Why Is It So Hard To Tell Someone You Love Them?

The Enigma That Plagues So Many

We know what we feel inside, we know how much someone means to us, we know how much we care. Yet when it comes to admitting this to the person, we freeze. We just can’t seem to find the words or the courage. What is this strange phenomenon that is so prevalent among humans? Where does it come from? How is it so difficult to admit to simply loving another? Is love such an embarrassing feat? Is it embarrassing to be so tender and kind as to admire another?

Just A Simple Compliment

And so what if they don’t love us back? Should we go so far as to call it rejection? “I love you” is simply a compliment. A compliment stating how we deeply adore another person and how they mean so much to us. Is it so hard to compliment someone? When we compliment someone, do we find it necessary that the other person compliments us back? So why do we hold back? What is it that we risk?


The Truth Will Set You Free

And if we do call it rejection, are we so afraid of this pain that we find it justifiable to hold back on one of the most important things in life. What about those romantic feelings we carry for another? When will this finally be expressed? Are we afraid to love? Afraid that we may not know what to do once the cat is out of the bag? Could it be that we are so afraid of finding out the truth? This truth which has the potential to destroy our hopes of ever being with that person? This same truth which also has the potential to bring us closer to the person. Isn’t this truth best known than not?

Can The Heart Really Be Broken?

We do we guard our hearts, don’t we? Why guard it so? Are we so afraid of someone else breaking it, as if our hearts can really be broken? Why build fortresses around our hearts? Are these fortresses serving us in any way? What could possibly happen if we opened our hearts to someone and they told us no, if someone didn’t feel the same way, if someone didn’t reciprocate the gesture? Would the sky truly come crashing down?


Does Love Hurt?

Do expressions of hate come easier than love? How many of us take pleasure in putting down, backstabbing, and gossiping? For how many of us does this come so deliciously easy? But how painful could it be to take someone’s hand, look them in the eye, and say three simple words? How painful is it to give someone a hug, a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, lips, or forehead? Why isn’t this more common amongst neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family as well? Is it truly that painful?

If Not Now, Then When?

And so hesitation prevails. We keep it to ourselves knowing quite well how much we want to express it. We put it on lockdown and cause ourselves the unnecessary pain and turmoil. The longing, the sorrow, and the great regret that follows is not enough to keep us from repeating this same mistake over and over again.  Time is extremely elusive. It has a way of playing tricks on us. Tomorrow always seems like a better day than today. Are we waiting for tomorrow? Not sure what we are waiting for? When will we think it’s the right time? Will we ever be ready?

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