Why Do People Care About Celebrities?

This here is where I expose the things that have a grip on society today, what we’re manifesting as a result, and the futility of it all. As the old saying goes, where our focus goes, the energy flows. So without further ado, here is number 2:


This includes the celebrities of the mainstream media, as well as those of YouTube or other social media platforms. It’s all about being affiliated with the rich, the beautiful, the famous, and the powerful. The idea is that the more you know about these special creatures, the more you are around them, and the more you emulate them – the better off you’ll be.

But in what way??? I don’t see them giving any handouts to anyone out here in the real world.

Too many people are hell-bent on worshiping others. I’m not talking about looking up to someone for inspiration. I’m talking about people bowing down to another human being as if they were some kind of supreme deity or something.

What the heck is going on??? Do people even realize that they are gods themselves? Why are they giving all their power away to someone else? Why are they claiming that someone else is more superior? Why do they feel so inferior?

So many people are focused on what these celebrities are wearing, what they’re eating, where they were spotted, who they’re effin, and what they’re tweeting. As if it changes anyone’s life in any way by following them??? In fact, these celebrities are actually milking people of their light. They’re really just another breed of energy vampires. But most can’t see this, and so they just gladly give their light away.

Celebrities may seem to have it better than most. They may even seem to be better than most. But who says they actually are? They just want us to think that they are. And so many just take the bait without question.

Everyone thinks the grass is greener when it’s on the red carpet. But if everyone tended to their own grass, they wouldn’t give a damn about the red carpet.

If only people gave themselves the same amount of credit that they gave to their favorite celebrities, their lives would be a thousand times richer.

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