A sweet treat or a sweet trick?

Would you eat cereal sprinkled with traces of bacteria fecal matter?

Would you drink soda laced with traces of rat poison?

Well, each time you drink your diet soda that’s exactly what you are doing. The amount may not be strong enough to kill you instantly, but over time it most certainly will.

Aspartame – the natural sweetener made from the tasty fecal waste of GMO e-coli bacteria. Aspartame in your gum, aspartame in your candy, aspartame in your soda, aspartame in your Kool-Aid, aspartame in your yogurt, aspartame in your ice-cream, aspartame in your coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and multivitamins. It’s all over.


So I’m guessing you probably have heard about the dangerous side effects too, right?

Well if you haven’t, please allow me to enlighten you.

Ever read the label on your chewing gum? Yes, that little piece of rubberized glue that you like to chew throughout the day. Well amongst all the other chemical poisons, it’s clearly marked.


How about your diet soda? Do you know what’s in there? Well, its clearly marked.


And your yogurt? It’s on there and in there too.


Can someone please remind me of what nutritional value this aspartame substance adds to our food again? Why do we need it again? In fact, why does it even exist at all???

Since it’s a worthless toxin, I’m sure we can all agree it should be taken off the market. This little poison approved for consumer use since 1981 has caused many-a-deaths and many illnesses ranging from cancer, to lupus, diabetes, obesity, miscarriages, migraines, birth defects, fibromyalgia, blindness, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and much, much more. Your government, the FDA, already knows this. They know what’s going on. They’ve heard the complaints. They’ve heard all the stories. In fact, they still approve the stuff as safe for human consumption.

Do you think they really care?

Are you still going to put your trust in them?

Do you really think they got your back?

The stuff is still in our food isn’t it? And it’s still on the shelves.


One of the worst dangers of this neurotoxic chemical poison (innocently labelled as an “artificial sweetener”) is that over time, it messes with your mind, impairs your judgement, and lowers your IQ. This extremely addictive bioweapon basically slowly turns you into a zombie. According to certain individuals, you’re not supposed to think for yourself. And for certain powers-that-be, you’re better off sick, frazzled, and sedated. Too much free time combined with a powerful reasoning mind, is a bad combination that could potentially throw a monkey wrench in their grand scheme of things. So the sicker you are, the better! Oh, and besides the folks in the healthcare industry are just dying to get their hands on you and your wallet!

What’s most funny is how with all the studies, proven facts, and the rumors we’ve heard about aspartame, we’re still consuming it!

And so the question is not how we can get the FDA to stop allowing aspartame into our foods. The question is how we can get ourselves to stop ingesting the stuff.

I cannot recollect the FDA or Coca-Cola ever putting a gun to anyone’s head and forcing us to drink the Diet Coke. We are the ones choosing to do so. As we are the one’s choosing to spend our hard earned dollars to buy the stuff. We are the ones supporting and encouraging these agencies and food companies towards our own self abuse. We are the ones not willing to question what we put into our mouths. After all, there are some of us who think it’s actually quite natural and normal to ingest some sticky, brown, fizzy, chemical substance into our bodies.


Aren’t we the ones who need to take responsibility for our own healths?

FDA approval? FDA disapproval? Who has time for that?

It’s really up to us to decided what we want. In the end, we are the ones who decide what enters our body.

Do you want health or are you simply going to allow some greedy corporations to poison you? Are you going to worry about what someone else is doing, or are you going to concern yourself with what you are doing? Are you going to make someone else responsible for you, or are you simply going to start to treat yourself like you deserve to be treated?

You who are reading this – you are obviously not in a complete coma like many.

You are not a victim, unless you choose to be one.

You are not a lab rat, so don’t set yourself up to be one.

You are not cattle, so don’t line up to be one.

You are a human being with a sophisticated mind that can reason and make decisions.

You are a powerful infinite being with the power to change matter and the course of your life.

It’s really up to you now. Your body is a temple. So treat it like one.

Stop blaming the government, stop blaming Monsanto, stop blaming the FDA, and stop blaming the corporations.

You hold the power in your hands to take control of your health.

So what are you going to do now?

Are you going to keep poisoning yourself?

Are you going to keep buying the stuff?

If so, what else can I tell you?

If you still choose to buy the stuff, if you still choose to drink it, inhale it, eat it, chew it, or whatnot, what else can I tell you but to get your coffin ready!

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