A Message To All Men Who Prey On Women

If one lifts the veil one can clearly see that even in more progressive civilizations like the United States and much of Western society, barbarism still takes place. There are men who still have not transcended their animalistic tendencies and therefore still treat women as receptacles. To these types of men, a women is simply a means to an end, a commodity. To them a women is weak, naive, gullible, and therefore unworthy of respect. They prey on us for their own sexual gratification and believe our genitalia is all we are needed for. These men will stop at nothing when it comes to lying, conning, dominating, screwing, and then discarding a woman as a worthless human being without feelings. Today my message goes out to them: Hey guys, if you think you are smart or cleverly gifted for getting over another person, you are probably the dumbest fool walking around. You’re like the primates living out in the wild, still playing the game of competition, survival, fear, and aggression. No, you haven’t outgrown it yet. To you it’s still survival of the fittest and may the smartest man win. fatherforgive2 Though I must stop and ask if you know what the word smart truly means?  Your lack of consciousness is akin to a monkey, with a pea-sized brain to match. It’s time you finally transcend that mindset. Don’t get left behind. A little progress never did hurt nobody. If you think you’re a sexy stud for stringing a line of women along, well, well it sounds to me the Land of Make-Believe is just a hop, skip, and jump away! lalaland3 You must ask yourself if you truly believe that? Or is it just your ego stringing you along? Maybe you like to tell yourself stories so that you can justify your acts of ruthlessness and your lack of integrity. Some people are flaky but can never face the fact that they are. So they tell themselves stories. So they project their guilt onto the victims that they prey upon, believing all the while their victim is at fault for being so gullible. So they live in la-la land… Hey, whatever makes you feel better, buddy… Lastly, have you actually taken a look in the mirror? If you think you’re strong, manly, and courageous when you take advantage of a woman, think again. Last I remembered, your lack of integrity was a sign of weakness. Lying, playing games, misleading another human being, and then running away is an act of cowardice. chickenrunningOnly chickens run away. Learn to face a woman and tell her exactly what you’re after. Your lies and disappearing acts don’t quite cut it for courage. Learn to face a woman and tell her exactly where you stand. If you’re no longer interested, then tell her so. Learn to face a woman and show her exactly what kind of man you are. You say you are a manly man. Then grow some balls please!

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One thought on “A Message To All Men Who Prey On Women

  1. Mmm. I fell for an online player. Well he had a small penis and bad ED problems. Even after he failed at sex three times he would still brag about how great he was in bed. Then for months afterward he hounded me for naked pictures so he could “play with his dick as much as possible”. Men who prey on women are weak, insecure, and live in a fantasy land. The only thing they got is a big mouth. They don’t have man skills and can’t back up the talk.


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