Poverty is a lie!

It’s an abundant world out there and you better believe it!

Yeah, it’s true. Nature is abundant. You see it in the people, the animals, the land, the oceans, the vegetation, and the skies. You see it everywhere.

Ever picked an apple or cherry tree? Ever experienced the feeling of massive amounts of fruit that just kept on coming and growing, no matter how much you picked? Ever experienced the awe inspiring wonder of the night sky, with its zillion and gabillion stars and constellations. (That’s if you can see the stars from your location)?

As proof, one can experience the feeling of unlimited power, growth, expansion, and abundance through all of nature, through many of the simple things we take for granted on earth.

Life is abundant. We are here to constantly grow into more, expand our perceptions, and broaden our talents.

The earth is abundant. She is always willing to give us more than we ask. Always growing, always rejuvenating despite the junk we throw at her.

If the earth is outpicturing lack and poverty, it is because we have bought into a major lie. A sick, twisted, and sadistic lie that claims that we live on a planet with limited resources and limited opportunities.


Don’t believe in the myths. Don’t believe in the fairy tales. Don’t believe in the lies.

There is enough to go around. In fact more than enough to go around. There’s plenty to go around.


No, our planet does not have limited resources. No, the stock market has never crashed. No, the economy does not suck. No, inflation is not real. It’s all made up. It’s all fluffy stuff. And all illusions. These are lies created to allow a small number of greedy individuals to manipulate the flow of abundance on our planet and accumulate great amounts of wealth.

They have lied to us. The economists, the politicians, the media, the professors, the scientists, the clergymen, and the experts. They have lied to us. They got us to believe that resources are limited and we must struggle to get our share. We now believe in scarcity. We now believe there’s not enough to go around. We now believe that only a lucky few have the right to prosper, while the rest of us can just suck it. They have lied to us.


If you believe it is a bad economy, then it is. If you believe there are no jobs, then there aren’t. If you believe times are tough, then so it is. If you believe you are the underdog, the downtrodden, and the victim, then yes you are. If you believe you are weak, then so be it. If you are prone to allowing others to dictate reality for you, then please do enjoy!

What other kinds of scarcity pills may I get you? What other kind of lies would you like to swallow? What other excuses would you like to make for yourself? What other reasons do you need in order to remain complacent? How else would you like to devalue yourself?

It’s all a matter of what you want to see, what you choose to believe, what you accept as reality, and what you are willing (or unwilling) to do.

Remember, they have lied to us.

Choose not to swallow someone else’s pill.

Choose not to allow someone else to create your reality.

Choose your own beliefs and create your own reality.

Your life is what you think.

Think thoughts of abundance and create abundance. Think thoughts of lack and there you have it, a community, a nation, and a planet full of lack.

Dare not to think like everyone else. Dare not to fall for the lies.


The universe is abundant. Planet earth is abundant. You are abundant.

Dare to believe in abundance!

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