Your Right Now

Allow yourself to fall in love with your present day and your present moment. Your life may not be exactly in the state that you want it to be. You may think you’ll be happier in the future. But your today is the only mound of clay that you have to build and shape your tomorrow.

Happiness will not suddenly appear from out of nowhere when tomorrow comes. You are fooling yourself if you think so. Tomorrow will only be filled with the essence of the energies you put into today. So why not infuse today with the essences of love, joy, and gratitude. Infuse it with the things you want in your tomorrow.

If you are reading this, chances are you woke up this morning. (Some others weren’t so lucky.) Chances are you’ve got a cell phone or computer with internet access. Chances are you’re not starving and will have a place to sleep tonight. Are things really so unbearable that it can’t wait til tomorrow?

Take stock of what you currently have around you. Sure, you may not like everything that you see. Some things might be painful. Somethings might be ugly. But if you’d adjust your perception a bit, you’d see that these things are also the growing pains and lessons you are using to carve out a better you.

Amidst your pains you will find that there’s still plenty of beauty to be found. Make it a point to seek out the beauty in your everyday life and have reverence and awe for what it is that you see. Take as much time as needed to enjoy the view, knowing that each moment is a gift that is both unique and all-too-temporary.

It is in these moments you will realize that now is the space where amazing things are already happening. It is in these moments you’ll see that tomorrow can wait. It is in these moments you will find your peace and your gratitude. And it is in these moments you’ll realize that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey.

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9 Reasons Why We Cry In The Shower

There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with your emotions – male or female. Many walk around stone cold acting as if such a thing is silly and inconsequential. We bottle up years worth of overdue and toxic emotions, thinking we’re fine.

“Everything is good. Everything is fine”, we say. And then we wonder why we can’t get close to people. We wonder why we can’t open up to people. We wonder why our most intimate relationships just don’t have the pizzazz that it needs to make it sparkle. We wonder why in a world with billions of people we still feel so alone.

In our youth, we are told “Don’t be a crybaby!”, “You’re a boy, and boys don’t cry!”,  “Crying is weak and crying is for sissies.”

In our adulthood, we become ensnared in the trap of the daily grind. We are told to be strong. Our jobs tell us there is no room for feelings in the workplace. “Suck it up”, they say! “We have money to make!”

We get very little time to process what is happening to us and that includes the tortured emotions we are generating. These same emotions that end up getting buried for years, many of which we end up taking to the grave because we did not take the opportunity to acknowledge or express them. These same emotions that end up putting us in the grave, because it’s the pent up emotions (in our emotional bodies) that manifest disease in our physical bodies.

It’s no wonder so many resort to crying in the shower. I’m not going to say it’s the perfect solution to our emotional needs, but I will say that it’s therapy to many. Sometimes we have no other way of releasing our pent up frustrations, and if crying in the shower is a way to help that, then so be it.

Which that said, here are 9 reasons why I believe we end up crying in the shower.

1. IT’S PRIVATE.  Sometimes, all we want is some privacy and for many, the only place to get it is in the shower. The door is locked and no one can barge in on you. There is no one to see you cry, so you don’t have to explain to others why you are crying. Sometimes, only you will understand and it just feels good to not have to explain your emotions to anyone. Sometimes, it’s no one’s business but your own.

2. IT’S COMFORTING.  There’s just something about warm water that is comforting to our bodies. It envelops you like a warm cozy blanket and surrounds you like a hug. Hot water has a way of relaxing your muscles when you are tense, especially if you have one of those super cool shower heads where you may even get a massage. When you are cozy, you can more easily let your guard down and allow the tears to start flowing.

3. TRICKLING WATER SOUNDS.  Just as the sound of water will make you tinkle, for some, the sound of water trickling can also well up the eyes. When sad, it becomes an involuntary response and you become unable to hold back the tears.

