Having Intern = Saving Lots of Money

From large media corporations to small mom and pop businesses, it seems like everyone needs an intern these days. Could  that be so, or are the youth being taken advantage of? I pore over the job ads on a constant basis and see countless ads for internships. In some sectors, more internships than actual jobs! What in the world is going on???

Are companies becoming too cheap to hire workers and pay them a fair wage? Are they trying to pass off jobs as internships with the hopes that young adults are too dumb and desperate to know better? With the hopes that young adults are grateful for such a pathetic opportunity?  Why are these “internships” becoming all the rage? And who are the young individuals falling for this crap??

It’s now an employer’s market. Employers seem to think they can call all the shots and the job seekers will just grovel at their beck and call.

I remember the days where internships involved a relationship with a school of a higher education which included the amassing of school credits. The ads I see rarely mention anything about credits. How legit are these internships?

Whatever happened to entry level positions? Those positions where due to lack of experience an employee is paid a starting salary. Now instead of seeking entry-level workers, companies are seeking “interns” as a means of free labor?

Shame on these mofos for exploiting our youth and capitalizing on the poor job market!


2 thoughts on “Having Intern = Saving Lots of Money

  1. This seems to be very one sided. A lot of internships are meant to give students a taste of different sections of the company. They will work for one week in one section and another in a different one. This is so students can get a wide variety of experience without hopping from job to job. Instead they sample everything so they are confident in what they want to go in later. I don’t think every internship should be paid because some interns don’t do much but shadow the workers and do things that don’t fit any job description.


    • Not to say that all internships are invalid. I personally did one while in school where I got plenty exposure to my industry. My son is also getting ready to embark on an internship (through his school) where he too will benefit. My only point is that the jobs ads are now littered with way too many offers for internships and not enough real jobs. Many of these so-called “internships” are questionable and offer no credit. One has to wonder how legit they are.


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