You don’t have to get rich. You just have to get free!

If you’re reading this you probably already know that most of us are living in a modern day slavery.  We are owned by corporations, bosses, partners, legal contracts, churches, governments, and debt. And we all want to be free. Free to spend our days as we please.  Free to say who, what, when, where, and how without having to consult with anyone or any group. In the end, much of it boils down to money and who feeds you. What is this source of income that you speak of? Is it you? Or do you have to depend on an outer entity just to keep that roof over your head?

I’ll give you a good few minutes to think about this…

Many gurus have come along with programs and promises to make you rich. They’ve told you it’s the only road that will lead to the promised land. The road to riches is the road to freedom. You know the ones…

Now, do you really think their main concern is to make you rich? Or could it be that their main concern is that you make them rich? Those “get rich” books, those “get rich” videos, and those “get rich” seminars have made them all rich. The trick is you too would have to sell your own “get rich” program so that you can also get rich? Are you prepared to spend massive amounts of your life force obsessing over big money? Are you aware of the elaborate schemes and the behind-the-scenes rituals involved in making sure these gurus and their products become a household name? Look a little deeper and please tell me if these so-called leaders are truly worth following?

Not sure where this idea came from that your biggest goal in life is to accumulate riches???  After all being rich is not always freedom, nor is it the only way out of modern day slavery.  Remember, an average income can just as easily get you out of slavery.  Your income simply has to be generated by you and not dependent upon someone else. Your income simply has to be enough to cover your monthly expenses and have a bit left over for a rainy day. The trick is you don’t have to get rich. You just have to get free.

Get straight with yourself and make sure the illusions of grandeur are no longer keeping you from your freedom. You don’t need to win the lottery nor do you have to knock yourself out to become the next millionaire. You don’t need the designer wardrobe, the Gucci handbags, or the massive headache that comes with maintaining a penthouse plus five mansions. You don’t need the hot bimbos drooling all over your flashy Lamborghini or your overpriced Porsche. You don’t need the private jet, the yacht, nor do you need to take a thousand luxury vacations across the globe. You don’t need the CEO status, the vast real estate empire, and you certainly don’t need to conquer the world with your startup.

If a high-falutin lifestyle is mainly what you seek, then by all means please continue to worship the money-making gurus. However, if freedom is truly what you’re after, then how about lowering as many expenses as possible? How about spending a year or two working to paying off your debts. After you’re done with that, how about stocking away piles of money every month instead of the frivolous spending and living from paycheck to paycheck?  And while you’re at it, how about starting your own side gig doing what you like so that you have a 6-10 that will eventually pay you the same as your 9-5? When it comes to freedom, no one ever said it would be easy. No one ever said it would happen overnight. But a huge application of diligence, focus, patience, and creativity will always take you across the finish line.

If freedom is your burning desire, forget about the pomp and fanfare. All you need is to live within your means, to find what lights you up, and become self-sufficient by doing what it is that you like in order to become your own source of income. And that’s when you can call the shots in regards to your who, what, when, where, and your how!

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