Non-religious, non-dogmatic, and unconventional meanderings on rediscovering your true Self and stepping into your Great Inner Spirit.  You don’t need the structures. You don’t need the labels. And you certainly don’t need the clergy!



egyptianwalkANGIFHere I dissect the “standard” and wade through the bullshit that surrounds all of us. Cookie cutters are for cookies, but I know for certain they were not made for me! Molds are for many things, but can you really say they were made for you???  Time to step up your game. and let your wackiness shine!




Modern food and medicine is a scam! Wide is the road to death, disease, and destruction. Narrow is the path to health, beauty, youth, and vitality. Why stop short at the typical fate? It’s what you do daily that matters in this game. Use and consume only what nurtures you and your body. Forget the rest!

I share with you some of my most beloved recipes so that you can live in a most healthy and beautiful body and live a most vibrant life! Remember, nature heals. Let’s take time to honor our generous Mother Nature and make use of her awesome gifts.



headspinANGIFThis is me in my baffled stupor. This is where I rant about our topsy-turvy world and the idiots who currently run it. I still have hope for society, but when things fail to make any sense, when folks still have their heads buried in the sand, or when I see through another stupid lie, I can’t help but get all fired up. Don’t even get me started…


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