10 Questionable Gurus and Impostor Entities

There is a stench in the spiritual community becoming more and more apparent as time passes. This stench is coming from the famous and influential names in the community. Those who in recent years have created much fuss over nothing. Those whose teachings are false, deceptive, empty, mundane, regurgitated, and only serve to maintain the status quo, all the while deluding followers into believing they are worshipping a most high-caliber being or following an ultimate form of teaching.

A most important virtue to cultivate as we embark on our journeys and pursue our spiritual goals is discernment. When it comes to raising our consciousness and making any kind of progress on the spiritual path, discernment is key. Without it, the presence of any impurities in a teaching or the attachment to any false guru we encounter can have the power to set us back for lifetimes.

Nowadays, the common trend for many spiritual people is to believe that because they do not follow a mainstream religion, then surely they must be on the right track. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth, for in fact, many are being led by wolves in sheep’s clothing. My question is, if most dare to question the institutionalized religions (i.e. Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism), why doesn’t it ever dawn on them to question the “unconventional” stuff as well?

Simply because a guru or a teaching is unconventional, does not necessarily make it better than the mainstream. In actuality, some of the newer gurus that have risen in recent years are the same types of ego-maniacs that have run the established religions for ages. These new gurus are only in place to prop themselves up as the latest brands of ultimate authority and to feed off the energy that we give them with our attention. Their sole purpose is not to encourage self-sufficiency, but to keep us running in circles, chasing after our own tails, and chasing after them. They serve only to keep the old adage of idolatry intact, and to keep the old game of superiority vs. inferiority playing along indefinitely.

It truly is getting quite stale here in the spiritual community.

I expect there will be those who disagree with this post as I take each “leader” off their newly-erected pedestals. This is only my personal opinion based on personal experiences and insights, and you of course, have the right to yours. Simply offering food for thought.

My advice is no matter how devoted one might be right now to a certain guru or teaching, always keep a constant vigil on your discernment, on your intuition, and hone them both like a knife.

Lastly, always, always keep in mind how in the end, the emperor had nothing on.


1. Bashar (Darryl Anka) – The case of a Hollywood special effects designer turned trance-channeler, Darryl Anka is the channeler of the infamous Bashar.

Bashar is this dramatic, multi-accented, head-bobbing, entertainer of a galactic being (alien?) who’s so smug in his ways. He sits there on stage putting on a show, advising people on spiritual matters, telling them what they want to hear, answering questions, and giving “serious” discourses on the state of the earth and intergalactic relations. As if intergalactic relations are something we need to concern ourselves with while we fulfill our missions here on Earth.


I haven’t followed his teachings to know every detail. All I know is that any being that claims to be some kind of extra-terrestrial, does not mean well. Sorry but the aliens from other planets are not talking to us, like so many claim. Any “alien” that dares to try to communicate with us, is simply an astral being trying to con us into giving them our light. Instead of proceeding with caution, I say run!

One common misconception is that all channeled beings are benevolent and all channelers are highly enlightened. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth, for nowadays it has become so easy for many to turn the dial of consciousness and tune into the other realms. The question lies in which realm are we tuning into, who are we actually channeling, and what is their intention?

I only need to watch one of Bashar’s videos to know that he is a quack. I instantly pick up the fake vibes. Whoever Mr. Anka is channeling is not all that highly advanced like people make him out to be. He talks up this feel-good, airy-fairy, fluffy stuff into the air, and speaks it with such authority, that it appears as if he is so enlightened. It truly makes me nauseous. I can’t believe people are falling for this crap!

Below is a video depicting his total smugness. If you use your antennae, you will sense the impure energies and the attention that he seeks.

I find that his followers are always subservient when speaking to him and he seems quite ok with that.


2. Ramtha (JZ Knight) – Another one to make a splash in Tinseltown, JZ Knight is revered as some kind of high-vibrational Goddess. She is known to channel Ramtha, some enlightened, ex-warrior, male being straight out of Lemuria. She also runs the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

For starters she owns the copyrights to Ramtha. Both Ramtha and the school are registered trademarks. So watch out! Try claiming that you too are channeling Ramtha, and risk getting your butt sued.

Yeah, talk about enlightened!

Shall I continue?

I was introduced to Ramtha very early in my spiritual journey, after watching the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?, in which they make a guest appearance. Sad to say I fell for the hype at the time. In the movie, JZ/Ramtha is filmed chain-smoking a cigar, the mark of a true “enlightened” being. Little did I know at the time that enlightened masters were beyond human appetites, let alone addictions.

I remember also reading her book I AM Ramtha from beginning to end. It actually read more like a romance novel, and kept me quite entertained, but didn’t teach me a thing.

Ramtha, the enlightened being advises his followers to drink lots of wine for it allegedly re-wires the brain. The school throws wine parties every now and then where all students are encouraged to get crazy drunk.

There’s more, but I won’t proceed any further. I think I’ve said enough about this sad situation.

Another one making millions deceiving the people.

For more on the Ramtha situation feel free to check out the link below.




3. Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation (AKA Space Brothers) –

A bad combination!

I can’t even think of this without falling of my chair.

What in the world???

I cannot understand this Ascended Masters & Angels joining forces with the UFOs type of spirituality that’s out there. I may laugh at the absurdity of it all, but it truly is no joke. Channeled by many, these “galactic” beings have managed to get so many true-blue spiritual people to deviate from their original Divine plans. They are masters at mixing truth in with the lies, and make it all sound so good, making them pure masters of deception and distraction.

Ashtar is sometimes known as one guy, and at other times the name of an entire troop of “galactical ascended beings”. When referred to as a being, he is the leader of the space team (not sure what his exact title is). As a troop, the Ashtar Command is an entire melting pot of heavenly and extra-terrestrial beings. They fly around in their spacecrafts, policing outer space and the different star systems. I suppose making sure all is well and in order. It’s beyond me as to why spiritual masters would need to fly around in spacecrafts? I always thought the spiritual realms transcended time and space. Not sure why distance is such an issue for them, as they still need spacecrafts to get from one place to the next???

