Top 3 Unspoken Ways to Say I Love You

When it comes to a budding new relationship, sometimes the most difficult things become the easiest thing. For most of us, saying I love you is usually a pretty daunting task. But when you’ve fallen in love and walking on Cloud 9, you make it a point to declare your undying love for your partner every chance you get.

But what happens over time when the honeymoon phase morphs into the less euphoric phase of real life? What happens after you’ve been together for some time and the novelty of a new relationship has worn off? Yes, you may still love your partner, but you both end up falling into a set of routines where you neglect to do the little things for each other.

Continuing to say “I love you” is great, but sometimes those three magical words you are so accustomed to hearing can easily turn into background noise among all of life’s demands and distractions.

“Action speaks louder than words.” And sure enough, this can be applied to romantic love. When it comes to expressing love, your words should always be backed with action and what you do will always count for more than what you say.

So it shouldn’t be hard for you to see that certain acts of love can have a significant effect in keeping the flame of intimacy kindled. It also shouldn’t be hard to see that you have the power to bring plenty of joy to into your relationship in just the little things that you do.

So without further delay, here are the top 3 ways to show your partner you’re still madly in love with them without having to say a single word.

1- PHYSICAL TOUCH.  Physical touch is one of the most obvious of nonverbal ways to express your love for your significant other. You can choose to do this in a private or public setting (with modesty, of course). Private affection can be reserved for those times when you want a tender moment to share what you are feeling in your heart, and don’t want any prying eyes on your display. They are the moments, infused with the energies of just the two of you. Public affection can be a spur of the moment type of thing where your love requires expression without delay. Not to mention, you have no reservations in letting the world know just how much you love your partner from top to bottom.

You can use kisses, hugs, or any of the other unmistakable tiny displays that speak in volumes.

And I can’t leave out sexual intimacy, which combines all the other forms of physical affection and then some. Use this highly sacred act as a very creative means to express your love and the energies released will create a stronger, more loving bond between the two of you.

2- THOUGHTFUL GIFTS.  The act of gift giving has always had special meaning in almost every culture throughout history. Even today, in our modern times, this ritual still holds a lot of value. And in love relationships even more so. Though it may be the most material of ways to express your love, for the most part, it is not materialistic.

Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, to say thank you, or to even say you’re sorry. They can also be used to acknowledge a milestone, symbolize your commitment to each other, to share your blessings, or to share something that’s personal and just between the two of you.

Words, actions, and gestures tend to always disappear and become figments of the past. However a gift will usually stand the test of time. They are the symbols of love that we can hold preciously in the palm of our hands and keep in the most sacred spaces in our homes. Even though the flowers will die and the chocolates will get eaten- a small part of them can always be saved.

It’s in these tangible mementos that your partner will find reassurance when you are not there to fully express your love in person. Gifts are a binding physical reminder that you are loved and so is your partner.

3- ACTS OF SERVICE.  Acts of service are acts of kindness. They are the little and big sacrifices we make just to make things easier for our partner or just to put a smile on their face. In them lies chapters of words that need not be said, because the actions always tend to speak for themselves.

It takes a lot of love for your partner to be the sole breadwinner while you to finish your education or stay home to focus on the children. It takes a lot of love when you take on all of the house chores for a time because your partner just isn’t feeling well. It also takes lots of love when you make your partner a cup of hot chocolate simply because you are making one for yourself.

Be happy for the chance to be of service to your partner whenever the opportunity shows up. And when those gender roles come into play, think hard before turning it into an issue. As with all non-utopian situations in life, we must always choose our battles wisely.

And for those of you who stuck around long enough to read this far, I’ve got a bonus one for you.


4- SPENDING TIME TOGETHER.  Your partner is not only your lover, but also your best friend. But as with any best friend, you could never know them 100% inside and out. Neither will they ever know you 100% inside and out. Everyone is a work in progress. The question is do you care deeply enough to keep up with their progress?

