For The Awakened Ones – Doomsday Preachers And Conspiracy Theorists Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

One preaches about the end of the world coming through some major cataclysm. According to their prophecy, all sinners will be punished by the wrath of God and the good ones will be saved! Story’s getting kinda old at this point.

The other preaches about all the great big cover-ups, the Illuminati, the attack on today’s society, and how it’s all downhill from here on… Another morbid outlook.

Is there a difference between the two? Seems to me they both preach fear.  They both need to be right.  And they both need to be the ones who told you so…

Can you really say they’re all that different?

It’s funny how some get a kick out of spreading fear but don’t have any solutions to offer. In their minds catastrophes are unavoidable  and there’s nothing anyone can do about them.

Don’t fall for the traps these egomaniacs have set out for you. Being awake is no excuse to be paralyzed by fear.  It’s not that we need to sit and wait for the end of the world. It’s not that we need to run like cowards and live off the grid. The secret is to use your voice to make the calls to heaven to take control of these horrendous situations taking place on our planet. We do not have the power or the know-how to mitigate disasters or put an end to society’s ills. Yet we do have the authority to demand what needs to be done.

The power of your voice is immense.  Use your voice to command the universe.  Shout it out and make a difference!

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