As if the science of getting rich couldn’t be summarized any shorter by this little red book … I’m about to break it down to you even further. If you have very little time and a very short attention span, as I know so many of us do these days, this is definitely for you. Personally, I think everyone should have basic knowledge of how the universe works and how to attract money. It’s not taught in schools and it’s not talked about often enough.
So without further ado, let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.34.17 AM

Basically, there are three easy steps to this manifestation technique.

The first is to write out the things that you want the most.  And no thing is ever too big or too much. Write them down with as much detail as possible. For you to be happy with your results, you must be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.32.13 AM

Try to keep it to the top 5 most important things.  You don’t want to spread your energies too thin by asking for ten million different things all at once and not being able to focus on any. There will be time for more once you’ve started achieving the first few things and are able to cross them off your list.

The second part is to think of what you want often and to read your list at least a few times a day. So that means take it to work with you, take it to the gym, do what you gotta do to keep that list close to you at all times. What I do is I keep mine on my phone and set an alarm for three times a day.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.36.49 AM

Then I whip it out and read it whenever the alarm sounds. This is not part of the book, but if I happen to be home alone, I will read it out loud for an even stronger effect. In case you didn’t know, the universe is extremely sensitive to sound.

The third part is to keep it to yourself. Do not show your list to anyone and do not talk about it to anyone.  The reason for this is you must have unwavering faith in what you are asking for. Other minds and other opinions have the power to corrupt your mind and will swerve you in the direction of worry and self doubt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.29.58 AM

You are a co-creator with the universe. What you think and believe will affect the out come. The minute you doubt your wishes is the same minute they become unattainable. So keep skeptics and naysayers out of your mind and do not give them a chance to rain on your parade.

And there you have it!  This little red book is a perfect gateway into the wonderful wacky world of manifestation. Though it isn’t a complete course, these three steps alone can take you through great lengths. If practiced with unwavering faith and diligence, in a year you will start to see the changes taking place in your life.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.34.54 AM

Happy manifesting and stay tuned for more on creating your world around you.

Lady Miss Neptune wishing you a prosperous journey!

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Energy Hygiene 101 – Your Energy Field

It’s funny how even though science has discovered that everything is made of energy we still haven’t really accepted what that means. Simply because we can’t see energy with our physical eyes, it’s so easy to forget all about it.  For humans it’s usually “out of sight, out of mind”.

However, we all know energy is all too real, no matter how invisible.  In our universe alone we have such a variety.  Just take your pick!  We’re totally surrounded!

Now I like to think that there are 3 main types of energy: THE KNOWN, THE UNKNOWN,  and THE NEGLECTED

THE KNOWN are those that have made it to the energy Hall of Fame, and you know them well!  Some honorable mentions are the ever popular electrical energy, radio frequency energy, gravity, motion, magnetic energy, light, heat, sound, solar energy, nuclear energy, and so many more….  Even though we can’t actually see any of these guys, we use of them practically everyday…  So it’s kinda hard to ignore them.

THE UNKNOWN are the no-name energies that surround us everyday but no one has a clue they actually exist.  They stand on a long line waiting to be discovered by human beings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.32.28 PMIt’s gonna be a while….

And then there’s THE NEGLECTED. These are the ones that have been discovered by human beings, but since no one knows how to make use of them, they fall to the wayside and no one really cares.  Your energy field falls into this category.  It’s right under our noses, but no one gives it the time of day.  So close, but yet so far away!

Your energy field is a valuable, highly intelligent, and often ignored form of energy that surrounds your physical body. It surrounds you from top to bottom – from left to right.  It goes everywhere with you. And I mean everywhere.


This invisible orb of energy often changes color depending on your mood, health, and spiritual attainment.

Your energy field is the part your mind that exists beyond your physical body.  Contrary to popular belief, your mind not only exists in your brain. It is an energy that extends out and exists beyond your physical body, sometimes filling up an entire room!   Not just thoughts and emotions, your mind controls your physical existence.  It’s what attracts certain diseases, people, and circumstances into your life.  Picture a bar of magnet with a magnetic field all around it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.48.32 PMThis is your energy field in a nutshell!

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.   It reigns supreme and truly is mind over matter.  This mind energy that surrounds you is what sets you off after interacting with a lunatic. It’s also why you’re affected by certain types of music. And it’s how you are able to sense when someone is watching you from behind.

