The Least I Can Do

And so I am embarking on another new journey!

I’ve made the decision to become a better artist. Over the years I’ve allowed my talent to sit on the sidelines while other things in life took center stage. I now find myself at a point where I suddenly do have the time and the mental space to focus on my first true love again! A tad rusty, as it’s been approximately 5 years since I last picked up a paintbrush, but I’m determined to unleash that side of me again.

Back in 2010, I lived in a wide spacious apartment in the Jersey suburbs. The space to paint was never an issue. And so I painted until I didn’t want to anymore. I painted until I felt I was no longer having fun. I had gotten my fill of painting and towards the end, instead of creating art I was creating a mess for me to clean up. Always willing to follow my gut instincts, I eventually stopped.

Fast-forward five years later, my recent move this year to Queens, NY has turned me into a die-hard simplistic. I’ve had to discard so many possessions in order to fit my life into this brand new itty-bitty New York City apartment. I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist, as I still own plenty of cherished objects. But a simplistic – one who has simplified her life to owning only what I need and only what makes me happy. One who has simplified her time to doing only what is necessary and only what makes me happy. As I discarded half of my surroundings and half of my possessions in NJ, I already knew that I was done with painting and crafting. And so I threw out all of the art supplies that sat useless in my closets and had taken up unnecessary space in my life for the past five years. With my newfound simplicity, I knew I no longer wanted to paint, but at the same time I was not willing to part with my artistic spirit. I simply wanted to take it to a new level and see what other creative talents I might be keeping up my sleeves. I knew I wanted to go digital and experiment with different types of creative technology. There’s just so much out there these days. Why keep my creativity tied to only one method of expression?

So now I choose to play…

I choose to play with words, speech, color, websites, computers, cameras, apps, and all of that good stuff!! Most of all I want to play with me! (Hey, watch your dirty mind!) Yes, I want the works!

My inspiration comes from all the self-trained artists, the bloggers, and YouTube personalities who’ve made it a point to work daily on their passion, share their message, and shamelessly broadcast themselves to the world, all in the spirit of free-speech, liberation, and self-expression. What one has done, all can do. What all has done, one can do!

The big move is now behind me. The dust has settled and I am ready to move forward. I’ve cleared up much of my physical and mental space. Ive cleared up much of my time. These next few years will be a time of focus, hard-work, and dedication to myself, living out my dreams, and the life I intended when I made the pact to come to earth. It’s the least I can do.

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