The Journey

Your journey towards the best version of yourself will never end. That magnificent destination you were aiming for, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you will never arrive.

Your spirit is on an infinite journey. There is no perfection, no finish line, and no end.

This life on earth is just one leg of your journey. One day you will wake up and find yourself in another life, another reality, experiencing a whole new leg of your journey.

Change is always expected and you are guaranteed to grow throughout your journey. You can also step out every once in a while to stretch and reflect on all that you’ve taken in.

You are welcome to plan ahead for the next few miles (if this makes you feel better). But know that your only responsibility is to simply keep your eyes on the road. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and marvel at what the scenery has to offer.

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It Is Your Right To Be Here

You were not born to be a slave, nor were you born to grind out a living. You are not an animal. You are a self-aware God being with a powerful mind and incredible authority. The fact that you are here means you have the right to be here. You came here for your specific purpose. This should be your only concern and your main focus.

You are not required to earn your earthly survival, nor justify your existence, as they are both a given. If you think these are required of you, then you have some things to figure out.

To trade your time for a livelihood and to earn your survival is a false and outdated paradigm. If others still choose to buy into such a reality, this is not your problem, for you know who You are.

Please do not allow people to shame you for what you know to be true. (They’re darn right it’s entitlement. And you take shameless pride in it!) Please do not allow society to convince you that this is just the way things are on planet earth. Please do not allow anyone to fool you into believing that because it’s been this way for so long, it should always be this way.

Some will call you lazy. Many will call you crazy. However, most walk around never even realizing their mental and physical enslavement. Most go from cradle to grave never even realizing their incredible God-like powers. And most sell themselves cheap never even realizing their intrinsic worth.

If you truly want freedom from this type of slavery, know that you are a powerful God and that you hold the power to create an abundant living for yourself without having to slave away doing things that are inconsequential to your mission, regardless of what is going on around you.

Contrary to what some motivational gurus will tell you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK YOUR FACE OFF.

You have an Inner Genie ready to grant all of your wishes by just you commanding it so. By lining up with and relying upon your Inner Genie, you can have all that you need (and more) in order to fulfill your mission here.

So the next time someone tells you that you have to “earn” your living on planet earth, feel free to tell them where they can shove it.

You are a God and it is your divine right to be here on earth and live a comfortable life.

I repeat, you are a God. So isn’t it time you lived like one?

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The Vow

Your relationship is always between the two of you. When you are ready to make your commitment to each other, that third, fourth, or fifth party is unnecessary. In other words, the church, the state, and the fanfare is irrelevant to your commitment.

By all means, if you feel inclined to bring in other parties, please do so. You are free to claim your undying love for each other before as many institutions and as many people as you wish.

But simply know that it’s the silent gestures and the verbal vows that you make without any witnesses that matter the most. If there’s going to be a public ceremony, make it a point to have a private one too – just between the two of you.

Then make it a point to always renew your vows on an annual basis. It fact, mark it on your calendar and set an alarm for it.

Renewing your vows can be as simple as holding a private at-home ceremony between the two of you, where you read your most up-to-date feelings and promises to each other.

It will require for you to reach deep inside your hearts as you once did at the start of your commitment and should be a fun ritual that you both look forward to every year. If this sounds like it would be too much of a hassle or burden, then know that you guys have stuff to work on.

Know that when we ask the heart to reveal its true intentions and its true feelings, it never lies. So an annual renewal of your vows is always a good way to gauge if you are both still on the same page, or at the very least it will weed out the issues that need tweaking.

The vows you make to each other are sacred and should be held in the highest regard. Make it a point to review them on a daily basis. It can be as simple as framing your words and placing them on your bedside table or in a spot where you can both look at them every day.

Every once in a while, you can add a bouquet of flowers or burn a candle close to them in their honor. Your words are very real, very tangible, and very alive and your love for each other will thrive when you give these sacred words your utmost care and attention.

Remember you are a god, the creator of your reality, and you have the power breathe life into things. Allow your God-consciousness, your heart, and your creativity to be the guiding force that will give life to your words, your relationship, and ultimately keep the flame of love burning bright between the two of you for many years to come.

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The Establishment

It doesn’t need be about the high levels of power that have always existed in the church and state. The establishment consists of a multitude of things and can be found even in the small confines of our everyday lives, from the unspoken commandments that govern the cold corporate world, and the intellectual rules that permeate the halls of higher education, to the grandiose career plans that your well-meaning family may have for you.

