I AM Man and Woman – Embracing the Male and Female in All of Us

This is not a post on human sexuality or sexual orientation. Simply a post to shed light on what most choose to forget and sometimes neglect.

Our spirits derived from both Alpha and Omega, we are simultaneously male and female on the inside. There is no shame in that. It is simply a fact.

For most of us, we are born into either male or female bodies.  Society then steps in and hands us these gender roles that we then play so marvelously. For the duration of our lifetimes we come to identify ourselves as strictly one gender. We come to identify ourselves as strictly one half of who we really are. One has to stop and wonder sometimes if that is normal or acceptable? As universal beings, is it fair for us to pin ourselves down to one gender, one sex, one side of the story? As whole and complete spiritual beings, aren’t we both?

I’m pretty sure in some past lives I’ve been female. Yet, I’m pretty sure that in some past lives I’ve also been male. In this life  I’ve chosen a female body with female body parts. I have to say that I’ve become quite comfortable in my feminine body, adorning it in feminine style clothing and accessories, taking on a feminine personality, feminine habits, and feminine preferences. I can admit to being quite accustomed to seeing myself as female for the past 39 years, but can I really say that this defines the fulness of who I am. Can I really say that my spirit is female? This is only one lifetime in a span of a thousand lifetimes. What about my other lives spent as a male? Don’t they count for something too?


Yes, for obvious reasons, both bodies are needed for the sake of reproduction and keeping the human race alive. Sure, sex is a messy job, but someone’s gotta do it, right. But could it be also that before we are born, we choose a particular gender body for the sake of variation, in addition to perhaps karmic reasons? Sometimes we may want to try out a male body, and then sometimes we get tired and may want to try a female. And sometimes, depending on the lessons planned, a certain gender is simply more reasonable.

In this lifetime, I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to play both roles, and witness both parts of my being, the masculine and the feminine. Though I am currently a spirit occupying a female body, I can honestly say that I’ve had moments where I’ve met my inner male. One example is having to simultaneously play the roles of mother and father through the experience of raising three boys as a single mother. My masculine side was always the driving force, the strength, and the stability in our family. I took “him” for granted at times, but looking back, I am ever so grateful for his presence and assistance. I couldn’t have done it without my male side.

Perhaps if we grew to acknowledge the entirety and complexity of our beings, perhaps if we strived to acknowledge both parts of ourselves, the male and female, there would be a lot less shame, a lots less confusion, a lot less discrimination, and a lot more understanding amongst us all. As balance is always key, embracing the masculine and the feminine in ourselves and transcending the tendency to fully identify with one gender is pertinent to our growths as universal spiritual beings.


If you currently reside in a male body, have you met your inner female?

If you currently reside in a female body, have you met your inner male?

If you haven’t, what’s keeping you from doing so?



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