Just another bunch of impostors coming straight out of the depths of the astral realms to deceive the non-discerning spiritual people. This Ashtar Command is always available to those who would rather keep their minds in outer space and in places that don’t even concern us. Those not willing to raise their consciousness to really take care of earth business.

Leave it up to technology and the aliens. For sure. They will save us!

4. Sananda – Another channeled “being of light” working closely with Ashtar and the Space Brothers. This one claims to be Jesus the Christ, himself. Both him and Ashtar are supposedly working tirelessly to bring the earth into the 5th dimension. Whatever that’s supposed to mean… (Wasn’t that supposed to take place in 2012?)

My question is why the heck did Jesus have to go and change his name??? What was wrong with his original name? Did he have some kind of identity crisis while up there in space?

Channeled by many, Lord Sananda is known to work with the Greys and the Reptilians, as they too are of a higher-vibrational nature and working for the good of earth and mankind.

I won’t go any further, for this is already too much…

I swear, I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I wanted to.


5. Neale Donald Walsch – The infamous teacher who claims to be channeling God in the Conversations With God book series.

I read all of his books when I first started on the path, being so fascinated by them. They seemed so profound at the time. But after about a year or so I moved on.

Not quite sure who or what kind of God Neale is talking to, but I like to call him the “pot-smokin’ hippie God”. This is a God who basically tells everyone exactly what they want to hear and proceeds to tell the world that basically anything goes.

Common themes are Hitler went to heaven, the holocaust was a blessing in disguise, have as much sex as possible, and let’s just eat, drink, and be merry! In his world, there seems to be no rhyme or reason, just do whatever you want. Oh, and don’t worry. There aren’t any consequences. We all just keep on reincarnating over and over, creating whatever the heck we please, and having a blast. Life is not a schoolroom. There are no lessons to learn. No karma. Take a chill pill and relax!

There also seems to be no talk of any heavenly beings such as spiritual masters and angels. When asked, Mr. Walsch cannot vouch for their existence either.

And who can forget the Ultimate Reality part. He totally lost me on that one. None of it made any sense. It’s packaged in such sophisticated jargon that I’m not sure if anyone out there actuality got it. But no one dares to question it, for fear of looking unsophisticated.

I still can’t believe how successful these books are, and how people hold onto these ridiculous teachings for dear life and just won’t let go?

I suppose if I sold books telling people exactly what their egos wanted to hear, I’d be a multi-millionaire too.

6. Dr. Wayne Dyer- I’m sure he’s a very nice guy. Certainly not the only culprit for duping the public, as Dr. Dyer falls into the category of the “manifestation guru”. Not to say that these types of gurus are promoting a false teaching, but more of an incomplete teaching. We have an entire string of them cropping up these days, from Dr. Dyer, to Mike Dooley, to Rhonda Byrne. Dr. Dyer is simply one of the big names that fall under this category. His teachings are mainly about the laws of attraction, intention, and materializing one’s desires. Not sure if he’s applied his own teachings to his own life to get to where he is right now? But many are fooled into believing that attaining their desires is as easy as 1,2,3.  According to Dr. Dyer, all you have to do is imagine your dream house or that dream job and POOF! You got it!

He fails to mention the important part of clearing the blocks in one’s psychology, some of which could be very deeply ingrained and carried over from past lives. What would happen to book sales if he tells his audience they need psychological help?

And so the masses have been lulled into believe that they can get anything they want without having to work on themselves. Some real “feel good” stuff for when you’re looking to live on a cloud.

I at times question his intent for being in the public eye, for Dr. Dyer has a very acute case of egomania.

A bit more mainstream than most other gurus, he offers a nice plethora of watered-down teachings for newbies dipping their toes into the field of spirituality. With the privilege of a PBS audience, his idealistic and “feel good” teachings do the job at leading the masses towards happier pastures. This is an 800% improvement from what is mostly on TV these days, so I must give him much credit for that. Nevertheless, the guy will not miss an opportunity to brag about his good deeds.

I can’t say I’ve read all his books, but I’ve seen many of his PBS lectures on life, love, and the laws of attraction. I myself was one to fall for his virtuosity at one time, and used to endorse him big time. (I still do on certain aspects). I then came upon a copy of his book Wishes Fulfilled. This actually was the first and only book of his that I’ve ever read, and it changed my perspective on the Dr. Dyer situation for good.

This book was on his usual topic, how to manifest our dreams into reality, with the standard and typical law of attraction/feel good stuff that we’re so used to hearing. What I got more out of the book was a feel for Dr. Dyer’s need for applause with an ego that has much to prove. Throughout the book there’s much talk of his holiness, how he is surrounded by so many wonderful spirits (with pictures of orbs to prove it), and detailed talks about the good deeds he’s done for so many. The book screams “Look at me! Look how holy and pious I am!”

In addition, the English was so intellectual, with fancy sophisticated words cropping up everywhere. I at times had to grab a dictionary to look up some of his words for they were not common everyday English words. Not sure if he had the average person in mind when writing it. I came so far as to the middle of the book. Then I got bored with it all and stopped reading.

I later stumbled upon an interview of him on YouTube that confirmed my suspicions of his need for praise. The mark of a truly enlightened one is having nothing to prove and nothing to show off. Your good deeds are no one else’s business and require no recognition. In the video below, he talks to Lilou Mace about the good deeds he’s done for so many all in the timespan of just one morning, surely while dressed in his flowing white robe. He then proceeds to talk of his enlightenment and imply how certain he is of his ascension once his lifetime is over.

Is it possible that one can be that sure of themselves???

(A rather long video. Feel free to watch all. There are good parts in it. Or you may skip to 30:00 for the part of the video I describe above.)