It seems no matter where you turn there is always a dominant figure ready to show you their disapproval of your behavior and ready to dictate how you should think, what you should like, who you should worship, and how you should act. These leading experts will always have a level of reputation and a set of very rigid standards to uphold. Most have worked very hard to climb to their ranks of authority, and you had better not mess with their game.

At this point, I think most of us are aware of how the establishment has hijacked the major institutions of politics, religion, business, finance, medicine, media, and education. Sadly, they’ve also managed to infiltrate the arts. What were once unhindered means of expression for beauty and emotion, now bear evidence that they too have been tampered with. One can see the establishment’s seals of approval stamped all throughout these vehicles of creativity.

We are all made from the same godly fiber and we all carry a delicate inner knowing of what is naturally beautiful and what is not. However, the establishment has managed to convince many not to trust their own inner sense. Currently, some of the most perverse works are what we call beautiful. What is downright ugly (by intuitive standards), we now call stunning and avant-garde. What is downright stupid, we now call brilliant and thought-provoking.

By observing the patrons who frequent the pretentious art exhibitions, by attending some of the pompous music, fashion or dance extravaganzas, you get to see how the establishment has its way of turning the most ridiculous into the most cutting-edge. If you manage to not breathe in the hype, you’ll walk out of there completely dumbfounded, while asking yourself if there’s something you’ve missed.

Understanding who you are, acknowledging what is happening, and being aware of those put in place to sell you the grand fallacy, is the best you can do right now. Just remember, you have no obligation to fall in line with any of the protocols they’ve laid out for you, no matter how earnest they may seem. You also have no obligation to wear any of the straight jackets they ask you to put on, no matter how easy they may make it look.

The emperor will have nothing on almost everywhere you look. However, when you try to point this out to others, you’ll most likely get clobbered. The fact is many are not ready to be awakened from their illusions. It would cause them way too much pain. So be prepared for the side glances, the eye rolls, the nervous laughter, the insults, and the ridicule that comes along with being outspoken and daring to say what most are not willing to hear.

True beauty, integrity, and devotion lies within our hearts. By listening to our hearts, we are all capable of waking up from the illusions created by the establishment and the mass-conscious. This is when we will remember all of the wonderful things we had long forgotten about ourselves. However, the heart speaks to us in very soft tones and if the fanfare of the avant-garde is way too loud, we just might miss it.

Fortunately, there are those who don’t have the noise up so high and are very close to hearing what their heart has to say. These individuals may simply need someone like you to come along and remind them to turn down the volume just a tad. Therefore, it is pertinent to always call out the naked emperors whenever you see them, regardless of the backlash you may receive from the crowd. If you are able to help lower the volume for even one person, then you’ll know it was all worth it.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are all gardeners of our personal reality. Ever stopped to look around and survey the condition of your own garden? Ever stopped to consider what it is that you are cultivating? Is your garden falling apart due to a lack of water or nutrients? Are there weeds all throughout sucking the life out of your plants? Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a colorful display of lush flower beds or an abundant array of fruits and veggies ready for harvest?

Whatever kind of garden you may have, realize it is all a result of what you can envision and the amount of attention you have placed on that vision. What we sow, what we water, and what we feed is always what will grow. So be sure to choose wisely the types of plants you want growing in your garden and give them the extra TLC, that special touch that you are certainly capable of providing. Your garden will reward you for it in abundant supply.

No matter how much we may deny it, consciousness will always create our reality. The things we give our attention to, what we identify with, what we associate ourselves with, and the thoughts and emotions that go through our minds all play a part in the creation of our personal realities.

So if you want a lush, beautiful, and abundant garden, you will have to start by planting some very hearty and robust seeds. These seeds will represent how you see yourself,  what you can envision for yourself, and what you think you are capable of. Ask yourself this question. Are you a powerful co-Creator with the universe or just some mere human being without any special powers? Your answer to this question will be the sole factor in determining the course of your garden for the entire season and beyond.