4. IT’S DECOMPRESSION TIME.  With life being as hectic as it is and almost everyone being on the go-go-go, there is hardly any time to process anything. At work you are kept busy and the commute home may not be any better. Even at home and during your spare time, you are busy taking care of your household, your family, or focusing on matters of leisure. The emotions you’ve kept buried all day will oftentimes rise to the surface only when you are finally alone in the shower. These are the times when there is nothing else to focus on, nothing else to keep you busy. These are the times when you can no longer ignore the feelings, the times when you hit a realization, the times when the memories come flooding in, and the times when your Highest Self will start speaking to you.

5. IT’S A PLACE TO GET CLEAN.  The shower is the main place we go to get our physical bodies clean. So why wouldn’t you associate it with getting your mental and emotional bodies clean as well? When it comes to toxic emotions, you subconsciously want to wash them off. You relate them to dirt on your body and you want to wash them away, let them flow down the drain, and feel clean again. This is why you love to jump into the shower after a long stressful day, even if you may not be physically dirty. You want to wash away the day, wash away the troubles of the world, and start off fresh again.

6. IT’S WHERE WE ARE NAKED. The shower is also a place where you are always naked. It is a place where you can be naked without shame, a place where the only option is to be naked, a place where you can allow yourself to be in your natural state, and a place where you can feel free. Your nakedness reminds you that you can also get naked on the inside and bear your soul, even if it’s only to yourself.

7. IT’S LOUD AND NOISY.  Let’s face it. Most showers make a lot of noise. Oftentimes, the sounds of water splashing can be heard from outside the bathroom door or from an adjacent room. For those who don’t easily cry, it can be a daunting experience to hear yourself cry in silence. Your rawest emotions are sometimes intimidating and may even make others uncomfortable. In a world where emotional expression is glossed over and shunned upon, we are sometimes unable to deal with anyone crying. If you know you’re about to drop some major tears, the sound of the water will definitely help to cover up your sobs so that no one, (not even yourself) will hear you.

8. IT’S MAKEUP FREE.  This one’s for the ladies. If you happen to be one of the women who wear make-up then you know quite well that in the shower the make-up is already off. It’s a place where you don’t have to worry about messing up your foundation or your mascara running. It’s a place where you can be free to cry as much as you want, where you can allow as many tears to run down your face without having to dab your eye every so often with tissue.

9. IT’S FAMILIAR.  Showering is something we all do on a daily basis (well hopefully 😉). It’s a routine that has become a ritual. Most of the time it takes place in the home, the place where you can feel the most safe and the most in control. Humans are known to be creatures of habit. So is it a surprise that when you are in familiar surroundings, it becomes easier to lower your guard enough to deal with your emotions? When a part of you is about to go out of control, it’s always reassuring to know that you can at least be in control of another part – and that is your surroundings.


It’s great to know that so many of us can cry. This is a sign that we can still feel and that we’re not the cold sterile beings that the world is trying to make us into.

Perhaps in the future when humanity has learned to embrace our truest nature, and raw emotions are no longer so intimidating, we won’t have to resort to crying in the shower.

But until then, we will need ways to release our deepest frustrations and a place where we can be honest about our feelings, even if it’s only to ourselves. So if crying in the shower is a way for many of us, then it will just have to do for now.

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The Waiting Game

It’s funny how in our modern  world of convenience and instant gratification we have very little patience. It’s so easy to walk into a mall, shop to our heart’s content, and head home with more stuff than we could possibly need in less than an hour. At a restaurant we get “hangry” when our food takes too long to arrive. And when the WiFi is acting up and the web pages are taking a half second to turn (instead of the usual 1/10th of a second), we are ready to tear our hair out.

However, when it comes to changing our lives, so many of us will wait til the cows come home. We could be miserable as heck, but we still don’t dare to make a move. We reason that it’s safer to be miserable and comfortable than to temporarily lose our comfortability for the sake of a happier future.

Why are humans such creatures of comfort and habit? What is it about change that could be so daunting that we’d rather wait eons to make it happen?