If so, then the best way to do this is by spending time together. A text, email, or phone call just won’t cut it. You have to spend the time in person. A smile across the table, a gaze into each other’s eyes, the look of excitement, or the frown of disappointment cannot be experienced by any other means but in the presence of your partner.

These times when you choose to show up are some of the most valuable memories that you can add to your relationship bank account. Over time and with every deposit that you make, the richer will be your bank balance. If you can help it, never miss on an opportunity to make a deposit.

So sit with your partner in their time of need, even if it means sitting in silence. Book that weekend getaway for the house in the country. And call in a sitter and plan a fun date for Saturday night.

Remember, the power to beautify your love life lies within you. You can choose to ignore all expressions of love, and blame your partner for not meeting your needs, and then wonder why relationships never seem to work out for you. Or you can choose to let your guard down to make lasting expressions of love a priority, and then stand back to witness the magic unfold. The choice is up to you.

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Why Do People Care About Designer Labels?

This here is where I expose the things that have a grip on society today, what we’re manifesting as a result, and the futility of it all. As the old saying goes, where our focus goes, the energy flows. So without further ado, here is number 1:

Designer Labels

“What fancy labels! Oh my!”

Definitely the talk of those who are impressed by such things.

Ok. Let’s get real here. Most of us aren’t made of money. The only reason we want designer brands is because we think they might magically make us look rich. We’ve been trained to think so. We can’t afford it, but we have to have it. Not to mention, we’re willing to spend an entire paycheck to get it.

We may be spotted wearing a pair of $1000 sneakers or we may walk around clutching an extravagant gold-clad leather handbag for the world to see. We may even end up feeling extra special and super important while out there. Even though we are all equally important, our egos will always try to get special attention and feel superior next to others. How we end up falling for it’s games…

If the illusion of an abundant life is what you’re after, there are tons of designer labels for that. However, what we portray to the outside world will never have any effect on actually changing our internal world, let alone our external circumstances. Only by going through the tough work on the inside will we be able to create the true changes that we are looking for on the outside.

It’s pointless to search for a shortcut to the abundant life. There’s no such thing as a shortcut. We all have to roll up our sleeves and put in the work.

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Why I Could Never Be A Feminist

I am female but I am not a feminist.  I will never be a feminist. I love men way too much.

At this point, I think I’ve seen enough of the feminist movement that’s out there to know that it only breeds hostility, delusions of grandeur, penis-envy, and hatred towards men. Feminism takes the femininity right out of women and turns them into the same brutish-type men that they claim to have oppressed them for ages.

Sorry feminists, but strapping on balls just ain’t my cup of tea. I personally am not striving to be a man, nor am I trying to outdo them. Why should I when I thoroughly enjoy my womanhood? I love everything that makes me a woman and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But then again, I love everything that makes a man, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

As a female, I love being the more emotional and intuitive of the two sexes. In an ideal world it would be awesome if both men and women were in touch with their hearts and emotions. But for now, I’m happy that at least many of us women already have that going for us. I also love the privilege of shaving my legs, smelling like flowers, and being the one that can nourish a baby from conception to birth. I love that we are the sentinels for beauty on earth. I love having a pale lavender bedroom and wearing my colorful dresses. I love my female body with all of its curves and womanly softness. Best of all, I love being a stunning contrast against the male figure while also being its compliment. This is what sends electricity throughout my entire being!

Speaking of men, have I told you how much I love them too? Not only do they make the perfect compliment to my feminine essence, but they also make for great company. Oh, how I love how they’re usually taller than me, how their skin is just a little bit rougher than mines, and their voices just a bit deeper. I love their physical strength and firm masculine build. I’m elated when I get to ask them to help me open a jar of pickles! I love their courage, drive, and stamina. This tells me that I’m in safe hands and in the presence of quite a powerful being. Last but not least, I love their wit, because nothing could ever compare to the sense of humor of a man.

Why is it that one sex always needs to claim superiority over the other in order to get validation? Surely, men have oppressed women over the years. But the feminist movement brings in a group of women who now want to get their turn at being the oppressors. I will never understand why it is so necessary to bash and undermine men in order for women to have equal rights?