Energy fields exist around every living and non-living object. That frizzy headed guy named Einstein said:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.34.42 PM

This really means that solid objects are only energy that has taken on physical form.  So you are a unique and beautiful ball of energy.   So is your dog, your cat, the trees, your chair, and that rock in your back yard!

Did you know that there are some people who could see energy fields with their bare eyes and use it to diagnose disease in humans?

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.23.50 AMEDGAR CAYCE

Did you also know that scientists now have instruments that detect can it!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.38.04 AMAURA CAM

So maybe our energy fields aren’t too far off from gaining popularity after all.  In the future we will all acknowledge our own energy fields.

So what are you waiting for? The future?

Get started now! Do your research, read some books, talk to people, and get to know your energy field!

-Lady Miss Neptune and thanks for joining me today!

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The Power of Cayenne Pepper

Today I give you the scoop on Cayenne Pepper!

I know you may think that this red hot chili pepper is used only for kicking up the heat and packing on a fiery taste to your dishes, but think again!

Did you know that this little red pepper when used outside the kitchen has got some powerful medicinal uses and can kick some butt??!  Don’t underestimate the power of this scrawny-looking little pepper!


In fact, studies show that Cayenne pepper, when taken daily, has the power to change your life!  According to history, cayenne has been used for both food and medicine for the last 9,000 years or so!  Is it any wonder that the power of this spice is almost unheard of lately? It’s not like this is anything new.  But in this modern day of “Doctor Scissor-hands” and pharmaceutical poisons, cayenne has become a long lost and forgotten solution.

Otherwise known as the capsicum plant, Cayenne originated from South America. It is now grown all throughout the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.59.45 AM

The fruit of the capsicum plant which are the bright red, orange, or yellow cone-shaped pods, contain a chemical called capsaicin. This is the active ingredient that gives it that hot and spicy flavor that some of us just can’t get enough of. It’s also the same ingredient that gets to work on your body.

Cayenne is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Only one teaspoon contains 44 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, 8 percent vitamin E, 7 percent vitamin C, 6 percent vitamin B6, 5 percent vitamin K, 5 percent manganese, and 3 percent potassium.

But it’s not just a supplement! It does so much more !!!

For one, Cayenne has the ability to relieve arthritis.  It can also stop a heart attack dead in its tracks. Furthermore, it heal an ulcer.  This I experienced first hand five years ago. Every day for an entire week I drank 5 glasses of water mixed with cayenne pepper. By the 3rd day, all symptoms were already gone, to never return again!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.50.08 AM copy

Other amazing feats cayenne is known to perform are:

-The reduction of inflammation
-Improving circulation
-Boosting your immune system
-Eliminating heartburn
-Relieving toothaches
-Relief from migraines
-Preventing blood clots
-Preventing heart disease
-Detoxing your body
-Preventing cancer
-Preventing allergies
-Preventing fungal infections
-Boosting your metabolism

So the next time you’re roaming the aisles of your local grocer or health food store, don’t forget to pick up some of this spicy goodness! You can get it in so many fabulous forms. Get it fresh, get it dried, get it crushed, it get powdered, get it tinctured, or get it in capsule form. Whatever you do, just get it! Then add it to your food, drink it with a glass of water, or just pop a capsule!  It’ll make a world of a difference to your health!

Watch the video below!


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Does Nature Really Bend To Our Will?

We got dumped on this weekend here in New York. A major blizzard came through and dumped about 2 feet of snow on us. In its aftermath, life for us here has become extremely limited, uncomfortable, and at times treacherous. Not to mention yucky!   And so I got to wondering if we actually called such grossness upon ourselves. Is it us, is it a higher power, or is it some kind of random act? Where do these erratic weather patterns come from? Where do the dangers that exist in nature, the imbalances, or even the beauty derive from? If we can affect our own personal lives through mindset, then I would think it is possible we affect nature as well?  If what we see outpictured in our personal lives is a direct reflection of our inner world, couldn’t that same concept be applied to the natural life here on planet Earth?

Okay. So maybe since we all share this tiny little blue planet, then none of us are single-handedly responsible for its natural disposition. But what about collectively? Is this really the wrath of God, random acts of nature that some like to call natural disasters, or perhaps the stuff of our own making? When storms brew could it be that we have stormy minds? Are our minds cloudy, clear, or even sunny perhaps?

