Foraging For Fractals

Totally fascinated by sacred geometry, so this here is another addition to the series.

Today we’re focusing on fractals, which I so wish I could understand how they grew.

A fractal is a pattern created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing, never-ending feedback loop. The Fibonacci spiral is a fractal in itself, since it repeats over and over into infinity. But today I want to shed light on the irregular but infinite fractal patterns that turn up in the trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, plants, animals, and of course people too.

These fractals have a “branching out” effect and are truly a wonder!

fractal46 fractal47 fractal48 fractal50 fractal51 fractal52fractal8fractal36 fractal37fractal45 fractal39 fractal40 fractal43fractal6 fractal11fractal7fractal13 fractal16 fractal17 fractal18fractal9fractal20 fractal21 fractal23 fractal24 fractal26 fractal27 fractal28fractal31 fractal32fractal34 fractal35 fractals1 fractals3 fractals4 fractals14frcatal29 frcatals25

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