My Mission – It did not come to me in one fall swoop. It came to me in dribs. It came to me in drabs. There more I grew, the more I knew. The more I shone, the more I was shown. Still working towards the more that will be revealed and doing my best to walk through life graciously, radiantly, and with eyes wide open for the signs.

My past is full of charming stories. But that version of me expired and I had to leave that character behind. My future isn’t promised. I don’t have a clue how far this journey will take me and who wants to worry about that? It’s good to be alive today, right here, and right now. It’s all I have and so, I will work it!

Much too fluid to narrow myself down to an accurate description, but at this current time I have chosen extreme realist, alchemist, artist, and total weirdo with an unwavering commitment to freedom, prosperity, beauty, truth, creativity, and growth. These are some of the facets of myself serving my purpose now and today. Simply roles, as they could never define the fullness of Me.

-Lady Miss Neptune

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