Let the Unveiling Begin!

The Age of Transparency has begun!

Let the unveiling begin!


Retailers, employers, and landlords alike can no longer hide behind a facade of false quality and service.  Nowadays, the real scoop about them can be posted on the internet for all to know. Thus saving people a lot of time, money, and frustration. Now that we are able know what truly goes on, businesses are inclined to be on their best behavior, making it no longer a matter of choice, but of necessity.

The concept works two-fold, benefitting both the business and consumer. Companies and business owners can now receive constructive criticism thus improving their business and performance, while the consumer can expect higher standards for their time, labor, and money spent.

To start we have good ol’ Yelp who diligently help us weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the retail and service industry. I myself have voiced many a personal opinions and avoided many pitfalls simply by going the Yelp route.

We then have Epinions, Consumer Reports, and the many other product reviews on major shopping portals. As much as retailers dislike the poor reviews, it has become a part  of doing business. They understand clearly that to play the field, they must now allow customers to voice their opinion. Product transparency has become quite the accepted norm in this case.


Furthermore, we have Glassdoor.com, one of my favorites. Glassdoor is a lovely and accommodating place where current or past employees can voice their honest opinion about the companies they’ve worked for. Buyer beware no longer applies to products and services, it now applies to employers as well. True research and due diligence lies in knowing how you will be treated before you even apply for a job. People are talking and employers will simply have to listen up. There will come a day when all employers will provide fair standards for their workers for fear of being outed as a “greedy and non-compassionate” organization.

Another favorite of mine is ApartmentRatings.com, a wonderful haven where tenants get together to dish out the scoop on their landlord or property management. Before you sign that lease, you can know what you are in for. Thus driving us towards the brighter, sunnier days where landlords and managements will provide only the best of living conditions for their tenants.

Though this Age of Transparency is upon us, it is still in its birthing stages, and I believe we still have a long way to go before we hit a climax. Negative employer reviews are rampant on Glassdoor, but we have yet to get responses from those employers. Poor reviews are all throughout Apartment Ratings, but many landlords are still “working” on addressing their issues. They currently still manage to sweep most of it under the rug.



Nevertheless, this new concept of transparency is picking up momentum, and the day will come when it becomes unbearable for those responsible to continue to ignore the calls. This will be the point where it becomes impossible for them to get away with what they’ve been getting away with. Our voices simply have not yet reached the cresciendo.

Very much like peace, freedom, and democracy, it is only a matter of time before we realize that we cannot call ourselves an advanced civilization without instilling transparency into our culture. Surely, we are headed towards an era where transparency is the norm for all. This will not only be valued or required in business, but also in our churches, schools, governments, food, agriculture, and health care system.

Just as product transparency has become an accepted norm in today’s society, we are simply waiting for the other aspects of society to catch up.

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