illusion. It’s a collective illusion because everyone has decided to agree on its existence. These illusions are made up of the paradigms and stories we’ve been fed by our society since childhood.

You don’t need to adapt to any illusion of lack. Only animals adapt. And you are not an animal.

LMN, and thanks for reading!

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