The Power of Cayenne Pepper

Today I give you the scoop on Cayenne Pepper!

I know you may think that this red hot chili pepper is used only for kicking up the heat and packing on a fiery taste to your dishes, but think again!

Did you know that this little red pepper when used outside the kitchen has got some powerful medicinal uses and can kick some butt??!  Don’t underestimate the power of this scrawny-looking little pepper!


In fact, studies show that Cayenne pepper, when taken daily, has the power to change your life!  According to history, cayenne has been used for both food and medicine for the last 9,000 years or so!  Is it any wonder that the power of this spice is almost unheard of lately? It’s not like this is anything new.  But in this modern day of “Doctor Scissor-hands” and pharmaceutical poisons, cayenne has become a long lost and forgotten solution.

Otherwise known as the capsicum plant, Cayenne originated from South America. It is now grown all throughout the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.59.45 AM

The fruit of the capsicum plant which are the bright red, orange, or yellow cone-shaped pods, contain a chemical called capsaicin. This is the active ingredient that gives it that hot and spicy flavor that some of us just can’t get enough of. It’s also the same ingredient that gets to work on your body.

Cayenne is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Only one teaspoon contains 44 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, 8 percent vitamin E, 7 percent vitamin C, 6 percent vitamin B6, 5 percent vitamin K, 5 percent manganese, and 3 percent potassium.

But it’s not just a supplement! It does so much more !!!

For one, Cayenne has the ability to relieve arthritis.  It can also stop a heart attack dead in its tracks. Furthermore, it heal an ulcer.  This I experienced first hand five years ago. Every day for an entire week I drank 5 glasses of water mixed with cayenne pepper. By the 3rd day, all symptoms were already gone, to never return again!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.50.08 AM copy

Other amazing feats cayenne is known to perform are:

-The reduction of inflammation
-Improving circulation
-Boosting your immune system
-Eliminating heartburn
-Relieving toothaches
-Relief from migraines
-Preventing blood clots
-Preventing heart disease
-Detoxing your body
-Preventing cancer
-Preventing allergies
-Preventing fungal infections
-Boosting your metabolism

So the next time you’re roaming the aisles of your local grocer or health food store, don’t forget to pick up some of this spicy goodness! You can get it in so many fabulous forms. Get it fresh, get it dried, get it crushed, it get powdered, get it tinctured, or get it in capsule form. Whatever you do, just get it! Then add it to your food, drink it with a glass of water, or just pop a capsule!  It’ll make a world of a difference to your health!

Watch the video below!


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