With opened eyes, I reject lies. Not bound by matter, these lies I shatter. Such grand illusions won’t stop me, until I am completely free. No matter what has gone before, I still will be the open door. Behind me is all stress and strife. Before me is abundant life. It is my right to freely choose, and in that knowing I won’t lose. It is my right to be on earth. Henceforth, I claim my place and worth. I claim my individuality. I claim my creativity. I claim my opportunity. I claim my right to liberty. This life has put me to the test. Great visions I now manifest. -Lady Miss Neptune (2013)

A little bit about me. Much too fluid to narrow myself down to an accurate description, but at this current time I have chosen extreme realist, alchemist, artist, and total weirdo, with an unwavering commitment to freedom, prosperity, beauty, truth, creativity, and growth. These are some facets of myself serving my purpose now and today. Simply roles, as they could never define the fullness of Me.

My past is full of charming stories. But that version of me expired and I had to leave that character behind. Not sure how far the journey of life will take me and ain’t nobody got time to worry about such things. It’s good to be alive right here and right now. The present is all I have, so I choose to make great use of it!

Why do I blog? I blog to let you know that you are a powerful Creative Being with the hopes to inspire you to live up to your Highest Potential. I am here to let you know that you were born with great power and are capable of doing great things. You were not born to be average. You were not born to uphold status quo. You were not born to worship others. You were not born to give your power over to others.

You were born to unleash your creativity and step into your Highest Power, for it is only in expressing your Highest Self that you can truly live a magical and abundant life. It is only in expressing your Highest Self that you can assist in raising others to their Highest Potential.

Contrary to what you may have been taught, you are a Divine co-Creator with the universe. Yes, you are a God-in-training. So isn’t it time you started acting like one?


-Lady Miss Neptune

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