As if the science of getting rich couldn’t be summarized any shorter by this little red book … I’m about to break it down to you even further. If you have very little time and a very short attention span, as I know so many of us do these days, this is definitely for you. Personally, I think everyone should have basic knowledge of how the universe works and how to attract money. It’s not taught in schools and it’s not talked about often enough.
So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Basically, there are three easy steps to this manifestation technique.

The first is to write out the things that you want the most.  And no thing is ever too big or too much. Write them down with as much detail as possible. For you to be happy with your results, you must be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want.

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Try to keep it to the top 5 most important things.  You don’t want to spread your energies too thin by asking for ten million different things all at once and not being able to focus on any. There will be time for more once you’ve started achieving the first few things and are able to cross them off your list.

The second part is to think of what you want often and to read your list at least a few times a day. So that means take it to work with you, take it to the gym, do what you gotta do to keep that list close to you at all times. What I do is I keep mine on my phone and set an alarm for three times a day.

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Then I whip it out and read it whenever the alarm sounds. This is not part of the book, but if I happen to be home alone, I will read it out loud for an even stronger effect. In case you didn’t know, the universe is extremely sensitive to sound.

The third part is to keep it to yourself. Do not show your list to anyone and do not talk about it to anyone.  The reason for this is you must have unwavering faith in what you are asking for. Other minds and other opinions have the power to corrupt your mind and will swerve you in the direction of worry and self doubt.

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You are a co-creator with the universe. What you think and believe will affect the out come. The minute you doubt your wishes is the same minute they become unattainable. So keep skeptics and naysayers out of your mind and do not give them a chance to rain on your parade.

And there you have it!  This little red book is a perfect gateway into the wonderful wacky world of manifestation. Though it isn’t a complete course, these three steps alone can take you through great lengths. If practiced with unwavering faith and diligence, in a year you will start to see the changes taking place in your life.

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Happy manifesting and stay tuned for more on creating your world around you.

Lady Miss Neptune wishing you a prosperous journey!

Watch the video below!

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