9 Signs Someone is a Fake Guru

On the mystical path, there lies many pitfalls. One of the more common pitfalls are the fake gurus.

They know you’re seeking a better way, they know your path means a lot to you, and they know that if they sell you the perfect solution, they can reel you in and start milking you like a cash cow.

These are masters of deception and masters of manipulation. There’s quite a number of them out there and they’re lining up to take you under their shady wings. Their teachings are false, empty, mundane, regurgitated, and only serve to maintain the status quo, all the while deluding their followers into believing they are following a most high-caliber being and studying the most ultimate teaching.

Some of these gurus are quite famous and influential, while others are more obscure and choose to operate on the fringes. I’m not here to name any names, as I believe the responsibility lies in you to learn to raise your discernment. But when it comes to making progress on the path, discernment is key. Without it, the presence of lies in a teaching or the attachment to a false guru can set you back for a while.

No matter how devoted you might be to a particular guru, always remember to keep constant vigil on your discernment, your intuition, and hone them both like a knife. With that said, here are 9 Signs That Someone is a Fake Guru.

1- THEY SPEAK IN COMPLEX ESOTERIC TERMS.  A fake guru will try to entice you with  big, convoluted brain-twister explanations. Sometimes they’ll try the total opposite by speaking in short, simple, ambiguous ways that have you completely stumped.

They’ll make vague comments like, “All is nothing.” or “Nothing exists.” 


It only means they have something to prove and are trying hard to impress you. Your admiration and devotion is very important to them, so they have to use fancy language to attract you. It’s a form of seduction used to mesmerize and keep you dazed and confused so that you keep coming back for more.

Their teachings are packaged in such sophisticated jargon that no one actuality ever gets it. But no one dares to say anything, for fear of looking unsophisticated. Sometimes, the emperor has nothing on, but no one dares to speak out.

2-  THEY TRY TO ENTERTAIN YOU WITH CHEAP TRICKS. Some fake gurus will come at you like high-level magicians. They’ve got a bag full of tricks and are ready to put on the performance of a lifetime for you.

They materialize small trinkets, sweets, and ash from out of nowhere. They levitate, make things vanish, and produce all kinds of optical illusions to make you think you’re dealing with a glorified holy being.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.08.40 AM

Again they’re trying too hard to impress you and entice you with their cheap entertainment. Most of it doesn’t even help anyone.

This is not to discredit their ability, as many times they really can perform such acts. But know there are a many people who have mastered mind over matter on earth. Just as there are many people who have other unusual talents or abilities.

Just because someone has an unusual talent does not make them a high-conscious being.

Cheap tricks are a separation tactic so that you can believe a guru has special powers mandated from God and you can’t ever come close to that.

The questions lies in their intentions and how they want you to see them. Are they serious about helping you or are they serious about elevating themselves above you?

3- THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOUR EGO WANTS TO HEAR.The whole point of studying under a guru is so that he can point out your flaws and raise you to the next level of consciousness.

What’s the point of having a guru that coddles you all day and makes you feel like you are fine just the way your are?

If your guru doesn’t challenge you, then you’ve got a problem.

A lot of gurus try hard to fit into the mold your ego has created for them. You know, the kind where they’re so soft-spoken, so kind, and so loving that you just never grow. They’re not trying to rock the boat. They got you thinking that love is very tolerant and never challenges anything.

This kind of guru cannot afford to upset you or risk losing your business. In fact, they have to walk on eggshells around your ego and whisper sweet murmurs into your ear by telling you exactly what you want to hear.

If your guru is not trying to shake you out of your illusions, then perhaps it’s time to find another one.

the-fake-guru4- YOU MUST WORSHIP THEM OUT OF BLIND FAITH. Self-importance is big in the fake-guru community. Some fake gurus will act as if they are all-knowing and practically God. These types of gurus are never wrong and never make mistakes.

They usually come with a string of blind followers who have bought into the same delusions and will fight you to the death to defend his honor. These are usually not the most joyous people either. Quite similar to their leader, they’re usually very self-important people concerned with fancy rituals and pageantry.

They treat the gurus word as law and bow down to her as if she is some kind of goddess.

Some of these gurus even come with pending criminal allegations and their followers still don’t even care to raise an eyebrow.

If a guru actually allows you to bow down before them, then it’s quite obvious they have a superiority complex.

