With opened eyes, I reject lies. Not bound by matter, these lies I shatter. Such grand illusions won’t stop me, until I am completely free. No matter what has gone before, I still will be the open door. Behind me is all stress and strife. Before me is abundant life. It is my right to freely choose, and in that knowing I won’t lose. It is my right to be on earth. Henceforth, I claim my place and worth. I claim my individuality. I claim my creativity. I claim my opportunity. I claim my right to liberty. This life has put me to the test. Great visions I now manifest. -Lady Miss Neptune (2013)

Some facets of me.  Much too fluid to narrow myself down to a narrow description, but I will say that I am an artist/designer turned mystic. My early years were quite chaotic, as I suffered from several forms of psychological hang-ups and couldn’t make sense out of life for jack squat. I think it’s my art that kept me going during those dark times. There’s an unlimited potential  when it comes to creativity and this gave me a sense of total freedom. In actuality, this was the freedom I craved, since I had managed to box myself into so many forms of mental and physical prisons.

I had to hit rock bottom before starting on my mystical journey. Sure enough, it came in 2006. Should I call it the best year of my life?😄 I’ve been on the path ever since and haven’t looked back once.

Yeah, but you don’t seem like a true mystic?  Ok, so maybe I’m not you’re average run of the mill mystic. I don’t wear dreads in my hair, no crystals around my neck, I don’t live in a van, and I don’t need to apologize for this. We mystics come in all forms. (Accountants, engineers, web-developers, doctors, etc.) So if I came to you in the typical woo-woo format, I’d be putting on a uniform. I like to keep it real here, as it’s the only way that I can share myself with you. You get to a point in life where you are done wearing masks and costumes.

So why do I blog?  I blog because the mystical path has served me well and I want to share my insights with those starting out on their journey. We are all powerful Creative Beings capable of doing many great things. You were not born to be average, nor uphold status quo. Contrary to what you may have been taught, you  are a Divine co-Creator with the universe. Yes, you are a God-in-training. So isn’t it time you started acting like one?


-Lady Miss Neptune

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