Below is a link to a blog post I recently discovered which conveys the Dr. Dyer situation in such perfect light. The author of this post truly said it the best!


7. Amma – She’ll actually be in town in the blink of an eye! Every summer she makes an appearance here at the Jacob Javitz Center, where for an entire weekend folks come out of the woodworks for the meet and greet. The billboards go up and announce her arrival, and the entire spiritual community is ablaze.

Amma is known as the international female guru/pope who tours the world, making stops in all the major cities, giving free hugs to all who need one. Yup, free hugs.

Backed by a huge money-making international organization in the guise of charitable works, she basically struts around as some kind of sacred mother/deity who welcomes the worship of others. The thought of thousands lining up to receive a hug from one single human being on this planet baffles me.

For someone to set themselves up as if they’re so important that people need to line up for hours…

I cannot understand this form of human worship or the cause for such pomp and bravado!


8. Sylvia Browne- The late psychic/author who claimed to talk to dead people, spirit-guides, fairies, and the like, all the while while completely denying the existence of dark forces. In her world, “it’s all good”!

Often making guest appearances on the Montel Williams Show, she posed as a spokesperson for the dead (and lower spirits). Simply out to seek fame and fortune, audience members were encouraged to line up to hear what news their dearly departed relatives had to tell them from the other side. She would basically set herself up as a liaison between the living and the dead, passing on messages and advice to people about their future. As if our dead relatives, simply because they’re dead, have become all-wise and all-knowing.

Any true teacher/guru would refrain from imposing upon your free will and impeding your spiritual development by telling you what is going to happen in your future. Instead they would advise you to go within and use your intuition to get the answers from yourself. Only someone under the influence of lower spirits would attempt to play fortune teller.

She would sit on stage all puffed up in arrogance, biting on her long claw-like nails. Sometimes it was just all too painful to watch.

One particular episode which stuck in my mind was when an audience member stood up to ask about his own deceased relative. After producing the relative, she then proceeded to pass on a message pertaining to his chronic masturbation problem in front of the entire studio audience and national television.

That did it for me. I was done after that.


9. Sathya Sai Baba- Not a former member of the Jackson 5. Just a famous fro-sportin guru in India who claimed to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi, an avatar and miracle worker who died a few years before his birth.

Known to materialize small trinkets, sweets, and ash from out of nowhere, the late Sathya Sai Baba was revered as practically a living God by his followers. Instead of advising them that they too are Gods, he allowed them to worship him to the fullest. Devotees he called them. And as they erected him on a pedestal, he allowed his followers to assert their own insignificance. Have you ever heard of such nonsense? Again, more pomp and more self-aggrandizement from the self-proclaimed.

This guy believed he was so holy and all-knowing, that he went as far as stating that he would die at the age of 96. However his age at the time of death in 2011 was only 84. Only off by 12 years or so. No biggie!

He also stated he would be born again 8 years following his death. I suppose the world has yet to see who’s next to proclaim themselves as the latest reincarnation of Sai Baba. Five more years to go before God enters our world again! Can’t wait!

Also known as a multi-millionaire guru who outwardly donated much to feed the poor, this was not a mark of true enlightenment. This was simply the mark of a good philanthropist, as are most millionaires. There is nothing enlightening about donating to the poor. Anyone can do it. So don’t be fooled.

A true enlightened being doesn’t just feed the poor, for that only enables them to remain poor. The truly enlightened goes out there and leaves the poor with knowledge on how to feed themselves, thus raising them up and eradicating their poverty.

Sathya Sai Baba — Just another self-proclaimed God who did his best to maintain his superiority and also maintain the status quo while at it.

For more detailed information feel free to visit the links below.



10. OSHO – Another registered trademark.

I am leery of any type of spiritual teaching that is either a registered trademark or a corporation. This type of pre-packaged, consumer spirituality is designed to not only appeal to the masses, but also packaged to make up for what it lacks. This is spirituality all dolled up for the retail market.

Trademarks are in place to protect an organization from theft. Corporations are created to protect an organization from lawsuits. Spiritual teachings are meant to be universal, with no-one owning a monopoly on them. Any spiritual organization that feels it needs to own a monopoly on its own teachings can only be stuck in duality. Any spiritual organization that feels it needs to protect its name or its teachings from some kind of impending doom, are coming from a lower vibration, for this could only be a reflection of insecurity and uncertainty in its own teachings. The universal mirror is always reflecting back exactly what is in our consciousness. It doesn’t miss a beat.

The organization known as OSHO is based on the teachings of an Indian guru who from 1981 through 1990 lived in the United States, gained a multitude of followers, ruffled a few feathers, and left a stinky mess behind. Known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or simply Osho, he was just another product of Westerners gone ga-ga over the exotic pull of Eastern teachers. In the last 50 years or so, it has become all-the-rage in Western societies to follow an Eastern guru, all in the name of finding that ultimate teacher. All one from India has to do is show up on Western soil, declare themselves a guru, and watch how overnight they will gain a multitude of followers. Simply blurt out any kind of gibberish with an Eastern accent and the masses will come oohing and aahing at their feet, revering them as highly enlightened.

Capturing the attention of those seeking something new, Osho’s outspoken defiance of the establishment and his open attitude towards sex made him appear as some kind of revolutionary guru among the spiritual societies of East and West. Little did people know that his provocative words held little truth and were simply in place to gain more followers. Little did they know that this was an unbalanced egomaniac seeking the spotlight by always surrounding himself with controversy. Osho was an impressive name-dropper with a tendency to contradict himself on a regular basis. His teachings were interspersed with ideas from both East and West, none originally from him, and none questioned by his Western followers.

A very sickly disposition led him to a strong addiction to prescription drugs, particularly Valium. What value is it to take spiritual advice from a drug addict? Do we even know if those were his actual words or just the drugs talking?