I’ve experienced some storms that were downright sinister, almost to the point where I felt as if they had a mind of their own. One sometimes has to wonder why do they exist at all? What is their purpose? Why is death and destruction sometimes the main object of a storm. Could we also be placing our minds way too much on death and destruction? War still exists when it doesn’t have to. Violence still exists when it doesn’t have to. Could it be the universal mirror simply reflecting back our collective consciousness through the manner of these horrific natural disasters?

I’ll let you decide.



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Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart Is No Education At All

Can’t leave it up to parents to teach love to a child. Parents do not know everything…

Can you imagine a world where kids are taught in school how to love, respect, and have concern for their fellow humans. One where we are taught from an early age and through adulthood how to settle our differences with each other and speak from the heart. One where matters of the heart and humanity were as equally valued as book knowledge and intellectualism. Why isn’t this an integral part of our school curriculum? Why isn’t this equally as important as math and science and reinforced daily by our schools.  I’m fed-up with the “book-smart” competition that the schools are feeding our kids. Whatever happened to being “heart-smart”? Doesn’t that count for something too?

…and they worry about bullying in schools.  The solution is right under their noses… if they would only open up their tight intellectual brains to the flow of love.

Expanding the mind without expanding the heart is a form of dysfunction and total imbalance. This is where the educational systems of the world fail us big time.

If you think your child is getting a top-notch education by going to a top-notch school, THINK AGAIN!

If you think you’ve gotten a top-notch education by going to a top notch school, THINK AGAIN!

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The Least I Can Do

And so I am embarking on another new journey!

I’ve made the decision to become a better artist. Over the years I’ve allowed my talent to sit on the sidelines while other things in life took center stage. I now find myself at a point where I suddenly do have the time and the mental space to focus on my first true love again! A tad rusty, as it’s been approximately 5 years since I last picked up a paintbrush, but I’m determined to unleash that side of me again.

Back in 2010, I lived in a wide spacious apartment in the Jersey suburbs. The space to paint was never an issue. And so I painted until I didn’t want to anymore. I painted until I felt I was no longer having fun. I had gotten my fill of painting and towards the end, instead of creating art I was creating a mess for me to clean up. Always willing to follow my gut instincts, I eventually stopped.

Fast-forward five years later, my recent move this year to Queens, NY has turned me into a die-hard simplistic. I’ve had to discard so many possessions in order to fit my life into this brand new itty-bitty New York City apartment. I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist, as I still own plenty of cherished objects. But a simplistic – one who has simplified her life to owning only what I need and only what makes me happy. One who has simplified her time to doing only what is necessary and only what makes me happy. As I discarded half of my surroundings and half of my possessions in NJ, I already knew that I was done with painting and crafting. And so I threw out all of the art supplies that sat useless in my closets and had taken up unnecessary space in my life for the past five years. With my newfound simplicity, I knew I no longer wanted to paint, but at the same time I was not willing to part with my artistic spirit. I simply wanted to take it to a new level and see what other creative talents I might be keeping up my sleeves. I knew I wanted to go digital and experiment with different types of creative technology. There’s just so much out there these days. Why keep my creativity tied to only one method of expression?

So now I choose to play…

I choose to play with words, speech, color, websites, computers, cameras, apps, and all of that good stuff!! Most of all I want to play with me! (Hey, watch your dirty mind!) Yes, I want the works!

My inspiration comes from all the self-trained artists, the bloggers, and YouTube personalities who’ve made it a point to work daily on their passion, share their message, and shamelessly broadcast themselves to the world, all in the spirit of free-speech, liberation, and self-expression. What one has done, all can do. What all has done, one can do!

The big move is now behind me. The dust has settled and I am ready to move forward. I’ve cleared up much of my physical and mental space. Ive cleared up much of my time. These next few years will be a time of focus, hard-work, and dedication to myself, living out my dreams, and the life I intended when I made the pact to come to earth. It’s the least I can do.

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Cultivating Your Inner Snob – 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Standards

Upping Your Game

I have no tolerance for squalor, mediocrity, brutality, lack of integrity, or frumpiness. Call me a snob, but there are certain standards I must uphold for myself. After all, I am a God-Being.

How many of us use the excuse of not having enough time or money to create beauty in our homes, maintain our bodies, or spruce up our wardrobes? How many of us are waiting for that perfect man or woman to walk into our lives before we start expressing our personal style and embracing ourselves with love? How many of us are waiting for that perfect body, that perfect house, that new job, that raise, or that tax return? We use all sorts of justifications to stunt our growth, stall our happiness, and postpone being the greatest versions of ourselves. While life passes by, many are telling the universe they’d rather settle for less. Don’t conform to the norms of your society by living a dull, undistinguished, and mediocre life. Express the creative and magnificent being that you truly are. Stand tall, stand proud, and start to celebrate the Higher You today.

