Snuggle Up to Classical Music

There was a time long ago when classical music was the hip and happening genre of the times. But times sure have changed, haven’t they? Today, we’re lucky if we can get a single person to name the composer for The Magic Flute. (Mozart who???)  So much for the beautiful piano sonatas, magnificent concertos, and haunting requiems.  While we’re at it, we might as well say bye-bye to the opera too!  The likes of rock, pop, jazz, rap, and hip-hop have taken over the airwaves (as well as our minds), and now make it so much more difficult to recognize up from down.  As if life on earth weren’t hard enough, we had to go and complicate matters.

And so by today’s standards, classical music is by far one of the least popular and the least appealing music to listen to.  The masses wouldn’t dream of it!

But you’re different. You love trying out new interests and know that constantly reinventing yourself is where all of life’s excitement comes from. You already know that by implement a new style of music into your life, a whole new world will open up. After all, since when do you care about what everyone else thinks?

If mental clarity and your sanity are at the top of your list, then classical music should be right up there with them. For starters, it calms the body and mind and is known to be an excellent stress-management tool.  The slow, calm, and soothing harmonies help to lower your stress levels and blood pressure and restore harmony between your body and mind. Some studies have even shown that classical music creates a heightened emotional state that makes one absorb information better, thus increasing your IQ when it is being played.  As a bonus, it’s non pretentious sounds help you to ease into the music to simply enjoy it, without feeling as if you have anything to prove. If you had any ants in your pants, you’ll suddenly wonder where they’ve all gone!

Now we will go into the energy factor.  I can’t say it enough, but everything is energy, and energy vibrates in certain rhythms and patterns. The rhythms of classical music are in harmony with those of the universe – the built-in energies of nature and creation. The mood in your room (or your entire home for that matter), will become a lot more pleasant and agreeable with classical music playing in the background.  Dark energies, dark spirits, and all kinds of pesky negative entities don’t stand a chance in presence of classical music and can’t get away fast enough! So play that funky music!

In addition, classical music has a way of raising your spiritual energies. As a spiritual trailblazer, we all know the importance of chakras, the centers that allow the flow of energies from our spiritual self into our energy bodies.  It’s ideal to express our energies through the higher chakras than the lower chakras. Rock and rap music has our energies expressed through the lower chakras. Thus keeping us focused on the material things of this world.  The stuff that’s inconsequential to spiritual growth, such as acquiring riches, power plays, status, labels, keeping up with the Jones, and the eat-drink-and-be-merry lifestyle. Can’t say there’s anything wrong with that.  People are where they need to be.  However, if you’re serious about making spiritual progress, its best to listen to music that will raise your energies past the heart chakra and into the throat, brow, and crown chakra. The higher chakras will have us more focused on our Divine Calling and matters of the Spirit, and classical music does the trick every time.

As an added bonus, if classical music has the power to raise our own energies, can you imagine what it can do for a plant’s energies?  Did you know that plants have ears too and they love classical music? Many experiments have been conducted where it is proven that certain types of harmonic music will boost plant grown.  After only a few days of “listening” to classical music, we see that plants will grow more abundantly and also lean towards the radio playing the music. A total opposite effect will take place when the radio plays rock or some other form of discordant music.  In the later case, plants will lean away and at times will wither and die despite being watered, fed, and placed in sunlight.  It is the enhanced rhythms of nature found in classical music which will nurture a plant in the same way that that Mother Nature intended.

Your garden will thrive like never before!

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