Once you have planted your seeds and they have sprouted, you will notice they are still in a very delicate state. You will want to take great measures to keep them safe and away from any harsh elements that can obliterate or stunt their growth. This is akin to the measures you will take when it comes to your self doubts, your negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative speech. Don’t fall prey to any of them. (If you need help in this there are numerous techniques available to get your mind on the right track.) This is the critical point where you will bring in your unwavering faith and belief. You know for certain that your garden will rise and it will grow.

Once you are past the critical stage, you can rest easy knowing that a harvest is on its way as long as you keep watering your growth. However, there will still be a few precautions to take if you want your garden to not just exist but to flourish into a lush and abundant oasis.

This will be the time to keep vigil on the weeds that poke through every once in a while. Always be sure to pull them out as soon as you recognize them for what they are. Don’t wait on this, for the longer they remain in your garden, the more potential they have to set you back by sucking the life out of your bounty. This will include the energy vampires that you will surely come across and the toxic relationships hindering your growth.

In addition to pulling out weeds, you must also feed you garden the best plant food there is. You want the good organic stuff, not that fake synthetic fertilizer that’s out there. Therefore, take heed of the images you place before your eyes and the things you choose to indulge in on a daily basis. If love and joy is what you want to cultivate, then be sure to cultivate this around you. Be sure to treat yourself and others well and be sure to smile and show gratitude for what you’ve already witnessed.

Your garden is unable to feed itself. If you want a lush and beautiful garden, then you will need to take the first step to feed it yourself and feed it well. It doesn’t work any other way.

If a beautiful garden or an abundant harvest are what you’ve always wanted, then know that it can absolutely happen for you. It will simply require your highest intention, a firm commitment, laser focus, and meticulous care.

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Your Right Now

Allow yourself to fall in love with your present day and your present moment. Your life may not be exactly in the state that you want it to be. You may think you’ll be happier in the future. But your today is the only mound of clay that you have to build and shape your tomorrow.

Happiness will not suddenly appear from out of nowhere when tomorrow comes. You are fooling yourself if you think so. Tomorrow will only be filled with the essence of the energies you put into today. So why not infuse today with the essences of love, joy, and gratitude. Infuse it with the things you want in your tomorrow.

If you are reading this, chances are you woke up this morning. (Some others weren’t so lucky.) Chances are you’ve got a cell phone or computer with internet access. Chances are you’re not starving and will have a place to sleep tonight. Are things really so unbearable that it can’t wait til tomorrow?

Take stock of what you currently have around you. Sure, you may not like everything that you see. Some things might be painful. Somethings might be ugly. But if you’d adjust your perception a bit, you’d see that these things are also the growing pains and lessons you are using to carve out a better you.

Amidst your pains you will find that there’s still plenty of beauty to be found. Make it a point to seek out the beauty in your everyday life and have reverence and awe for what it is that you see. Take as much time as needed to enjoy the view, knowing that each moment is a gift that is both unique and all-too-temporary.

It is in these moments you will realize that now is the space where amazing things are already happening. It is in these moments you’ll see that tomorrow can wait. It is in these moments you will find your peace and your gratitude. And it is in these moments you’ll realize that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey.

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9 Reasons Why We Cry In The Shower

There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with your emotions – male or female. Many walk around stone cold acting as if such a thing is silly and inconsequential. We bottle up years worth of overdue and toxic emotions, thinking we’re fine.

“Everything is good. Everything is fine”, we say. And then we wonder why we can’t get close to people. We wonder why we can’t open up to people. We wonder why our most intimate relationships just don’t have the pizzazz that it needs to make it sparkle. We wonder why in a world with billions of people we still feel so alone.

In our youth, we are told “Don’t be a crybaby!”, “You’re a boy, and boys don’t cry!”,  “Crying is weak and crying is for sissies.”

In our adulthood, we become ensnared in the trap of the daily grind. We are told to be strong. Our jobs tell us there is no room for feelings in the workplace. “Suck it up”, they say! “We have money to make!”

We get very little time to process what is happening to us and that includes the tortured emotions we are generating. These same emotions that end up getting buried for years, many of which we end up taking to the grave because we did not take the opportunity to acknowledge or express them. These same emotions that end up putting us in the grave, because it’s the pent up emotions (in our emotional bodies) that manifest disease in our physical bodies.

It’s no wonder so many resort to crying in the shower. I’m not going to say it’s the perfect solution to our emotional needs, but I will say that it’s therapy to many. Sometimes we have no other way of releasing our pent up frustrations, and if crying in the shower is a way to help that, then so be it.