If the universal mirror of life is to smile back at you, you must always be willing to smile first. Therefore, take command of your life, raise your standards, and take a stand for dignity!

1- Mind Your Space. Ever heard of the term “don’t sh_t where you eat”?  Yeah well, that’s really all there is to it. But since I love you, I’ll say much more.

You are not an animal. So don’t live like one. Your home says a lot about who you are, where you are in life, what goes on in your mind, and what you think of yourself. Are you hoarding up a bunch of crap? If so, then it’s time to get rid of all the clutter. It’s time to bring order into your life. Make your home visitor friendly. Make it charming and welcoming. Make it neat and make it tidy. Keep it clean and accept nothing short of beauty, order, and cleanliness!

There are numerous methods to beautifying your home without having to spend so much. Use what you already have and simply spruce it up. Start by deep cleaning the carpet or upholstery. Change the drapes, shower curtains, or light fixtures. Refinish or paint your kitchen cabinets. Paint the walls a fun new color. Add artwork, new rugs, new bedding, pillows, or slipcovers. Paint your furniture, add houseplants, burn candles, and get as creative as can be.

mindspace2   mindspace1

What’s up with the homeowners and apartment dwellers using their yard or balcony as some kind of storage solution? Like really??? They’ve got bikes, old furniture, and all this other crap out there. Do yourself a favor. If you have some outdoor space whether it be a balcony or yard, please take the time to make it beautiful. Your outdoor areas are an extension of your indoor area. Make no attempt to neglect this important space. Start a garden and turn it into a beautiful oasis. Flowers will especially wake up the place. For less than $50, one can make out like a bandit at Home Depot. Balcony dwellers can have a full-fledge container garden growing out there. If on a tight budget, grow your flowers from seed. Some fast growing flower seeds are morning glories, petunias, and of course marigolds! Use propagation methods for other plants. I’ve done real well propagating spider plants and those gorgeous chartreuse-colored sweet potato vines we see all over throughout the summer. Lastly, be sure to add a small seating area to your garden, patio, or balcony for that finishing touch

.mindspace3   mindspace4

Do as much as you can to make your home as enjoyable as possible. Get ideas from books and magazines. Make a list of all that needs fixing. And then get started for pete’s sake! Time is passing you by. Remember it’s your home. It is where you will spend half your life. It is a true expression of you. You want it to express your inner beauty, not your inner madness. You want to live in dignity!

2- Mind Your Words. Watch your mouth, buster! Just what kind of things are you saying about me? Most importantly, what kind of things are you saying about yourself? Do you really think you’re getting away with all your negative self talk? Do you really think it doesn’t affect your self respect. Think again. Those mental words are also a part of this equation. Thoughts are things. Words are things. Do you find yourself jealous of others or do you wish the best for everyone? Busy backstabbing and gossiping about the latest scandal? Whether to yourself or out loud, our lovely and ever faithful universe is jotting down everything that you think and say, then reflecting it all right back at you. So speaketh proud, speaketh confidently, and speaketh well!


3- Mind Your Actions. Your word is law. Make this a non-negotiable in your life. This means keeping all promises you’ve made to others and all promises you’ve made to yourself. If it’s not possible, then acknowledge it and let the other person know. Let your words be backed by your actions. Otherwise, go down as a weak, wishy-washy individual who lacks integrity. Always act with poise and with grace. No need to make a spectacle of yourself. You are confident in yourself and you are what you are with nothing to prove. Show love and affection to those willing to accept it from you. Be generous and kind to your neighbor. Help a friend in need, genuinely care about others, and never forget those who helped you when you were down. Treat others with dignity and respect, as you would like others to treat you. The amount of high-vibrational energy that you put out is exactly what will be returned to you tenfold.

4- Mind Your Food.  Your stomach is not a garbage dump. So don’t treat it as such. What we put into our mouths makes all the difference. The question is are you eating to live or eating to die? When you know you’re worth it, you know your body deserves only the best.  So eat well and eat the best.


