Invoke Light!

Never take what You are for granted. You are a Divine Creator with the power to command the universe whenever and wherever you see fit. Aside from your mind, your voice can be used as a powerful tool to invoke light, protection, guidance, solace, and healing through the use of mantras, affirmations, decrees, and invocations. The process is so simple but so many fail to learn about this and take advantage of this age old practice. Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten who we truly are and the power that we all hold. The energies around us are in a constant shift and extremely malleable. You are a wizard that holds the wand designed to take complete control over them. That wand is your voice. Won’t you raise it and put it to use for your benefit and the world’s benefit?
(I learned about this age-old practice through fellow mystic, Kim Michaels and the Ascended Masters. If you’d like more information on this, feel free to visit


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