ADAYINTHELIFEMYSTICintuitionScriptures, and labels, and preachers! Oh my! Who knew that the path to the Creator could be so elusive and so exclusive???  If you’ll excuse me, I already have a direct connection to my Source. Some years ago, I took two steps back, three steps forward, and I began to see a much clearer picture of myself and my Creator as a whole. Now I just can’t seem to find the time, the reason, or the season to fit in the dogma, the fancy schmancy structures, or the ruling elitists. As I follow my path, I follow my inner voice. As I follow my voice, I follow my heart. As I follow my heart, I follow God. Simple for some, perhaps difficult for others.

Do I stand a chance to speak my own truth? Or will there come day when you ask me for proof? I’ll stand right before you and ask you to see that Nature is a part of you and me. What you have not been willing to see is what you have not been willing to Be. Nature adores us and that’s enough. God is in all of us and that’s what’s up!




Hey you, Creative Creator! Yes, you sexy Divine Being, I’m talking to you!  Have you given much thought to who you are? Have you given much thought to why you are here? Do you think you came here to live a  bland and mundane life? Did you come to relive the same experience day in and day out, over and over again? Did you come to blend in with the crowd and not express who you truly are. Did you come to stand on the sidelines and watch like a spectator?  No, you came to this planet to grow, to expand your horizons, to manifest great visions, and create a life of great freedom and unlimited abundance. Do you realize just how lucky you are to be here? Do you realize how many others are still waiting for their chance to be here? Life is such a privilege, such a gift, and such a huge opportunity! What are you doing with yours? Are you working on all the big plans you made before you got here? Or are you just going along with the program? You came here with a plan to be weird, to be quirky, to be wacky! You came here with power, with joy, with unique gifts to share with others! You came here to bring it on!

So what are you waiting for? Status quo never looked so boring, baby! Get wacky instead!




Planet earth is a gorgeous planet, but along with it comes the ridiculous and sometimes intoxicating doses of sheer madness. I’m sure we can all agree on that. One day it’s sunshine and butterflies, the next it’s wildfires and hurricanes. One place has beautiful fields of flowers with quaint mountainside cottages, while another has terror, death, and destruction written all over it. What would you expect from a developing planet? Can you blame yourself for sometimes feeling out of whack? It’s inevitable that you will at times. You came here on a mission, but you realize you didn’t come to take on this craziness, nor did you come to get distracted by it all, or fall off the wagon. You’ve got a mission to fulfill, and because of this you’ve been blessed with all the right tools at your disposal. You have the power within and the power without to turn all types of storms into peaceful calm, and turn all obnoxious roaring lions into polite little lambs. (They had better behave!)  The question is, do you know what your tools are and are you prepared to make great use of them? What if I told you it was easy? What if I told you it was not?  Would it make a difference if progress was your only concern? I’ll let you determine that for yourself.


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