Fifty Shades of Grey – Why I Think I’ll Sit Out On This One.

First it was Twilight, that dark dreadful story of vampires, werewolves, money, blood, lust, love, and hate. This time the spoilers are at it again with another morbid romantic “love” story about a guy and girl, cleverly disguised to appear as sexy and erotic. It’s supposed to be the stuff dreams are made of.


Again, the guy has lots of money, drives around in fancy cars, has the maturity of a 50 year old in the body of a hot young stud, has women wetting their panties over him, and has the world wrapped around his sexy little finger. Again the girl comes from a modest existence, has just average looks, is innocent, virginal, and totally ga-ga over him. Again it’s Washington State on the outskirts of Seattle. Again its the true story of a “housewife” turned overnight success with an string of sizzling hot bestsellers. Again the movie is strategically puffed up and surrounded by hype, as the anticipation builds around the grand release.

Is there any creativity left in Hollywood? I mean really???  Didn’t we visit this already?

I guess what better way to reinforce these tired morbid messages into the mass consciousness than by making another comeback. (Though it seems to be a grand debut!) Nostalgia always has its way with people.

And of course what better day to debut this gruesome movie but on Valentines Day!

It doesn’t get craftier than this, does it? Talk about pure premeditated deception as Valentine’s Day 2015 goes down in history as the day all lovers accepted violence as an official form of lovemaking.

If one lifts the veil, one can clearly see the intention behind it all without even having to watch the movie. If one looks closely, one can pick up the numerous tactics designed to throw off the already unsteady balance between men and women.

Here’s just a few I was able to pick up:

-Super rich is powerful. We should all honor the super-rich. As if they deserve a standing ovation for having so much money.

-Fancy cars, a flashy lifestyle, and a young hot bod makes a man highly desirable. Forget about the average guy. Forget about those over 40. They’ll never add up.

-Women should chase after rich powerful men and worship them.  After all, only a rich guy can buy a woman as many diamonds as she wants.

-Women are subservient to rich powerful men. He holds the money. He holds the power. She must do whatever he asks.

-Violence, pain, and torture is good. Yeah, and it’s all in the name of fun!

-Love, sex, and violence can be placed in the same category. It hurts so good. I think I’m in love!

-Violence = Love. It’s perfectly ok sometimes for my partner to hurt me. He does so because he loves me. That’s why I love him!

If we only knew of the subliminal messages made all too invisible for our eyes to see…

If we only knew of the false ideas implanted into our minds everyday by the mass media…

If we only knew of the mass hypnosis that goes on in the movie theaters…

If we only could acknowledge such things, then perhaps we’d be more inclined to guard our eyes, guard our minds, and guard our innocence.

Fifty Shades of Grey… More like Fifty Shades of My Butt!

Thanks, but no thanks! I’ll have to sit out on this one.

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