10 Simple Steps To Detach From The Collective Mind

The collective mind is a peculiar phenomena we’ve all inherited. This mind is a common way of thinking for the majority of the human race, very much a mental programming that we have all managed to find ourselves enmeshed in. It is a mind so ancient, a mind that believes it is separate from God. It is a mind swimming in the poisons “the controllers” have fed us for millennia. It is a mind so steeped in ego that it becomes rather a difficult task to escape. One cannot see the forest for the trees. This mind has become so standard and so ingrained, that most of us don’t even dare to wonder if there could be another way, a higher way. We unconsciously go along with the program, thinking in identical patterns and reacting in the same repetitive ways.

If you live in the United States, try standing on line outside Walmart very early in the morning after Thanksgiving Day. You will get an authentic taste of the collective mind. It’ll be an interesting lesson, I promise. Even better, try telling your nosy and gossipy neighbor what you really think of her. Then stand back and watch her standard reaction.

The collective mind is what drives everyone to strive for the same things without giving thought to what it is they are even striving for. It is also this same mind that drives everyone to automatically think the same thoughts, expect the same outcomes, and act in the same identical manner as if on program.

If one were to pull the covers off the collective mind, one would be quite amazed to discover just how many default, man-made ideas, judgements, assumptions, biases, reactions, and expressions we harbor in our minds. The collective mind is quite the standard. It is rigid. It is the same old, same old, repeating itself over and over again. It is the same way of thinking, the same way of talking, and the same way of acting. The collective mind is the cookie-cutter method of thought, the cookie-cutter solution to challenges, and the cookie-cutter reaction to circumstances.

Other terms that relate to the collective mind are the collective consciousness, the collective unconscious, the mass consciousness, the mass mind, mass programming, mass conditioning, social conditioning, group conditioning, group mentality, herd mentally, mob mentality, etc.

Fear not, my lovelies! For today I shall suggest an alternative to this monotony.

Introducing the universal mind (aka the mind of God)!

FacebookuniversalmindThis mind will whisk you away from the days of hum-drum mass consciousness programming. Inside this mind is all the wisdom, love, joy, and creativity of the universe. It is spontaneous. It is unpredictable. It is pure unbound creativity. With this mind you get an infinite number of right solutions. Instead of your typical black and white responses, you will find solutions tailored to each individual and each situation. Why settle for the same typical ideas when you now have so many alternatives?

Though detachment from the collective mind is a valid goal, attempting to do so without tuning to the universal mind is not a feat I recommend. This will not only keep you entangled in duality, where you are exchanging one extreme idea for another, but you may also end up attracting lower forces. If you’ve you ever tried solving a problem with the same mindset that created it, you’ll realize that it’s nearly impossible. One must first step out of that mindset. So first ease your way out of that old collective mindset, then step into the universal mind. Step into the mind of God. The mind of God is where those bright ideas come from, those a-ha moments, and those doses of instant creative genius. Yes, we all have the potential to tap into this vast mind. One simply needs to have the will to do so.

Isn’t it time you stopped following those standards created for you. Isn’t it time we all quit following everyone else and what “the controllers” tell us to think. Aren’t we tired of falling into the ditch?

The time has come to reach for a higher state of mind, to reach for a higher vision. This mind is available 24/7, and if you truly want it, you will find it and it will find you. So break out of the mold. Step into a higher mind, a higher way, and a new reality!

Ten Simple Steps:

Step 1: Permanently remove yourself from the influence of the mainstream media. This includes the television, mainstream news, mainstream music, violent, gory, and explicit films/video games, mainstream/tabloid magazines, porn, certain websites, etc. I could list gazillions more, but you get the point. Simply take heed of what you place your attention on. The mainstream media is a major promoter of dark thoughts, dark ideas, and dark images. Some of them subliminal, so they go into your mind without even your consent. Be vigilant guarding your mind and your vision.

Step 2: Get curious. Learn to question everything, even the ideas handed down to you by your family or your friendly clergymen. Not accepting things at face value is great way to exercise and expand your mind. This allows you to look for further solutions whether they be external or internal. It’s ok to get a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th opinion. Knowledge is power. You will never know what great wonders lie ahead unless you open your mind. So educate yourself and experiment with new ideas.

Step 3: Discover your calling. This is the Divine plan that you made with your spiritual teachers before you were born. This plan depicts your main mission for coming to earth and what you came to accomplish for yourself and for the Highest good of all. I can’t say enough how important this is, for once you are lined up with your calling, life takes on a whole new meaning. Those silly, frivolous things from the collective mind no longer have a grip on you, for you become preoccupied with fulfilling your plan to its highest potential. To discover one’s true calling, one must search within. This is something that took me quite some time to discover. Many use meditations to go within and discover this plan. What helped me was decreeing diligently to an ascended being until I received a mental vision.

Step 4: Eat pure. Yes, what we ingest certainly does affect our minds. Do eat a plant based diet and drink plenty of water. This also means to cut out all junk food and cut down on animal products. Such foods are heavy, toxic, and taxing to the body. Heavy, rich, and processed foods keep the mind focused on material and insignificant matters. One has a difficult time tuning into the higher levels of consciousness. Rule of thumb- If it’s heavy, it weighs you down and keeps your mind grounded like an anchor. If it’s light, it frees your mind so it can soar to new heights and see the bird’s eye view.

Step 5: Abstain from all drugs and alcohol. Unless you’re looking to lose a few brain cells, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. We all know what these things will do to your mind.

Step 6: Adopt practices or rituals that keep you focused on your own personal path. Practice them diligently.  For some, this means to sit down in meditation. For others, it is taking daily walks to clear the mind. What works for me are daily decrees, invocations, affirmations, or mantras.

Step 7: Perform a three-week fast abstaining from all outside influences. Limited human interaction is what we are looking for. Here you are seeking complete silence. This silence will allow you to purge many of the false ideas you’ve come to accept as normal, in addition to gaining a clearer connection with your God Self. This type of fast not only includes abstaining from all media outlets and the public. It means abstaining from your well-meaning friends and family too. If a fast is not possible at this stage in your life, then at least take time everyday to be alone, even if its only for a 1/2 hour. Your mind always needs recouping from the information overload it receives on a daily basis.

Step 8: Seek the company of like-minded individuals. Seek those also working towards for a higher vision. The people in our circle have power to influence us in ways we are sometimes not even aware of. Therefore the company you keep is extremely important. If a relationship no longer serves you, end it. If your work environment is toxic, change it. And if temptation is too great and you still can’t seem to get away from those with the old momentums, by all means don’t be afraid to seek a new location.

Step 9: Love yourself. Inadequacy, low self-esteem, and insecurity are surefire ways to keep you lost in the collective mind. Learn to be at peace with yourself. Stand tall, stand proud, and most of all love yourself! Regardless of any past mistakes or shortcomings, you are still beautiful, unique, and very special!

Step 10: Become one with your God Self. You are not separate from God. This is the master key to the universal mind, as your God Self is the universal mind. Here you gain the strength and power to stand on your own and not succumb to any standards built by the mass consciousness, as all man-made structures dissolve in the face of God. As the saying goes, “God is no respecter of persons”, and neither are you as you follow your inner voice and not the crowd. Some great methods for gaining a clearer connection with your God Self are meditation in addition to spiritual invocations and decrees.


Hope this helps!

Wishing you only the best on your journey to freedom!

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