And not only are we creatures of habit, but we’re also very adaptable. I suppose this is good, but come on now! Must we adapt to anything and everything? So many use their gifts of adaptability to adapt to pain, while keeping their lives in a state of misery and stagnancy. Meanwhile, this same adaptability could have been used to help adapt to change and a better experience?

The universe will extend all sorts of opportunities to help us change and expand into a much higher being. Like a loving parent, it wants to see us thrive and become happier individuals. As we grow into our new selves, we will also manifest a new reality to match that brand new self. However, all windows of opportunity will come with an expiration date. They remain open only for a limited time and shouldn’t be pondered on for too long.

Imagine a special someone offers to meet with you for a dinner date. When the time comes, you are still stuck at home deciding on what to wear and finishing up with some chores around the house. In the meantime, you’ve texted your date numerous times to say that you’re running late but will be arriving shortly. By the time you finally arrive, you are 3 hours late and your date who had been waiting patiently for the first 2 hours, is no longer there (and nowhere to be found).

You may claim that you got stood up, but one has to question who’s really the one who got stood up in this situation. Your date most likely came to the conclusion that meeting up wasn’t much of a priority for you. So they just decided to move on.

The universe works in the same manner. Be keen on when it offers to take you out to new places and circumstances. And don’t dilly dally on the opportunity. Otherwise, you risk being stood up.

Opportunity will always come knocking and we will always receive another offer down the road. However, the new offer may not be as evident or as welcoming as the one prior. With every new opportunity out of a dead-end situation, the road leading up to it becomes a bit more bumpy. This is because the longer we simmer and wait in a miserable situation, the more entrenched we become in it, and the more complicated it gets when we finally decide to make a change.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation that no longer serves you, don’t just stand there playing the waiting game. Decide you will do something about it and take action much sooner than later.

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Dance Like There’s No One Watching

I’m not necessarily speaking about dancing, but more about how much of your true self you dare to express to the world.

Now if you are a dancer, you probably already know the meaning of this all too well. You are used to throwing all cares aside and expressing yourself physically and emotionally to the world. When you perform, you are in your happy place and oblivious to others and their critique of you. You’re quite comfortable with your body and bearing your soul to the world is like second nature to you.

But what about the times when you are not onstage? And what if you are not even a dancer? How do you abandon all your cares and express yourself emotionally, physically, verbally, spiritually, artistically, or however else you choose without shame or inhibition? How do you just let go and be in the moment? How do you give yourself permission to be real for the joy of the experience without any fear or agenda?

For starters, you have to get in touch with yourself. You have to learn to have an honest conversation with yourself and get comfortable with the voice(s) inside your head. This may require spending lots of time alone and in silence without any distractions. You will have to reserve some time everyday to do this. Others may require some extended time off to completely remove themselves from the distractions of the world. Some may even require a vacation retreat in order to get out from their all too familiar daily surroundings and routines. Whatever you do, do it alone, as this is the only way to know and be comfortable with yourself.

Remember, your time alone is meant for you to monitor your thoughts and emotions and many things will come to the surface, even the stuff you’ve kept buried for years. The main purpose of this is so that you can learn how to feel. You want to get intimate with your emotions and sit with your thoughts and feelings, no matter how good or bad they may feel. So let them rise to the surface. You don’t always have to understand the reasons behind every emotion. However, you do have to acknowledge them and do your best not to suppress them.

Once you’ve acknowledged your feelings, you can choose to meditate on them, to pray, or even write them down. You’re looking to get to a point where you still love yourself regardless of what you are feeling. You’ll come to see that your thoughts and emotions are fleeting, as they come and go at a moment’s notice. But the real you is simply the constant observer of it all.

To heal from any negative feelings that will rise, you can do a novena of the sacred word. This is where you invoke spiritual light in order to transmute the lower frequency energies occupying your energy body into higher frequency energies.