If he allows you to place him on a pedestal, then you know you can pass on that one. We are all Divine Co-Creators and no one is above anybody else.

5- THEY CHARGE AN INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO STUDY WITH THEM.  Wow, I didn’t know that making progress on the path could break your budget!

It’s understandable that some gurus will charge a small fee, ask for donations, or accept services in return. In life, you can’t always get something for nothing. Everything on earth has a value and a price attached to it, even time.

However raising your consciousness should not be a luxury product that is exclusive only to the rich. This is similar to the healthcare industry charging you insane amounts of money to save your life. Your spiritual development is equally as important as your health, and any guru with a high level of consciousness will know that this is something that should be made available to all.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 3.33.47 PM

Financially exploiting those who come to you for help is not of the highest consciousness.

If your guru has his hands deep inside your pockets, you have to wonder if he’s really trying to help you or if he’s just trying to get rich?

6- THEY HOLD BIG BUDGET, POMPOUS EVENTS. Have you seen your guru on a billboard lately? Perhaps you’ve seen them on television advertising for the next stadium event.

Not that there’s anything wrong with informing your students or holding events. If a message needs to be spread then by all means hold an event.

However, in the realm of fake gurus, there are certain types of gurus who love to hold big budget, high falutin events that usually come hand in hand with big money and big fame.

These self-proclaimed  gurus who take part in the fanfare may not charge high rates as they are not interested in taking on personal students. However, they get rich anyway through massive ticket sales. Not to mention the attention they receive from such a massive following.

Their events are usually filled with fluffy words of encouragement and then later they get people to line up for hugs. These are the attention seeking celebrity gurus whose main concerns are fame and money.

7- THEY CHANNEL ALIENS.  Ok, this is where it gets weird. Some gurus will not only make a strong attempt to get you under their spell, but they also channel beings who have a special message for you.

And sometimes they’re from another galaxy.

If you fall for this, you’ve been watching way too much Star Trek.

Just because someone can channel entities doesn’t make them advance enough to be your guru. It’s actually become quite common for people to tune into other realms. This is really of no great feat. Simply invite these entities, and trust me, they will come.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 6.26.56 PM

Some of these “galactic beings” have managed to get so many true seekers to deviate from their path. They are experts at mixing truth in with lies and make everything sound so good. These are pure masters of deception and distraction to non-discerning followers. These impostors come straight out of the depths of the astral realms and are there to milk you of your light.

If a guru is claiming to channel aliens, he will only attract those who would rather keep their minds in outer space and in places that don’t even concern them. Outer space is irrelevant to your life on earth that is taking place right here and right now.

You want a guru that will help you raise your consciousness so that you can take care of your business on earth.

8- THEY NEVER MENTION THE CREATOR.  Some gurus have a deep aversion for the Creator and they fail to mention God in any of their teachings.

Their main intent is to stand between you and God so that you never form a communion.

If your guru is evasive and fails to talk to you about your Creator, your origin, or forming a direct inner relationship with an ascended teacher, then he’s probably not looking out for your best interests.

If he uses vague words like universe, love, and light, but always skirts the topic about the Ultimate Creator, then you know you got a fake one in your hands.

9- THEY WANT YOU TO BE CO-DEPENDENT ON THEM.  The door should always be wide open when it comes to your relationship with your guru. You should be free to leave when you feel you’ve had enough and want to move on to a higher teaching.

One guru will never have all the answers or the ultimate teaching. There’s is always a higher teaching up ahead.

His main purpose is to be the bridge that will take you to the next level of your journey. Any true guru should know this and not set themselves up as the end all be all.

If he tells you that there is no teaching higher than his, then he basically wants you to become dependent on him.

If your guru has an issue with you leaving and moving on, then it can only be that he needs you more than you need him.


So have you followed a fake guru? If you have, there’s no reason to beat yourself up for it. You needed their teachings at that point in your life. So it was not a waste of your time nor did you waste your money.

A fake guru is always a lesson in discernment, among many other lessons.

You will at times need this during your journey in order to take you to the next stage. The fact that you are able to look back at the situation is cause for a celebration, as it symbolizes your growth from that level of consciousness.

The problem lies in falling for a fake guru for an entire lifetime. The more you can admit that no human being on earth has the ultimate truth, the less inclined you will be to claim any guru as perfect, and the less inclined you will be to attaching yourself to a teacher and never letting go.Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.19.14 PMFor more in-depth information on this topic please visit the links below:

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