Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart Is No Education At All

Can’t leave it up to parents to teach love to a child. Parents do not know everything…

Can you imagine a world where kids are taught in school how to love, respect, and have concern for their fellow humans. One where we are taught from an early age and through adulthood how to settle our differences with each other and speak from the heart. One where matters of the heart and humanity were as equally valued as book knowledge and intellectualism. Why isn’t this an integral part of our school curriculum? Why isn’t this equally as important as math and science and reinforced daily by our schools.  I’m fed-up with the “book-smart” competition that the schools are feeding our kids. Whatever happened to being “heart-smart”? Doesn’t that count for something too?

…and they worry about bullying in schools.  The solution is right under their noses… if they would only open up their tight intellectual brains to the flow of love.

Expanding the mind without expanding the heart is a form of dysfunction and total imbalance. This is where the educational systems of the world fail us big time.

If you think your child is getting a top-notch education by going to a top-notch school, THINK AGAIN!

If you think you’ve gotten a top-notch education by going to a top notch school, THINK AGAIN!

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