Known also for a string of sexual allegations and his fleet of Rolls Royces, he is only revered by most Westerners as a righteous dude. I always thought sexual allegations and a fleet of 90+ Rolls Royces pointed to some form of imbalance, but perhaps my perspective isn’t sophisticated enough.

Not sure what it will take to raise an of eyebrow in the Osho community?

I once got around to reading one of his books titled Being in Love. I don’t think I even got to the middle before I put it away. It read as pure mumbo-jumbo to me… and I did my very best to give it a chance.

As profound and arcane as many claim his teachings to be, I am confident I won’t re-visit this bogus guru’s work anytime soon.

For more on the flip side of Osho, feel free to visit the link below.

Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh, and the Lost Truth


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46 thoughts on “10 Questionable Gurus and Impostor Entities

  1. The first “teacher” I ever found was Sylvia Browne. I loved her autobiography and her “if you don’t like it, leave it” advice regarding readers’ belief of her books’ content. I fell away from her because I had very mixed feelings about her branching out into an assumed expertise on multiple topics. It seemed she was pushing boundaries in order to push multimedia sales. Disappointing.

    I dabbled in several other ideologies and paths (The Secret, E & J Hicks, etc.), but couldn’t stick with them (and not just because of my ADD…oh, look! A shiny squirrel!) because they just seemed too good to be true. I know I am a very intelligent person, but I’m still naive and gullible as hell. I would LOVE to believe in what I was reading/watching, but my analytical side would eventually appear (sometimes it took months or years). I felt like the authors were trying to hard to convince the readers that what they were saying was true. It wasn’t enough that someone was reading/watching their material – they still had to sell it. I eventually began to feel manipulated.

    Whether it’s religion or metaphysics or spirituality or whatever new popular name we come up with to describe our personal paths, only a few things seem to consistently ring true to me:

    1) There are a Lot of things we don’t yet understand, and it’s all a great big adventure.
    2) Be good to people. (Sometimes I refer to this as: “Don’t be a douchebag.”)
    3) My attitudes, beliefs, and choices are all largely responsible for my experiences.

    I would like to thank you for your candid thoughts and the effort you made to offer alternatives to your opinions. I find myself now wanting to get up and clear out even more of my physical book collection. =-) Thank goodness most of them were acquired through used book sales. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Cathy,
      I think we all are naive and gullible for the most part.
      That is the reason life throws us these oftentimes wacky circumstances, so that we can become as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We all to some degree are here on earth to unlearn our naive traits.
      I agree with you that there are lots of things we don’t yet understand and that it’s all a great big adventure. It takes an non-inquisitive mind to deem something as unquestionable or as ultimate truth. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with falling for a false teacher. Problem lies in falling for a false teacher for an entire lifetime. The more we can admit that we don’t know to ourselves, the less inclined we will be in claiming anything as the ultimate truth. And the less naive we will be when it comes to attaching ourselves to a teaching and never wanting to let go.
      I too have found myself clearing out my book collection very so often. I do it every few years and I think it’s a healthy process.
      Thank you so much for your take on this aspect of spirituality.


  2. I am not sure why you chose to arbitrarily bash several people and their work publicly. I also think you are off-base presuming that people “easily” reject mainstream religions, or those they were brought up with, and then suddenly drop all skepticism when in comes to New Age or other such alternative ideas. Rather, those who venture out into the unknown are on a journey that either never ends, or until they settle into a comfortable/appealing system of beliefs, or make peace with the mystery of it all. For that is the real truth: Anything spiritual/metaphysical will, from the human perspective at least, always be relegated to the realm of speculations and opinions no matter how intelligent, logical-sounding, fantastical, mysterious, mystical, or even “wise” it may seem. One can believe in science to a certain extent, however, it is for this reason that science remains silent on spiritual matters. And all of how it is understood is limited by our faculties, perceptions, and ability to express things linguistically as well. I noticed you didn’t include Abraham Hicks in your list, so does that mean you find the channeled entity that can’t provide examples beyond Esther’s experiences driving a monstrous RV or at the airport at all questionable? Why was Wayne Dyer included in the list? How can he be said to be an imposter, channel, or a guru? Who is he impersonating? I have never once heard him claim to be anything other than a regular guy with an interest (similar to mine, and perhaps yours), in considering these matters, despite the seeming futility of the task at hand: trying to comprehend the Universe. Yes, he expresses his opinions and beliefs, but none of the labels you have assigned are applicable. Often, he defers to and attempts to recapitulate the ideas of other gurus in whose work he is presently interested in. Rehashing of existing ideas is to be expected, so no one could be faulted for that. The decision to trademark and copyright is made in order to survive and/or thrive in a capitalistic system. Also, when it comes to the so-called channelers: whether you believe they are sincere/real or not, there is a distinction between the channeler and the “other consciousness” they are supposedly a conduit for. Thus, (hypothetically speaking) Bashar isn’t interested in copyrighting, but Darryl Anka who has taken much time and effort in the Bashar undertaking (whether you consider it to be real or hoax – either way there is a lot of material being generated) – so why shouldn’t he as a flesh and blood human being with bills to pay not be the rightful party to profit from these efforts? Aside from holding seminars and making his claims, it’s not as though he or any of the other individuals on your list can force anyone to believe or appreciate the veracity of the content nor to agree as to the mechanism/source of it. No, these gurus merely have the guts/confidence to express themselves and it will appeal to some people. Some people will get really into it. Maybe it fills some void. Maybe it’s what they “want to hear.” We live in the internet age, so people, more than ever, will seek what they want to hear, or what they already believe – it’s called confirmation bias. It’s not like our journey’s resemble Siddhartha’s where we wander around and stumble into various enlightened/normal people (well, we still might do that) – but my point is: now we can (and often do) Google them, too! As for bowing, I didn’t see a gun to anyone’s head – why not consider that the person is doing it as a symbolic gesture of respect and appreciation, voluntarily, rather than attributing it to the overblown egos of the supposed guru? If anything, you strike me as a person who probably hasn’t been nearly skeptical or discerning enough. Certainly less discerning than the readers you are talking down to and attempting to “protect from themselves.” It sounds like you think you have a hard and fast belief in some (silly) ideas, and merely reject the ones that appeal less to you. Ultimately, some people find value in these individuals works – whether as useful guidance, soothing comfort, mere entertainment, or some combination thereof – and in the economic marketplace they are willing to support these people’s careers financially by buying products, tickets to seminars, etc. In the marketplace for ideas, too, we are all free to take or leave these ideas; to accept, reject, or merely consider without coming to a definite conclusion. Your criticism is akin to criticizing the author of an strongly opinionated editorial with misreporting the factual news. Except here there are few, if any, known hard facts – merely more or less appealing/logical theories and ideas. We live, we die – that and what we experience in between is we can speak to without speculation. And yes, some people decide to make a career trying to fulfull other people’s desire to understand/know more than is actually possible, and I agree that not everyone that expresses an opinion is necessarily sincere. Since no one knows for sure, why bother hatefully bashing a small handful that others may have found useful?