To me equal rights is not about women becoming dominant or taking on masculine traits. It is more about women embracing their femininity while having the same options and opportunities available to men. Could it get any simpler?

The media does a fine job at teaching women what a “strong woman” should look like. They have all sorts of examples of bad-ass women for us to aspire to. From the gun-toting, ass-kicking female characters we see in the action movies to the muscle-clad female athletes that are constantly paraded in our faces. What we see in the feminist movement of today is simply the outplaying of a bunch of women under the mind control of their beloved mainstream media.

If I have to be a feminist in order to be politically correct, then I’d rather not be correct. If I have to discard my femininity while hating men to be considered a modern woman, then I’d rather be old-fashioned, outdated, backwards or whatever else the ladies of the feminist movement would like to throw at me.

The future could never be female. So far I have yet to see any man-made machine that can dispense sperm at a moment’s notice. Mother Nature designed it so that we women need men as much they need us and procreation will never be possible without the two. I think it’s best if both men and women came to terms with this reality and started looking for a more balanced and more realistic approach to equal rights.

Feminists, sorry to have to break it to you, but the future will always be male and female (whether you like it or not).

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9 Reasons To Stop Watching Television

I don’t watch television. I haven’t since 2011 and find I don’t even miss it. When I’m able to stay current using the vast selection of online media that’s out there, why would I need to watch television?

It all started back in 2011, when I had lost interest in watching anything that was on. I called my cable provider, cancelled my subscription, and liberated myself from mainstream media’s mental enslavement.

But it wasn’t until years after the chatter machine was turned off that I fully realized all the negative ways it had affected my life.

I now appreciate the silence I have at home and will never subscribe to that noise machine ever again. Since gaining freedom from this all-too-common trap in today’s society, my life has improved significantly, and I can promise you that yours will too if you so choose to pull the plug.

So without further ado, I’d like to give you 9 reasons why you may want to stop watching television and why you’ll probably have no regrets about it.

1- IT’S A TIME WASTER.  There are so many things you could be doing with the time you watch TV. Study has it that the average American watches 35.5 hours of television per week. That’s practically a full-time job! Can you imagine all the stuff you’ve been missing out on? All the books you could have read, all the conversations you could have had, all the talents you could have cultivated? Realize you will continue to miss out on these insanely enriching activities as long as you continue giving your undivided attention to your beloved TV set.

What about the entertainment you ask? Well, we all have to ask ourselves just how much entertainment do we need? There comes a point where you have to wonder if your quest for entertainment stems from you not having anything better to do. If we were all passionate about our dreams, with a burning desire to dive into them, would the first thing we do when we have some free time is plop ourselves in front of the TV and zone out for hours on end? I don’t think so.

It’s time that many of us looked inside ourselves and found out what we really want out of life and then just go for it. Zoning out in front of the TV only helps to keep you pacified and indifferent to your life’s goals. Everyday you are being lulled to sleep with cheap entertainment while your dreams are being snatched away from you. And the worst part is you don’t even realize it.

Do yourself a big favor and choose to no longer let that TV screen keep you from manifesting your dreams.

2- YOU DON’T NEED TO WORSHIP OTHERS.  They want you to worship who? Ain’t no one better than you. Not to say that you’re better than others, but you certainly don’t need to bow down to anyone else. We are all equal in the eyes of our Creator. Needless to say, you don’t need to buy into the celebrity worship culture of today, much of which comes from television.

Television has a way making others seem larger than life simply because they appear on your screen at home. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these people on your TV screen are not gods. They’re regular people who sit on the toilet everyday and scrub their butts in the shower just like you and me. The fact that they may seem larger than life is because your corporate elitist media would like you to think so. They want you to believe that you are an unworthy sucker and that you need to look up to them because they have all the money, beauty, talent, knowledge, connections, and power. Why shouldn’t you feel left out? They’re part of the inner circle, and you’re not.

