It Is Your Right To Be Here

You were not born to be a slave, nor were you born to grind out a living. You are not an animal. You are a self-aware God being with a powerful mind and incredible authority. The fact that you are here means you have the right to be here. You came here for your specific purpose. This should be your only concern and your main focus.

You are not required to earn your earthly survival, nor justify your existence, as they are both a given. If you think these are required of you, then you have some things to figure out.

To trade your time for a livelihood and to earn your survival is a false and outdated paradigm. If others still choose to buy into such a reality, this is not your problem, for you know who You are.

Please do not allow people to shame you for what you know to be true. (They’re darn right it’s entitlement. And you take shameless pride in it!) Please do not allow society to convince you that this is just the way things are on planet earth. Please do not allow anyone to fool you into believing that because it’s been this way for so long, it should always be this way.

Some will call you lazy. Many will call you crazy. However, most walk around never even realizing their mental and physical enslavement. Most go from cradle to grave never even realizing their incredible God-like powers. And most sell themselves cheap never even realizing their intrinsic worth.

If you truly want freedom from this type of slavery, know that you are a powerful God and that you hold the power to create an abundant living for yourself without having to slave away doing things that are inconsequential to your mission, regardless of what is going on around you.

Contrary to what some motivational gurus will tell you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK YOUR FACE OFF.

You have an Inner Genie ready to grant all of your wishes by just you commanding it so. By lining up with and relying upon your Inner Genie, you can have all that you need (and more) in order to fulfill your mission here.

So the next time someone tells you that you have to “earn” your living on planet earth, feel free to tell them where they can shove it.

You are a God and it is your divine right to be here on earth and live a comfortable life.

I repeat, you are a God. So isn’t it time you lived like one?

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Still in Denial?

Though I’m not one to write about celebrities too often (as stated in my previous post), I felt the need to bring up this new documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ that’s currently airing on HBO. It involves the exposure of Michael Jackson and the manipulative tactics he used to become one of the world’s most famous, most beloved, and most deceitful pedophiles.

For the past few months, I’ve been making calls for the exposure and demise of pedophilia as well as SRA (satanic ritual abuse). Therefore, the topic of Michael Jackson struck something in me that I felt compelled to write about it today. Since most people are unable to handle the reality of these topics, they do not get discussed often enough. Nevertheless, if they are to come to an end, it’s a reality we must all face. So I’ll take the opportunity to talk about them any chance I get.

To be honest, I haven’t watched the documentary (and probably won’t). But I feel there’s enough that I’ve learned about MJ over the years for me to know what I need to say. I truly believe that these two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck are telling the truth about the sexual acts that transpired between them and Michael Jackson during their childhood. It’s irrelevant whether or not they have an agenda to make money off of this documentary. Whether they do or whether they don’t, it still doesn’t change what’s become blatantly obvious to us. And that is that MJ showed all the signs of a high-level pedophile.

Being a victim of pedophilia and abuse myself, these guys are on point with their story. For decades, you will downplay so much of it that at some point you simply disassociate yourself from it. You reason that sexual molestation is something that may have happened to other people, but not to you. You’ll even go so far as to make excuses for your own abuser.

Wade Robson has been speaking of his abuse for the past 7 years now and has more of his reputation to lose by his coming out like this. As a famous person himself, it takes much courage to admit that you’ve been molested, manipulated, and even committed perjury. I truly believe these guys were abused by this serial pedophile because one can clearly see they’re still haunted by the experience.

The sad part is so many fans are still under the spell that MJ had cast upon the world and so many still refuse to see the truth.

There was a time when I too was torn about the truth of Michael Jackson. However, I found that he was a bit too hell-bent on reminding people of his sad story. One has to raise suspicion when an insanely wealthy and famous celebrity is always portraying himself as a victim and constantly trying to milk you of your pity. Deception, manipulation, and gaslighting are the cornerstones of pedophilia. And this is what he used to lure in his child victims, their parents, and the rest of world.

When the allegations came out in 1993 and again in 2003, Michael would always claim to be a victim of persecution and would always talk about his deep faith in God. He had a lot of money to buy people’s silences and a team of slick lawyers who were able to get him off the hook each time. So many rejoiced when they announced that he was found not guilty. However, just because someone has been acquitted of a crime doesn’t necessarily make them innocent. But so many did not want their star-struck dreams shattered. They were too intoxicated by Michael’s music and blinded by his dance moves to see the truth that was right before their eyes.

In everyone’s eyes, he was this soft, gentle, and effeminate soul that couldn’t possibly hurt a fly, let alone a child. He played the role of an innocent big kid that just never grew up. In the end, everyone saw him as this sad, lonely victim of abuse from the hands of his father and the music industry. “Poor poor Michael”, we would all murmur. We rationalized his soft, fragile, and eccentric tendencies by saying that this is what happens to those who grew up in the music industry and those who never had a childhood.

I now have to say that if anyone knew how to throw a good pity party, it was Michael Jackson!

He may have had us all feeling sorry for him, but when did it ever become normal for a grown adult male to be sleeping in the same bed every night with little boys??? Mind you, they were always little boys, and never little girls. (Most pedophiles will have a preference.) Why was it necessary to take so many little boys under his wing, and sometimes even be seen holding hands with them. Everyone would just poo-poo it away by saying this was Michael Jackson and he’s just a big kid at heart!

