Does Nature Really Bend To Our Will?

We got dumped on this weekend here in New York. A major blizzard came through and dumped about 2 feet of snow on us. In its aftermath, life for us here has become extremely limited, uncomfortable, and at times treacherous. Not to mention yucky!   And so I got to wondering if we actually called such grossness upon ourselves. Is it us, is it a higher power, or is it some kind of random act? Where do these erratic weather patterns come from? Where do the dangers that exist in nature, the imbalances, or even the beauty derive from? If we can affect our own personal lives through mindset, then I would think it is possible we affect nature as well?  If what we see outpictured in our personal lives is a direct reflection of our inner world, couldn’t that same concept be applied to the natural life here on planet Earth?

Okay. So maybe since we all share this tiny little blue planet, then none of us are single-handedly responsible for its natural disposition. But what about collectively? Is this really the wrath of God, random acts of nature that some like to call natural disasters, or perhaps the stuff of our own making? When storms brew could it be that we have stormy minds? Are our minds cloudy, clear, or even sunny perhaps?

I’ve experienced some storms that were downright sinister, almost to the point where I felt as if they had a mind of their own. One sometimes has to wonder why do they exist at all? What is their purpose? Why is death and destruction sometimes the main object of a storm. Could we also be placing our minds way too much on death and destruction? War still exists when it doesn’t have to. Violence still exists when it doesn’t have to. Could it be the universal mirror simply reflecting back our collective consciousness through the manner of these horrific natural disasters?

I’ll let you decide.



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