The POWER of Sound

Of course you’re gonna think I’m crazy for saying this, but sound is alive. It is mad alive! It is teeming with life and consciousness.  This energetic force that we’ve taken for granted for ages truly has a mind of its own. Let me explain!

So the fundamental nature of the universe is frequency and vibration. Everything in the universe down to the tiniest cells in our body are vibrating at unique speeds and in a unique rhythm. This unique set of vibrations are the essential instructions or blueprint given to each object in order for them to exist over a specific time.

Just as our eyes are incapable of seeing certain rays of light and radiation, so are our ears. The human ear is capable of hearing only a certain range of sounds. Of course most of us can hear the typical loud noises, the soft whispers, and those sounds in between. But for the most part we are unable to hear the sounds of the universe, the continued sound of creation in the making. I guess we can say that human beings are basically blind and deaf to reality.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.47.36 AM

Just as each sound has its own unique frequency, so does everything in the universe. Everything including our minds and bodies emit a unique sound, giving true meaning to the the term “we all have a song to sing”. There’s a rhythmic pattern just for you and a rhythmic pattern just for me! Though we’re made of the same universal energy, my sound is different from your sound because we all vibrate at different frequencies.

Surely there is a rhythmic movement in the background at all times. And it is this same rhythmic movement, this same vibrational formula, this same sound that creates form, gives life, and maintains our existence.

The science of Cymatics – where sound is made visible to the naked eye using sand on a metal plate, is perfect at proving this. This is totally fascinating as you can see how sound frequencies create sacred geometry in the sand. The higher the frequency the more complex the pattern. Not to mention, these are the same complex geometric patterns you see all throughout nature. (Check out these jaw-dropping videos on cymatics. You will be floored!)

Sound is a divine blueprint to life, to creation, and the world around you.  It is the force creating what appears to be magic all around you. However it is simply the unseen forces at work, the frequencies too high for your ears to grasp.

So remember, sound is sacred, powerful, magical, and one of the last few resources on earth that are still free to use! You can use it to heal from disease, clear away negative vibrations, shatter glass, cast a spell, and much much more! Just like God is a creator, so are you! After all you were made in his image and likeness. Whoever told you you weren’t sold you a pack of lies!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.27.22 AM

Yes, you too have the power to create. And sound is one of the best tools you can use. Isn’t it time you learned how to use sound to create your world to your satisfaction?  It’s free and it’s all around you. How long will you continue to take it for granted?

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