    Liked by 3 people

    • I am a dumb-ass for sure but that last rant by Coby may just be the most unenlightened rubbish I have ever read!


      • I don’t know you, so I don’t have an opinion on you, but I did not find Coby’s post a rant in any way, in fact he gave very detailed reasons for his opinions. I actually agreed with him regarding Dr. Dyer’s attack, which I found lacking merit despite me being not a real follower of New Age writers/teachers. I find, however, that your personal attack to Coby without any supporting reason to your statement to be extremely strong evidence that your work in the spiritual advancement is still very much in the early days. If you would try and re-read your own post, you would immediately realize Coby’s cannot possibly be the most unenlightened rubbish for sure….

        Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think it was meant as hate, at least I interpreted it as criticism and we are all allowed to have and express our opinions. Maybe the information will help someone.


  3. Dyer has some interesting stuff! I think 🙂
    This thing about his ego, first there are interviews where he says that he is not 100% “enlightened” he doesn’t try to say he is perfect or anything like that.
    Also, when I see some characteristic such as this in another person, I always go back to myself: what am I putting outside, that I don’t want to see inside?
    I would never defend him, the idea would be: don’t deny all of him because he has -I think- some powerful ideas. At least some worth to take in consideration.

    * excuse my english!


    • I have to agree with you Ana. Dr. Dyer does have a lot of good points to his teachings. As a public figure, it is inevitable that his ego will sometimes shine through to his viewers and readers. We all have an ego, but seeing his on such public display will at times turn me off.
      Nevertheless, I still have to say that I would not throw the baby out with the bath water in his case.


  4. Well to keep it short…from experience. ..Amma is a very high and powerful being..as was Sai Baba.The Hicks were charlatans when I saw met them.Otjers I have no direct experience with. To have JCZKNIGHT ,Amma,Sai Baba,asnf the Hicks on same list seems kind of ridiculous. However Sri Chinmoy was infinity embodied.


  5. I agree with you concerning many of the listed individuals. However, I must say Gilbert’s guru I believe is Gurumayi, Malti Shetty not Amma. Shetty’s outfit has been exposed for sexual abuse. I am not much into channelers since first none of them asked the entity if they were good/bad and who wants to be possessed in the first place?! Plus, none of them say anything of substance and it seems whatever the entity is they same the same thing as other entities. Dyer, rest his soul, got into the new age arena early. However, over the years I saw him market on others works and if you look into his life he overcame a lot, but he wasn’t a saint nor a person one I feel should emanate. You nailed it when it comes to their popularity – the more they promote one’s ego the more cash fills their pockets. The rebirth of the Power of Positive Thinking with The secret is a good example. Keep up the good fight – no one is enlightened esp. those who claim to be. It’s an on-going process.


    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for your correction on Amma. You are right. I truly loved your last comment, that no one is enlightened especially those who claim to be. It totally sums up this entire post in one sentence. Many thanks!


    • In response. .I do not think one can judge the spiritual power of any spiritual priest or teacher..without having direct experiences with them. It is easy to make presumptions based on others writings or others ‘ criticisms of the same teachers. I assume that so many new age PBS regulars are wonderful communicators who have very limited spiritual illumination or power..but I could be wrong.But when a spiritual teachers books keep dropping at your feet and he or she comes to you very powerfully in a dream..and many times you feel like you innermost heart explodes and you fall at theit feet sobbing like a baby what feels like oceans of tears…this is real. Many people have these experiences and whether it is Jesus,Mohammad, God/Allah or Sri Chinmoy. .or a well known new age teacher who is the object that causes these experiences. .these are tangible experiences. Other than a real empirical experience everything is simply conjecture. .as there is a human instinct in all of us that wishes to criticize others…without real evidence. ..and of course no one in human former is ever perfection…I believe. .but maybe I’m wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Brad,

        Thanks for your comment. Truly no human being on earth is ever perfect. In other words, if you are still here, then you still got work to do on yourself. The universe will always send us the teaching that we need in order to get us to that next level. Sometimes it’s a true teaching, and sometimes it’s false. I myself have followed what I consider to be many false teachings and gurus in my day, and I am grateful for each and every one that came my way. I would not be who I am today or know the things I know had it not been for those experiences. Jesus, Buddha, and many of the spiritual masters that walked the earth were known to go through a plethora of true and false gurus. True or false, a teaching in the end is just a teaching. A guru in the end is just a guru. They are simply there to take you to the next level of your journey. They were not designed to be the ultimate unquestionable truth, to be erected on pedestals, bowed down to, or held on to for dear life.

