9 Reasons To Love Moringa

This fast growing hearty plant that grows in the tropics is often called the “Miracle Tree”. Its leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, and roots are known to cure at least 300 physical diseases (*provide one accompanies it with a clean, healthy diet and lifestyle, of course).  Oh, the possibilities! Today, I’ll get you started with 9 reasons to fall in love with moringa and implement it into your daily diet.

  1. Detoxifies – Gets them toxins out of your body. And not to worry, it gets to work right away!
  2. Delays Aging – It’s loaded with anti-oxidants to help rejuvenate the skin and keep your body looking and feeling nice and young. “How old are you again???” will be like music to your ears.
  3. Faster Healing – Due to its high Vitamin C content, moringa is a major help with the creation of new cells in the body.  The high levels of ascorbic acid create more collagen,  producing faster healing for those recovering from injury or illness.
  4. Nutrient Dense –  They don’t call it nature’s multivitamin for nothing. It truly is a super-food. It is loaded with 90 vitamins and minerals. Just to name a few, it is packed with vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium, and protein. Say good-bye to malnutrition.
  5. Anti-diabetes – Normalizes the blood sugar.  Studies also show that urine sugar and proteins are also drastically reduced after taking moringa.
  6. Plants Grow Faster – The powdered leaves, which can be added to  your plant’s water, contain growth-stimulating properties, which can help to improve the resistance to pests and diseases. The seed cake after the extraction of oil can also be used as a fertilizer.  Those little cuties will thrive!
  7. Prevents Cancer – It strengthens your immune system, which makes a pretty uncomfortable environment for cancer cells to live in.  They won’t stand a chance to grow and survive in your body.
  8. Mental Clarity – Helps you to remain alert and focus so you can get sh*t done! In this life, when it comes to accomplishing goals, manifesting your vision, and living out your Divine mission, ain’t nobody got time for brain fog!
  9. Boosts Your Energy –  And ain’t nobody got time for sluggishness either!

I hope you will take the opportunity to research for yourself the remaining 291 possibilities this magical and powerful plant has in store for you.

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