However, so many could not see that this was a grown man, who even though he claimed to love all children, he really only loved little boys. So many could not realize that even though he claimed to have been a big kid at heart, he was still a grown-ass man in an adult male body with a grown-ass penis attached. They could not see the self-absorbed adult male with sexual hormones coursing through his veins (just like every adult). He may have seemed larger than life, but I highly doubt he was exempt from sexual urges.

Did we really want to believe that he was some kind of saintly virgin who transcended sexuality? Or that he was castrated? Celibate? Or asexual maybe? We had all witnessed his crotch-grabbing sexual innuendos onstage that show he wasn’t oblivious to sex. His dance moves weren’t the moves of innocence.

It’s become quite obvious that his marriages from the 90s were a sham and that he lied about his own kids being his biological offspring. It’s clear as day that the man was a liar, but so many are still allowing themselves to believe that MJ was just this big, innocent, and misunderstood kid. Looking at old footage, hearing the stories, and his own accounts, it’s plain to see where he aimed his sexual energy. The guy had an undeniable attraction to young boys.

Anyone who’s ever slept in the same bed with an adult male should know what happens first thing in the morning. It’s quite natural and unavoidable. With that said, would any normal parent allow their child to go to bed with a lonely, demonic-looking, adult male who insists it’s all innocent and fun??? However, so many of us gave Michael Jackson the benefit of the doubt (and still do).

The things we do for pop stars, rock stars, and celebrities…..the things we overlook!

There was a time when I was on the fence about his innocence. I didn’t want to believe that such deep dark deception could exist on planet earth. It was something I had to come to terms with while learning to trust my small inner voice. I’m glad to finally be able to see through this haze that’s hung over the legacy of MJ for so many years. I no longer make excuses for people’s peculiar ways and can never go back to making excuses for this creepy guy’s perverted behavior.

I now know that if it looks like a pedophile, and it acts like a pedophile, then it most likely is a pedophile!

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Why I Could Never Be A Feminist

I am female but I am not a feminist.  I will never be a feminist. I love men way too much.

At this point, I think I’ve seen enough of the feminist movement that’s out there to know that it only breeds hostility, delusions of grandeur, penis-envy, and hatred towards men. Feminism takes the femininity right out of women and turns them into the same brutish-type men that they claim to have oppressed them for ages.

Sorry feminists, but strapping on balls just ain’t my cup of tea. I personally am not striving to be a man, nor am I trying to outdo them. Why should I when I thoroughly enjoy my womanhood? I love everything that makes me a woman and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But then again, I love everything that makes a man, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

As a female, I love being the more emotional and intuitive of the two sexes. In an ideal world it would be awesome if both men and women were in touch with their hearts and emotions. But for now, I’m happy that at least many of us women already have that going for us. I also love the privilege of shaving my legs, smelling like flowers, and being the one that can nourish a baby from conception to birth. I love that we are the sentinels for beauty on earth. I love having a pale lavender bedroom and wearing my colorful dresses. I love my female body with all of its curves and womanly softness. Best of all, I love being a stunning contrast against the male figure while also being its compliment. This is what sends electricity throughout my entire being!

Speaking of men, have I told you how much I love them too? Not only do they make the perfect compliment to my feminine essence, but they also make for great company. Oh, how I love how they’re usually taller than me, how their skin is just a little bit rougher than mines, and their voices just a bit deeper. I love their physical strength and firm masculine build. I’m elated when I get to ask them to help me open a jar of pickles! I love their courage, drive, and stamina. This tells me that I’m in safe hands and in the presence of quite a powerful being. Last but not least, I love their wit, because nothing could ever compare to the sense of humor of a man.

Why is it that one sex always needs to claim superiority over the other in order to get validation? Surely, men have oppressed women over the years. But the feminist movement brings in a group of women who now want to get their turn at being the oppressors. I will never understand why it is so necessary to bash and undermine men in order for women to have equal rights?

To me equal rights is not about women becoming dominant or taking on masculine traits. It is more about women embracing their femininity while having the same options and opportunities available to men. Could it get any simpler?

The media does a fine job at teaching women what a “strong woman” should look like. They have all sorts of examples of bad-ass women for us to aspire to. From the gun-toting, ass-kicking female characters we see in the action movies to the muscle-clad female athletes that are constantly paraded in our faces. What we see in the feminist movement of today is simply the outplaying of a bunch of women under the mind control of their beloved mainstream media.

If I have to be a feminist in order to be politically correct, then I’d rather not be correct. If I have to discard my femininity while hating men to be considered a modern woman, then I’d rather be old-fashioned, outdated, backwards or whatever else the ladies of the feminist movement would like to throw at me.

The future could never be female. So far I have yet to see any man-made machine that can dispense sperm at a moment’s notice. Mother Nature designed it so that we women need men as much they need us and procreation will never be possible without the two. I think it’s best if both men and women came to terms with this reality and started looking for a more balanced and more realistic approach to equal rights.

Feminists, sorry to have to break it to you, but the future will always be male and female (whether you like it or not).

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