It’s Really Not That Serious.

Ok. So did you really think that you single-handedly had to save the world? So why the heck are you walking around with that frown on your face? Smile, lighten up, and remember every once in a while, you’re allowed to laugh too! Don’t get caught taking yourself or life too seriously. You might hurt yourself along the process!

As you go through life, your sense of humor will be vital to your sanity. Be sure to keep it well within reach. Try not to get so bent out of shape over the injustices of the world. Otherwise, you become a contributor adding more negativity to the pot. Fretting over problems only takes you miles away from the frame of mind required to finding the solutions. Solutions will only reveal themselves when your mind is free of stress and worry.

Life was never meant to be a stick in the butt. Use your attention wisely to joyfully infuse yourself and the world around you with some of that magnificent light that you are here to bring.  Keep it real, but never forget how to laugh.

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