Once you’ve gotten to know the real you and you’ve fallen in love with this being, you will find that your emotions are no longer obscured. And then you too will want to dance the dance of the dancer. You will have discovered your truest individuality and this individuality will at times require the stage to express itself creatively.

Some call it finding your voice. Others call it confidence in your self-expression. I call it dancing like there’s no one watching.

When you dance like there’s no one watching, there will be no holding back. The real you will always feel compelled to reveal it’s true self to the world. The real you is not interested in hiding behind masks, reading from a script, wearing protective gear, or sitting on the sidelines. Through hell or high water, the real you will be expressed, for there will be no other way.

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Still in Denial?

Though I’m not one to write about celebrities too often (as stated in my previous post), I felt the need to bring up this new documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ that’s currently airing on HBO. It involves the exposure of Michael Jackson and the manipulative tactics he used to become one of the world’s most famous, most beloved, and most deceitful pedophiles.

For the past few months, I’ve been making calls for the exposure and demise of pedophilia as well as SRA (satanic ritual abuse). Therefore, the topic of Michael Jackson struck something in me that I felt compelled to write about it today. Since most people are unable to handle the reality of these topics, they do not get discussed often enough. Nevertheless, if they are to come to an end, it’s a reality we must all face. So I’ll take the opportunity to talk about them any chance I get.

To be honest, I haven’t watched the documentary (and probably won’t). But I feel there’s enough that I’ve learned about MJ over the years for me to know what I need to say. I truly believe that these two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck are telling the truth about the sexual acts that transpired between them and Michael Jackson during their childhood. It’s irrelevant whether or not they have an agenda to make money off of this documentary. Whether they do or whether they don’t, it still doesn’t change what’s become blatantly obvious to us. And that is that MJ showed all the signs of a high-level pedophile.

Being a victim of pedophilia and abuse myself, these guys are on point with their story. For decades, you will downplay so much of it that at some point you simply disassociate yourself from it. You reason that sexual molestation is something that may have happened to other people, but not to you. You’ll even go so far as to make excuses for your own abuser.

Wade Robson has been speaking of his abuse for the past 7 years now and has more of his reputation to lose by his coming out like this. As a famous person himself, it takes much courage to admit that you’ve been molested, manipulated, and even committed perjury. I truly believe these guys were abused by this serial pedophile because one can clearly see they’re still haunted by the experience.

The sad part is so many fans are still under the spell that MJ had cast upon the world and so many still refuse to see the truth.

There was a time when I too was torn about the truth of Michael Jackson. However, I found that he was a bit too hell-bent on reminding people of his sad story. One has to raise suspicion when an insanely wealthy and famous celebrity is always portraying himself as a victim and constantly trying to milk you of your pity. Deception, manipulation, and gaslighting are the cornerstones of pedophilia. And this is what he used to lure in his child victims, their parents, and the rest of world.

When the allegations came out in 1993 and again in 2003, Michael would always claim to be a victim of persecution and would always talk about his deep faith in God. He had a lot of money to buy people’s silences and a team of slick lawyers who were able to get him off the hook each time. So many rejoiced when they announced that he was found not guilty. However, just because someone has been acquitted of a crime doesn’t necessarily make them innocent. But so many did not want their star-struck dreams shattered. They were too intoxicated by Michael’s music and blinded by his dance moves to see the truth that was right before their eyes.

In everyone’s eyes, he was this soft, gentle, and effeminate soul that couldn’t possibly hurt a fly, let alone a child. He played the role of an innocent big kid that just never grew up. In the end, everyone saw him as this sad, lonely victim of abuse from the hands of his father and the music industry. “Poor poor Michael”, we would all murmur. We rationalized his soft, fragile, and eccentric tendencies by saying that this is what happens to those who grew up in the music industry and those who never had a childhood.

I now have to say that if anyone knew how to throw a good pity party, it was Michael Jackson!