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  6. A very well written and thought provoking article highlighting some of these false gurus. I have seen the Dyer youtube link that you posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzCy5B_1QpM
    in it’s entirety. Do you notice how these ‘gurus’ keep getting weirder and weirder as their time in the spotlight goes on. They continue to find more incredulous things to see and say to utterly amaze and astound the masses. Who BTW, continually cling to their every word no matter how bizarre. And more to the point continue to buy their most recent and astounding books and etc. Notice how Dyer gushes about the faith healing power of john of god of Brazil. Together with the ‘Entities’ john of god remotely( 10,000 miles away) cured Dyer of his leukemia with only one side effect. Unfortunately his $17,000 Panaii watch stopped working due to the electromagnetic forces of john of god. This is all from what Dyer says in the youtube video!!!! And nobody questions this??? Wayne’s reasoning: To have a mind open to everything. That’s right!! And the stranger the story the better. Full commentary on Dyer’s cure of leukemia and his unhealed broken watch. https://lakishajj.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/wayne-dyers-miracle-wrist-watch/
    And more on Dyer’s scurvy elephant, the true story will cause a profound shift in your awareness.


      • Listen among the frauds there are genuine powerful spiritual teachers…in my experience. But if your destiny doesn’t not call you to be healed or overcome some obstacles. .that does not mean the person you saw is a fraud. It seems there are many angry atheists who like to dissuade any belief in spiritual forces…they are zealous about this.


      • Yes Brad, you are half right. But you speak in vague generalities. The same could be said about anyone performing service to another: doctors, car repairmen, car salesmen, etc. Most perform their service admirably, some do not. There are frauds, quacks or cheats. But , we must use reasoning and facts to determine veracity. In healers we must look to the Big Picture and realistically rate their overall benefit. This you do not do. Specially we were talking about quack john of god and Dyer’s endorsement of this woo nonsense. Case in point, Lisa Melman the beautiful young woman with breast cancer who was influenced by this and Oprah. Oprah used her to promote john of god. Lisa chose to have ‘psychic surgery’ ( a pair of forceps were stuck up her nose, I kid you not!) for her treatment of breast cancer. Any wonder how it ended, Brad?


      • Well it seems you would like to discredit this John of God as a fraud…although I had read actual healings have occurred at his establishment. Don’t know if this is true or not.But number one ..there is no real death…number two you don’t know what this young lady’s soul wanted…maybe it was her time to die and furthermore. .she could make her own decisions. Regarding this John of God…I know for a fact spirits can come through and tell you about future. .and what you need to do to heal (though of course many fakes abound like Abraham Hicks..).If this lady went to an MD and died would they be blamed for her death.Believe me allopathic doctors help many and are skilled…but in Genreal IMO..they have the spiritual knowledge of …we’ll u get my point.


      • Demon possessed? huh, that is some unenlightened comment, gave me goosebumps like when I had to listen to Catholic priests in school aas a child


  7. Reblogged this on Transformational Consciousness Coaching with One heart one Love and commented:
    I think some of the people on this list might be on the level such as Wayne Dyer. But I do strongly question the Ashtar on Command. I had a partner who listened to a woman who channeled Ashtar, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet etc. It sounded like some truth mixed in with some lies. The things about spirituality and love etc. sounded like truth but the things about NESARA and everyone on earth getting millions of dollars, UFO disclosure, crooks getting hauled of to jail, illuminati and baby sacrificing etc. sounded like a bunch of lies to me. This poor old man – all he does is sit at his computer from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed reading and listening to all this stuff. I think it’s kind of sad.


  8. I think my personal reason for being fooled sometimes comes from my desire to have someone to follow, because I don’t trust myself enough to be my own leader. I’m working on that.
    I listen to many spiritual teachers and I’m always happy to find words of wisdom, but now and then those people forgets their own teachings and stops walking their own talk. Recently I’ve seen more aggressive ones who try their hardest to influence people like the world will otherwise end. And then we have those who wants to explain everything, over simplify the universe, creating a sense of limitation at the same time.
    The problem as I see it is that these teachers sometimes forget we all are on different paths and we all have our own truths, and not everyone is meant to “wake up” right now. We need to let everyone do their thing, at their own pace, and that includes ourselves.

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  9. Again…there are so many businessmen, women in quasi spiritual Enterprises. ..making a buck..as even trained alternative health practioners do it for a living. But yes there are very powerful spiritual beings. .rare..in human form..and also very powerful forces one can pray to for help and healing. ..I know from experience. I realize those who have had no need for miracles. .have had blessed lives..and therfore assume almost atheistic viewpoints on things..asndndssume everything spiritual is phony. But I know different. I had an extremely powerful and rare spiritual master..and had equally powerful experiences and healing in a few other paths.