Know your worth and don’t fall for the foolishness. Realize that the folks of TV Land have nothing of value to offer you, but they’re desperately seeking your attention. Turn that TV off and choose to no longer give them your time of day.

3- YOU DON’T WANT TO BE PROGRAMMED.  What a great way to mass hypnotize the public than through television. There’s a reason why they call the shows TV programs. And they have a program for everyone. There’s even one just for you.

This is where they program you on what is PC and what is not. What’s cool and what’s not. What’s real and what’s not. What you should want, what you should wear, how should think, how you should talk, and how you should act. You get the gist…

You’re not supposed to think for yourself. That’s their job. You just leave the thinking up to them and all will be well.

Oh, and I almost forgot about those slick subliminal messages and symbols. Yeah, the ones they like to secretly stick in the commercials, music videos, and movies. The ones they’re hoping you didn’t catch. And most of the time you actually don’t. But your sub-conscious always does.

When it comes to the media’s programming, you must wonder what they’re suggesting or the ideas you’ve already agreed to without your conscious knowledge. If you knew what they were, you would most likely reject them at once. This is why hypnotism is required to slip them in. It’s a slick trick, but it works every time.

Your mind is your most precious asset. Keep unauthorized ideas out of your mind and choose to no longer be hypnotized against your own will.

4- TO KEEP THE NEGATIVITY OUT.  Why is it that when you watch the news, all they ever report on is the bad stuff? Does anything good ever happen?

There’s always some major controversial debate. And depending on which network you watch, they always have a side to take. (Why can’t TV reporters just report? Who are they to counsel the public on which side to take?)

If it’s not some controversial subject that they have to instruct you on, then they have all the violent crimes that took place for the day. The thing is, you’re not supposed to think this world is beautiful. In your mind it’s supposed to be a hostile, dark, and scary world. You had better be scared. You had better be on the defense. You had better pray that the sky doesn’t come crashing down. And most importantly, they set it up so that your hero government can come to save the day!

How about all of the crime shows depicting details of violent rapes, shootings, and murders? There’s also all the sexually explicit content they shove in your face? Do you really need to be kept on the horny all day? Could it be that there’s nothing more important than sex in life?

One has to wonder if life is really that morbid? I can tell you from this side that it’s not. But you have to be willing to kick the negativity machine out of your house for you to be able to finally see this.

5- YOU DON’T WANT TO BE LIED TO IN YOUR OWN HOME.  Most people believe everything they see and hear on television. As the old saying goes, “If it’s on TV, then it must be true.” What’s funny is that this saying couldn’t be furthest from the truth. When it comes to the word television, its true meaning is actually staring at us right in the face. Quite simply, it’s a machine that tellslies-to-your-vision.

When you are fed a bunch of lies everyday and believe without question, you build an immunity to them. Particularly if the lies are always from the same source, your mainstream media. Their lies become your norm, your logic, and your reality.

But once you realize there is a world of alternative media out there and have stopped subscribing to the talking heads of the mainstream media, you’re eyes and ears will become quite the bullshit radar they were designed to be. You’ll have multiple sources to compare reality to and will see the varying contrasts between each one. And this is when you’ll get better at detecting truth from the lies and the real from the fake.

I personally would not allow anyone, no matter how expert they claim to be, to come into my home, lie to me, and then take me for a crazy ride. If you don’t want anyone insulting your intelligence in your own home, and if you don’t want to go for that ride, then I’d advise you get a grip on what is reality and seek out other sources for your news and entertainment.

Then after a good dose of truth and reality, you will want to throw that fake lying machine right out of your house.

6- TO SAVE MONEY.  Gone are the days when TV service was free. Today you gotta pay for it all. Whether its cable, satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or whatever else is out there. I don’t keep track anymore. All I know is they’re all gonna cost you.

Why waste your money on something that’s there to lie to you and take up your time? I can think of so many useful things this money could go towards.

How about keeping your money in your pocket and using it to fund an upcoming vacation, to further your education, to start that business you’ve always wanted, or just add it to your savings.