Which that said, here are 9 reasons why I believe we end up crying in the shower.

1. IT’S PRIVATE.  Sometimes, all we want is some privacy and for many, the only place to get it is in the shower. The door is locked and no one can barge in on you. There is no one to see you cry, so you don’t have to explain to others why you are crying. Sometimes, only you will understand and it just feels good to not have to explain your emotions to anyone. Sometimes, it’s no one’s business but your own.

2. IT’S COMFORTING.  There’s just something about warm water that is comforting to our bodies. It envelops you like a warm cozy blanket and surrounds you like a hug. Hot water has a way of relaxing your muscles when you are tense, especially if you have one of those super cool shower heads where you may even get a massage. When you are cozy, you can more easily let your guard down and allow the tears to start flowing.

3. TRICKLING WATER SOUNDS.  Just as the sound of water will make you tinkle, for some, the sound of water trickling can also well up the eyes. When sad, it becomes an involuntary response and you become unable to hold back the tears.

4. IT’S DECOMPRESSION TIME.  With life being as hectic as it is and almost everyone being on the go-go-go, there is hardly any time to process anything. At work you are kept busy and the commute home may not be any better. Even at home and during your spare time, you are busy taking care of your household, your family, or focusing on matters of leisure. The emotions you’ve kept buried all day will oftentimes rise to the surface only when you are finally alone in the shower. These are the times when there is nothing else to focus on, nothing else to keep you busy. These are the times when you can no longer ignore the feelings, the times when you hit a realization, the times when the memories come flooding in, and the times when your Highest Self will start speaking to you.

5. IT’S A PLACE TO GET CLEAN.  The shower is the main place we go to get our physical bodies clean. So why wouldn’t you associate it with getting your mental and emotional bodies clean as well? When it comes to toxic emotions, you subconsciously want to wash them off. You relate them to dirt on your body and you want to wash them away, let them flow down the drain, and feel clean again. This is why you love to jump into the shower after a long stressful day, even if you may not be physically dirty. You want to wash away the day, wash away the troubles of the world, and start off fresh again.

6. IT’S WHERE WE ARE NAKED. The shower is also a place where you are always naked. It is a place where you can be naked without shame, a place where the only option is to be naked, a place where you can allow yourself to be in your natural state, and a place where you can feel free. Your nakedness reminds you that you can also get naked on the inside and bear your soul, even if it’s only to yourself.

7. IT’S LOUD AND NOISY.  Let’s face it. Most showers make a lot of noise. Oftentimes, the sounds of water splashing can be heard from outside the bathroom door or from an adjacent room. For those who don’t easily cry, it can be a daunting experience to hear yourself cry in silence. Your rawest emotions are sometimes intimidating and may even make others uncomfortable. In a world where emotional expression is glossed over and shunned upon, we are sometimes unable to deal with anyone crying. If you know you’re about to drop some major tears, the sound of the water will definitely help to cover up your sobs so that no one, (not even yourself) will hear you.

8. IT’S MAKEUP FREE.  This one’s for the ladies. If you happen to be one of the women who wear make-up then you know quite well that in the shower the make-up is already off. It’s a place where you don’t have to worry about messing up your foundation or your mascara running. It’s a place where you can be free to cry as much as you want, where you can allow as many tears to run down your face without having to dab your eye every so often with tissue.

9. IT’S FAMILIAR.  Showering is something we all do on a daily basis (well hopefully 😉). It’s a routine that has become a ritual. Most of the time it takes place in the home, the place where you can feel the most safe and the most in control. Humans are known to be creatures of habit. So is it a surprise that when you are in familiar surroundings, it becomes easier to lower your guard enough to deal with your emotions? When a part of you is about to go out of control, it’s always reassuring to know that you can at least be in control of another part – and that is your surroundings.


It’s great to know that so many of us can cry. This is a sign that we can still feel and that we’re not the cold sterile beings that the world is trying to make us into.

Perhaps in the future when humanity has learned to embrace our truest nature, and raw emotions are no longer so intimidating, we won’t have to resort to crying in the shower.

But until then, we will need ways to release our deepest frustrations and a place where we can be honest about our feelings, even if it’s only to ourselves. So if crying in the shower is a way for many of us, then it will just have to do for now.

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