  10. Very interesting in regards to Dr Wayne Dyer and his manifesting. To some degree I agree with you. And I have read many of his books the same can be said for Doreen Virtue and manifesting with the angels. There is a key element missing in law of attraction teachings that I have learned over the years ( been on this spiritual journey since I was 8) The key element is action. Yeah we can attract opportunities by our thoughts but it doesn’t end there we have to step into action to achieve it. There is no getting around that fact. In this world that we live in we have challenges to overcome some may think magic is what we will see maybe if we were on the other side (heaven whatever you want to call it) When you start pulling to you what you want to attract there are many doors opened that require physical efforts to achieve. Many mistake manifesting as some magical force that will plop your dreams right in your lap. NOPE. Let me tell you a little story about my dad. My dad died due to a con man named Anderew Wommack a person that took principals of the SECRET and wrapped it up in Christian dogma. He told his followers if you believe enough and have enough faith in God you will work miracles.
    This man tells his followers if you believe enough God will save you . He tells people if you want more money just talk to your wallet , This same idea is suppose to be applied to every aspect of your life. Well it killed my dad. My dad believed in this garbage so much that he thought he could pray away his high blood pressure. Never mind that the energy he was pulling included loved ones trying to reason with him God made doctors too he was content to sit there and let the miracle drop in his lap he ignored the messages sent through his living loved ones that action was required action could have been seeing a homeopathic doctor to regulate his high blood pressure or a mainstream doctor ect. But all he could tell us is Stop talking to me like that you are speaking death upon me. What do you do with a person like that? Sadly nothing as we all have our own free will to do what we want even if it is destructive deadly path.
    Now you also had Sylvia Browne on your list She was the first person of whom I read her books explored her Church …Yes she had a church and the ideas were some that rang true for me a lot others not so much. And although you may have found fraud in your perspective I think a deeper look at her teachings is needed for you to have a truly balanced opinion.
    In the end for over 20 years now I have been searching and learning and one big thing that I have learned is that not every “guru” has all the answers they seem to have only a partial truth of things and the rest is speculation. That is why it is so important to see ALL the perspectives out there in doing that you see a bigger picture and truth comes floating to the top of it all. It is a big puzzle and sorting through all the information can be daunting but worth it if you are on the same path as I am . In the end it is important to realize that the teachers that are in the public eye do not have all the answers they only have partial truths so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just look at that perspective and add it to all the other ones you encounter I promise you that you will see a bigger clearer picture. Good article! Thanks for posting!


    • Hi JT. Since writing this post back in 2014, I have since changed my militant views on some of the “impostors” listed here. Of those that I myself have followed, I realize that just as I needed their teachings at a point in time, they may be exactly what someone else needs to master their current level of the spiritual path. Though what’s out there may not be “all good”, a teaching or an encounter with a guru (legit or false) will always come with a lesson.

      Liked by 2 people

      • =) I too over the years come to realize even mainstream religion has a lesson in it. You are very right there is always a lesson good bad or ugly. It was a hard idea to put into motion for me to leave room for perspective to change. I sometimes have to remind myself there are many paths to the same destination. I like how you explain your “militant views” I know exactly that view! lol My perspective sometimes will be that of a militant perspective and then I stop to digest it all and start exploring the different perspectives. Recently my dad died and at first I had my perspective this is wrong wrong and then I realized that there was a lesson in it for me and for my step mother . Sometimes it makes my brain hurt but that is usually when I am fighting to keep my militant perspective. What a world =) Hope your day is awesome Lady Miss Neptune!

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      • I will be very interested to know if you would like to make any amends to the original post with the information & experience you have on hand now as of August 2016. We are always growing learning, exploring, and discerning etc… I won’t be surprised if you have a different opinion, if not for all, but for some of these gurus.

        Secondly it will be nice to see a list of gurus/teachers/masters whom you hold in high regards for their messages. Is Teal Swan one of them?

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  11. Agree with 99% of your commentary, unfortunately it is so hard for people who are new to self discovery and spiritual advancement to avoid quacks and charlatans, given the newbie is filled with eagerness but little sense of direction.

    You were maybe a little hard and certainly very superficial on Dr. Dyer. Before you include anyone in any criticism, you owe it to that person to do more than watch a few videos and drop a book halfway through. Now, I am certainly not a follower of his teachings, but I found some helpful reminders in his work, specially when I get so absorbed by the very transcendental stuff and forget I also live in the everyday world. In that area, his work can be very helpful. BTW, not sure if you realize he moved to a more spiritual phase later in life, but I never found he suggested that you visualize a mansion and it will materialize. Not once. You must have read mostly his early stuff, which I skipped exactly because he himself stated he had gone past those beliefs. In reality, I found Dr. Dyer to state over and over that change and a life of prosperity and happiness is in everyone’s grasp but nowhere he said it’s like “see it for 5 seconds and voila’ it materializes”. If that was your understanding, you were not paying attention. And you need to before dissing anyone, otherwise I am left questioning your very own motives and your actual spiritual advancement.

    Finally, I am not sure where you are getting the complicated English in his writings. Again, maybe he was academic at first, I focused on his more spiritual work and less on the early self help material, but I found his English completely approachable and this is my third language, as demonstrated by this poor reply to your post.

    In general, I think as much as we want to escape traditional teachings, some of the best teachers are rooted in old traditions and decades of work. If someone is interested in more mainstream and approachable teachings, probably Eckhart Tolle is a good place to start, if you an get over the fact that Oprah decided to endorse the dude. I loved his books, I could relate to 95% of it from direct experience, so when later Oprah jumped on the bandwagon, I just ignored it.

    A more sophisticated teacher is Adyashanti, someone who started in the Zen tradition and later, given his advanced level of clarity and understanding, started his own teachings. There is absolutely nothing fake about this guy. But he is a bit tough to crack for beginners, I did get his teachings right away, but had gone through a decade or so of Zen Buddhist teaching prior to encountering him, so I spoke his language already. What I love about his take is that he is less fixated with dogma and tradition and more focused on advancement and enlightenment. Results matter to him more than tradition.

    Finally, I would suggest any American would spend some time reading Philip Kapleau, the father of American Zen Buddhism, and John Daido Loori, another American Zen Roshi, who was able to bridge spirituality and creativity in a very approachable manner