Eat the foods that will have your body performing at it’s peak performance. If you don’t know what they are, well then it’s time to find out. Make it your business to know your body inside and out and the foods it will thrive on. The information is out there. Make it a priority.  When you seek, you shall find the answers. You cannot be on your way to greatness while at the same time sabotaging your body. Your body is the home where your spirit dwells throughout its sojourn on planet earth. Without it you cannot complete your mission. The junk food, the heavy cholesterol laden animal products, and the alcoholic beverages are all forms of abuse and gradual but sure ways to sickness and early death. Don’t fall prey to the tactics of the food industry. Don’t be a victim of the medical industry. They’re just waiting to get their hands and scissors on you. Don’t wait to be kind to your body. Do it today. Your mission is worth it and you are worth it.


5- Mind Your Attire. Appearance does matter. It may sound superficial, but your attire tells others how you see yourself. It is one of the unspoken methods we use to express ourselves unto the world. Your appearance not only talks to you, but talks to other people as well. How can you expect to be well-respected when you don’t care to show others that you respect yourself? Don’t sell yourself short on your appearance anymore than you would on your intelligence. Make sure your dress reflects the type of person you want to be. Look your best and you will think and act your best. Dress up for those important meetings, dress up for that dinner date, or even for that trip to the supermarket. Look like a gentleman. Look like a lady. Make sure all is neatly tucked in, coordinated, and ironed. Spruce up your wardrobe. Take that suit to the tailors and give it that tailored fit. Polish your shoes. If you’ve recently lost weight, make sure your clothes aren’t hanging limply off of you. For the ladies, add a pencil skirt or form fitting blazer to your wardrobe. They work wonders for that classy look. Throw out those tattered and torn jeans or that old dingy dress. Lay your clothes out the night before if you must. On a budget? Use Ebay and thrift shops to your benefit. Both are a chock-full-of-awesome finds at awesome prices. Some even with the original tags attached. Look sharp, look sophisticated, and look like a star without all the headaches that come with being a star!

dapper dapper2 dapper4dapper3dapper5dapper6dapper8dapper7

6- Mind Your Funk. Don’t mean to sound like your mother, but it never ceases to amaze me just how many people (adults mind you) still don’t have a clue about this. Just as your appearance matters, hygiene counts even more. Assuming that most of us in the Western world who are reading this already take daily baths, then I would like to discuss some of those finer details. Those that have the potential to make life miserable for yourself and others if not handled correctly. To me there is nothing worse than getting a whiff of someone’s dragon breath because they forgot to brush their teeth that morning. It can literally knock you out! And what about B.O.? Can you stand it when someone infiltrates the room with their signature scent? Always be sure you are eating the healthy foods that keep those body odors under control. If not, then the application of a natural deodorant should be sufficient.bo1

Keeping up with the manicures and pedicures? Nails trimmed and clean underneath? Legs shaven? Wax out of the ears? Hair neat and tidy or beard neatly groomed? Cosmetics, perfumes, and after-shaves kept to a minimum?


Contrary to what some may say, we are not animals or sophisticated monkeys. We are spiritual beings having an ultimate experience in a human body. No one is all that interested in seeing or smelling most of the things our body produces. That, my lovely, is proudly ours to own and not to be shared with anyone else. Therefore, kindly keep it your personal business and your business alone.

7- Mind Your Partners. It’s good to be picky and it’s good to be selective when it comes to choosing a sexual partner. In this case, less is always more. Just because you are single does not give you an all-year pass to spread your seed or spread your legs to just about everyone. Your body is a temple and not to be shared with the entire world. Sex has a way of binding us to others and transferring not only body fluids, but our energies too.  It has the potential to open us up to all sorts of ghastly energies. Choosing our partners wisely and choosing our partners sparingly is the key to a dignified sex life. Always make sure your partner is clean, make sure they’re sane, make sure they respect you, make sure they love you, and make sure they wanna stick around. Preserve your sanctity and your dignity.  If you don’t currently have a committed partner, be patient for him/her to enter your life. If you’re single and you think you are not having enough sex, then you have fallen for a lie. This is all media hype. Do not get entangled in it. These words are not coming from a prude, but from someone who happens to love sex very much, but finds it so much more enticing and so much more gratifying when there is pure love and commitment involved. When the world becomes in touch with theirs hearts and committed to love again, it is then we will make love before sex a priority.

We are all Gods, and any God would carry themselves with the utmost decency and dignity. Any God would be selective of who it chooses to express this most sacred loving act with. Do not cast your pearls out to the swine. Be selective. You are worth it. You are a God!


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