He may have had us all feeling sorry for him, but when did it ever become normal for a grown adult male to be sleeping in the same bed every night with little boys??? Mind you, they were always little boys, and never little girls. (Most pedophiles will have a preference.) Why was it necessary to take so many little boys under his wing, and sometimes even be seen holding hands with them. Everyone would just poo-poo it away by saying this was Michael Jackson and he’s just a big kid at heart!

However, so many could not see that this was a grown man, who even though he claimed to love all children, he really only loved little boys. So many could not realize that even though he claimed to have been a big kid at heart, he was still a grown-ass man in an adult male body with a grown-ass penis attached. They could not see the self-absorbed adult male with sexual hormones coursing through his veins (just like every adult). He may have seemed larger than life, but I highly doubt he was exempt from sexual urges.

Did we really want to believe that he was some kind of saintly virgin who transcended sexuality? Or that he was castrated? Celibate? Or asexual maybe? We had all witnessed his crotch-grabbing sexual innuendos onstage that show he wasn’t oblivious to sex. His dance moves weren’t the moves of innocence.

It’s become quite obvious that his marriages from the 90s were a sham and that he lied about his own kids being his biological offspring. It’s clear as day that the man was a liar, but so many are still allowing themselves to believe that MJ was just this big, innocent, and misunderstood kid. Looking at old footage, hearing the stories, and his own accounts, it’s plain to see where he aimed his sexual energy. The guy had an undeniable attraction to young boys.

Anyone who’s ever slept in the same bed with an adult male should know what happens first thing in the morning. It’s quite natural and unavoidable. With that said, would any normal parent allow their child to go to bed with a lonely, demonic-looking, adult male who insists it’s all innocent and fun??? However, so many of us gave Michael Jackson the benefit of the doubt (and still do).

The things we do for pop stars, rock stars, and celebrities…..the things we overlook!

There was a time when I was on the fence about his innocence. I didn’t want to believe that such deep dark deception could exist on planet earth. It was something I had to come to terms with while learning to trust my small inner voice. I’m glad to finally be able to see through this haze that’s hung over the legacy of MJ for so many years. I no longer make excuses for people’s peculiar ways and can never go back to making excuses for this creepy guy’s perverted behavior.

I now know that if it looks like a pedophile, and it acts like a pedophile, then it most likely is a pedophile!

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Why Do People Care About Celebrities?

This here is where I expose the things that have a grip on society today, what we’re manifesting as a result, and the futility of it all. As the old saying goes, where our focus goes, the energy flows. So without further ado, here is number 2:


This includes the celebrities of the mainstream media, as well as those of YouTube or other social media platforms. It’s all about being affiliated with the rich, the beautiful, the famous, and the powerful. The idea is that the more you know about these special creatures, the more you are around them, and the more you emulate them – the better off you’ll be.

But in what way??? I don’t see them giving any handouts to anyone out here in the real world.

Too many people are hell-bent on worshiping others. I’m not talking about looking up to someone for inspiration. I’m talking about people bowing down to another human being as if they were some kind of supreme deity or something.

What the heck is going on??? Do people even realize that they are gods themselves? Why are they giving all their power away to someone else? Why are they claiming that someone else is more superior? Why do they feel so inferior?

So many people are focused on what these celebrities are wearing, what they’re eating, where they were spotted, who they’re effin, and what they’re tweeting. As if it changes anyone’s life in any way by following them??? In fact, these celebrities are actually milking people of their light. They’re really just another breed of energy vampires. But most can’t see this, and so they just gladly give their light away.

Celebrities may seem to have it better than most. They may even seem to be better than most. But who says they actually are? They just want us to think that they are. And so many just take the bait without question.

Everyone thinks the grass is greener when it’s on the red carpet. But if everyone tended to their own grass, they wouldn’t give a damn about the red carpet.

If only people gave themselves the same amount of credit that they gave to their favorite celebrities, their lives would be a thousand times richer.

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