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  12. Hi guys! I wanted to give you some insight into Sathya Sai Baba. I’m sure you’re lovely and had no intention of being offensive to many Hindus, but unfortunately, your commentary is offensive because it is misinformed. I grew up within a Hindu community that regards Sathya Sai as one of our own gods. I’m sure reincarnation seems like bullshit to you, and that’s okay because you’re entitled to your beliefs, but frankly you are seriously offending many Hindus. We believe Sathya Sai is the reincarnation of our previous gods and gurus.
    Here’s a mini lesson so you can be a bit more informed on Hinduism and gurus: guru means teacher, and we believe that gurus are often reincarnated onto this planet to teach us certain principles. Furthermore, we put so much respect in ALL our teachers that we aim to see them as gods themselves. He encourage people to see the god within everyone who inspired them or taught them (especially parents). He was a spiritual teacher, and so he told people he had god in him. Seeing a teacher as the equivalent of god is not new in Hinduism. In fact, it is perfectly ordinary. People can follow multiple gurus or only one. Either way, they follow the teaching of the guru that they feel they need most to move forward spiritually.
    You should really go listen to Sathya Sai’s lectures because ultimately he always said this: There is god in everyone. Some people are more connected with their god-self. Others have allowed this world to distance themselves from their true godly form.
    Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, but what people don’t know is that all our deities are part of one common entity/athma/god, called the Brahman, which we believe resides with every being. Basically this is the inner god that Sai was in touch with and also the inner god that he believed resides in every being.
    Additionally, I’ve been to the town his ashram was in and there is no other place in India that comes close. The hospital he opened doesn’t charge patients at all, which is a remarkable feat in itself. Additionally, it was the only place I’ve been to in India that I never saw anyone starve. ALL the shops are insanely cheap (way cheaper than anything in any other place I’ve been to). Those who could not pay to eat were still fed food. Additionally, it is the cleanest Indian city I’ve ever been to, as well as the safest. Say what you want about him having money, but everything he built genuinely helped people.

    Tldr: Sai actually claimed he was close to Brahman. This is basically what Abraham Hicks and many other people do. Connecting to Brahman or your truest form is the goal of many meditation practices. Sai basically taught people to connect to Brahman within themselves and see that they themselves (and all other beings) are god. I don’t judge you for not knowing, but I do find your commentary wildly offensive, so I wanted to let you know.


  13. personally, i don’t mind when people like these gurus. As you said, newbies like them and it’s great to start somewhere. You said it yourself that you liked some of them when you first dipped your toes in the spiritual waters. My problem with these people is the fact that many of the stuff they say are actually counterproductive and promote a totally different idea.
    Like Wayne for example. I liked his page a few years back on fb and tonight one of his quotes popped out in my feed.

    The basic things that make people neurotic are not so much the way the world is, but the way they look at the world, or the original he’s famous for: Change the way you view things and the things you view will change….

    So what is he promoting there?! Do poverty and homelessness and wars cease to exist if you pretend not to see them? I understand he may be saying that to people fighting depression and stuff, but regular, “spiritual” people also buy these stuff. I have friends who claim to be spiritual now based on these statements and quotes. This is the part of the new age shit i don’t like. They sell superficial attitudes under the pretence of spirituality. It’s like a whole new way to stop the progress, which is something that needs to be addressed

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  14. Have any of you ever heard of Juddi Krishnamurti or Thich Nhat ? So what if these people say the “truth” of what “is” is in error. If these guys can help others find what they are searching for, peace be to both the teacher and the student. PAX

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  15. Just read your article which was interesting, but I must say, the “joke” about Sai Baba’s hair next to the photo is simply ignorant and inappropriate. It is one thing to point out the cons that these people may or may not be dolling out on their followers, but to make petty insults about appearances is childish at best.


  16. Please I beg you, add John J. Oliver and his channeled “entity” Jerhoam to your list. This man is a master manipulator of people, as several of his excommunicated members of his “Jerhoam’s Mystery School” will attest to. He is a direct ripoff of the Knight character (Lemurian warrior). His channeled persona is laughable, but I believe because he has a relatively lower scale following, he hasn’t been on some of these lists. This man needs investigated. Shady dealings, manipulates members into doing all kinds of humilating things–you’ll find a “Sunflower Priestess” who made overt sexual videos and was made to laugh for hours, people dressing up in ridiculous garb here and there and everywhere, and quite a number of parasitic “psychics” who use his bookstores to drum up their business and keep the money flowing in. This guy is also a wannabe entertainer, with a failed TV Show and a history of sad, incorrect predictions. People connected with this guy and his teachings boast failed relationships with family and spouses.


  17. Why are all these false gurus more famous than you? If you had the truth, you’d have more fame and followers. You judge so harshly and offer no truth.


  18. In my Hummble opinion, judging any one shows more about oneself then the person that we are judging, right or wrong as they are both relative in a personal experience, what we take wether it be from a guru a master a preist or even a rapist or murderer if this takes us one step closer in understanding ourselves better and making us a better person should it matter where it came from? if by taking the advice of a peodophile it makes that person a better person, should that advice not be taken? In everything inherintly there is good and bad it is our choice to let which one through. All the people that you have mentioned they have had plenty of amazing things to say, hold on to that not the parts that does not agree with your understanding. instead of judging what you do not like, be thank ful for what you did. When i was younger anything that did not confirm to my reality i would brand it as rubbish until i learned it is better to say i do not understand it. I wish you well in life


  19. Ah, you’re a coward!

    You accuse others of chicanery, but don’t identify yourself!

    BTW, you forgot to put in the popiola, the bible, the “Grand Rabbi of the jews, the islamic imams.
    All of these, teach us that we, Humans, are a piece of garbage in the cement, worthless, and do everything to suppress us.

    If you don’t like these Teachers, why don’t you leave them alone, and mind your own life? Leave everybody else alone, to go their way. TO believe or not.

    Not that he needs to be defended, but, Ramtha, for one, raises us up, and glorifies us, and our existence. He insists we, Humans are worthy of Creation.

    Which would you rather be?

    You, and those of your ilk, are traitors to us, the Human Race, aspiring to rise above the ordinary.
    Actualy, you’re the Ordinary.

    In fact, you and your ilk, are shills for religions.


  20. Any thoughts about the nihilist UG Krishnamurti who named his own enlightenment ‘the calamity’? And who discarded all masters and gurus? Or the misterious Jed Mckenna, who proposes – in a quasi-original, eloquent and enjoyable manner – that spiritual enlightement is the damnest thing? After he explains that he went there already?


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