How Spiritual People Can Help Stop War, Terrorism, and Mass Shootings

There is a force that does not respect free will.  This is a force that attempts to manipulate us into creating and sustaining violent situations.

Look back at human history and at all the bloodshed that has taken place. Can you truly believe that such unthinkable horrors could come from rational human thinking?  Do you really believe that all the wars, fighting, and mass-killings you’ve seen in the past and today, happen by people who are completely rational?  Isn’t it clear that the people creating wars and those executing the killings are never in a rational frame of mind? Isn’t it obvious that they are driven by motives that they themselves don’t fully understand? Neither have they contemplated the consequences of their actions?



The only way to explain this irrational behavior is the existence of a dark force, which has the ability to take over the minds of human beings. This include the minds of those in our national government, our world leaders, our warrior soldiers, the gunmen, mass shooters, and our terrorists.  Yes, these are people whose minds have been completely taken over by dark forces.

The majority of spiritual people are so focused on raising their own consciousness, that they think they should not focus on darkness. They think doing so gives power to the darkness. They think their sole responsibility is to be loving and only focus on love.

Ignorance is not bliss in this matter. If you are not willing to look at the darkness, if you are not willing to acknowledge their existence, there can be only one explanation.

You are afraid.

Sorry, but I don’t recall fear and love ever being compatible?

When will the spiritual people of this planet awaken from the fear of looking at darkness on earth? How can we expect to improve things on earth if we don’t look at and overcome our own fears?  There are those who think “It’s all good”, and perhaps they have taken responsibility for themselves.  But can one truly say that these same people have taken responsibility beyond themselves?  It’s sad to say that these are the same spiritualists who think they are serving to save the world. They want to believe that as long as they sit in their ashrams, communities, or homes and focus only on the positive and send out loving vibrations, then they are making a contribution to improving the world. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

Yes, you are making a contribution, but not the maximum contribution you could be making. You may make a small contribution by producing love-based energies, but this contribution will not reach a level that will allow heaven to step in and remove major problems, such as war, terrorism, and mass shootings.



You will not truly change the earth by focusing only on yourself and raising your own consciousness. It is necessary to look beyond yourself and take responsibility for the planet as a whole, for humanity as a whole. The darkness that drives war and violence are so powerful that even if all the spiritual and religious people on earth raised their own consciousness, it would not be enough to consume this.

We the people of planet Earth do NOT have the power to stop war and bloodshed on our own.  Only the power of heavenly beings can consume these ugly energy vortexes. Only masters and angels have the power to remove war and stop darkness dead in its tracks.

On the other hand, there is one thing we do have.

We have the authority.

We who are in embodiment have the authority. We have the right to make the calls and ask for such extremes to be removed from our planet.

Free will reigns supreme. Will you use your will and authority to give heaven the permission to use their power to end all wars?

Miracles do happen. There is nothing that cannot be changed and overcome. There is nothing that is impossible.

If you find it in your heart that this is a goal that resonates with you, then please follow Mother Mary as she reveals to you how the goal can be achieved.

If you are serious about bringing peace…



It will open your eyes to the true causes of war and provide the solution to end all violence on earth.

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