3 Strange Facts You Never Knew About Alcohol

So you’re a major fan of social drinking! You think drinking alcohol is fun! Perhaps you’re one of those who believe alcohol has magical powers! Hey, it definitely has a magical way of flying off the shelves in stores!  And it did have a magical way of making you feel cool and confident at that office party last Christmas.

Perhaps you feel an occasional drink here and there is perfectly fine.  Well it’s time you got to know your alcohol a little better!

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We’ve all heard a million times about the risks related to drinking alcohol. Some of us choose to use caution, while others throw caution out to the wind. But chances are, you haven’t heard of these next three facts about alcohol. The ones that didn’t make the cut for acceptable chatter. So without further ado, I thought I’d let you know about them!

1. LOWERS YOUR VIBRATION.  As you’ve probably heard before, everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different speeds. This includes you. When the energies that make up your mind and body vibrate at a higher speed you feel lighter, faster, and find it easier to attract exactly what it is that you want into your life.


This is because higher vibrating energy is more harmonious and consistent. Alcohol creates a chemical reaction in your body that causes your energy to become jumbled and disorderly.  This chaos slows down your vibrational energy so that not only are you feeling more relaxed, but you’ve also dulled your senses and lost control of your manifestations.

When your energy is discombobulated and slow you’re a hot mess attracting and all sorts of funky stuff into your life. Don’t let this happen to you!

2. ATTRACTS DARK SPIRITS.  Many will find this far-fetched but disembodied spirits exist all around us and possession takes place more often than we’d like to think. Again, everything is energy!  Just because you can’t see something does not mean it doesn’t exist. When a person is drunk a lot of times what you’re actually witnessing is a person possessed by another spirit. This is why some people act completely different when they’re drunk.


Alcohol weakens your energy field, the energy that surrounds your physical body.  This opens you up and makes you vulnerable to entities just waiting for a chance to jump into your body without your consent.  Losing control of your mind while allowing other spirits to make a fool out of you is not your  idea of a good time. Don’t be the next host!

3. MAKES YOU BORING.  Let’s face it, alcohol is way too overrated. It has zero nutritional value and is totally useless to our bodies. But it seems no wedding, dinner party, or night out is complete without the alcohol. The cool people seem to know all about the fancy wines, trendy cocktails, and glamorize alcohol as if its the next best thing since sliced bread. Sorry but going along with the crowd makes you boring. It makes you extremely boring.


Alcohol may taste awful but who cares, right? It’s cool!   Oh, and it’s perfectly legal! So it can’t be all that bad right?! Wrong!  That’s simply upholding status quo and we all know how boring that can be!
When society says drinking alcohol is normal, we have to wonder if we truly want to be normal?  Thinking, acting, and drinking like everyone else is just plain boring… Don’t be typical, predictable, or programmable.

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Be unique!  Think for yourself and you’ll never put others to sleep again!

-Lady Miss Neptune, and thanks for joining me today!!

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