Create! Know your mission and dive into it!

But wait, hold your horses! Have you checked yourself first?  Have you taken the time to know yourself and the things that bring you pure joy? Who are you?  Oh, a divine creative being with a passion for music and a burning desire to share your creative concoctions with the world? Awesome! 👍🏽You got this!

When you’re in your creative element and living out your divine plan, there’s not a thing in this world that can come between you and your joy. Your mission is the stable foundation needed to set up home in a shaky world. All petty, inconsequential matters fall to the wayside in the face of this mighty endeavor.

If you’re one who hasn’t yet discovered it, make it your purpose today to discover your mission. Then prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.  In due time it will be revealed to you and you will wonder how you ever got through life without it.

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