You’re smart like that. I’m sure you’ll find something awesome to make use of all that extra money that you’ll be saving.

7- TO NO LONGER SUPPORT MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THEIR SPONSORS. The more you engage in the programming that the networks have laid out for you, the more you support their advertisers. And the schmuckier you get, and the richer they get.

I won’t imply that television is all about “making that money”, but I will say that money does play a large part in their world.

The puppet masters not only want to have you under their thumb, but they also want to get rich while at it. It’s a win-win situation for them. The higher the ratings, the more they can pitch to advertisers, and the higher the chance for their advertisers to brainwash you into buying their toxic products. Everyone wins (except for you).

Wanna be the perfect pawn for their agendas?  Then by all means, please continue watching television.

8- IT’S BORING.  Ok. How long has TV been around now? Some 70 years or so? Do we realize that it’s still the same old-same-old since the back in the day when it first began?
The same old sitcoms, laugh tracks, talk shows, sports competitions, news broadcasts, politics, celebrity line-ups… The faces may have changed over the years but it’s still the same show repeating itself over and over. Does anything ever change in TV Land???

Who wants to watch these lame-asses on a late night talk show and be conditioned as to what is funny and then cued when to laugh? The laugh tracks are so obvious.

Who wants to watch a bunch of robotic, tight-ass politicians debate over which party (Democrats or Republicans) is more superior? They’ve been at it for more than a century now. Somebody please make it stop!

Who wants to listen to a bunch of self-important celebrity elitists go on as if their word is law, most of which is scripted anyway. The general population can’t even relate to these paid actors. The same ones who will never go off script. And those that have dared to go off script, we know they always end up on the unemployment line.

It’s about time we watched someone else for once.

It’s become quite obvious that with the success of social media, the current generation is much more interested in watching and listening to real people.

It’s becoming extremely painful to watch the people of TV Land, because at this point they’re just plain boring!

9- IT’S OUTDATED.  With the internet era upon us, I seriously think television will die within the next 20 years.

The current millennial generation has absolutely no interest in what goes on in that world. As fast as our world is changing, I can’t imagine what the next generation will care about. All I know is that it certainly won’t be about what those boring dinosaurs have to say on their serious news networks and talk shows.

The glory days of television are over and its days are numbered. The puppet masters know this. This why they’re scrambling to get their networks and celebrities established on YouTube and other web-based platforms before they become irrelevant.

What’s funny is they don’t even realize that they’re already irrelevant.

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Raising Your Standards

I have no tolerance for squalor, mediocrity, brutality, or lack of integrity, particularly in the western world. Call me a snob, but there are certain standards I must uphold. After all, I am a Divine Being.

How many of us use the excuse of not having enough time or money to create beauty in our homes, maintain our bodies, or spruce up our wardrobes? How many of us are waiting for that perfect partner to walk into our lives before we start expressing love (to ourselves and others)? How many of us are waiting for that perfect event before we wear something nice? How many are waiting for that perfect house before we grow a garden? How many are waiting for that perfect job, that raise from our boss, or that lottery windfall before we give ourselves a nicer reality?

Lack of money is not an excuse for living a bland life. It does not take much money to keep your home clean, beautiful, and inviting. It does not take much money to keep ourselves healthy and well-groomed. We use all sorts of justifications to stunt our growth, stall our happiness, and postpone being the greatest versions of ourselves. While life passes by, many are telling the universe they’d rather settle for less.

Life will reward only those who choose to multiply their gifts and talents. Take pride and show gratitude for all that you’ve been gifted and sure enough more will come your way.

If the universal mirror of life is to smile back at you, you must always be willing to smile first.

Many are content with living a dull, undistinguished, and mediocre life. Many have forgotten their divinity, as it sits on a shelf collecting dust, waiting to be noticed. But you don’t have to forget. You have no obligation to conform to the standards of your society. You can take command of your life at any time to raise your standards and act like the God Being that you truly are!

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