Are You In Survival Mode?

It was a typical night after work. I was at the Port Authority Bus Terminal waiting for my bus to take me back home to the Jersey suburbs, when I came to a realization. As I stood there on line, I noticed the usual homeless man sitting up ahead on one of the benches. He sat there with his head down, drinking his coffee, and expressing a state of total misery inside and out. I thought to myself, as most of us would think, “Wow, I don’t want to be like him. I  don’t want to be where he is in life.”

And then it dawned on me. I was already there.
Most of us are.
The next day, I resigned from my job.
I will explain.
Time is a most precious commodity on earth. So let us answer a few questions. Do you find yourself exchanging your time for money? Do you spend the majority of your week working at a job that does not inspire or fulfill you? Are you making a difference in the lives of others by doing what you do? Can you say that you would do it for free? Are you working from your heart or are you working from fear? Are you working out of sheer joy or are you working to survive? If you won the lottery, would you drop your job like a hot potato? If so, then know that you are certainly working to survive. The majority of the allotted time that you have on this planet is being used to sustain your survival needs. So you are living to survive.
Most of us walk around with the fear of losing our jobs, fear of losing our homes, fear of starving, fear of the curse of poverty.  In turn, we feel justified in exchanging our precious time for money, exchanging our time for survival. If the majority of our days are being used for survival then aren’t we just like the homeless man begging and scraping to survive? Just as he concerns himself daily with his next meal, we too concern ourselves daily with our next meal.
I believe we were not put on this planet to focus on survival. We are not here to just eat, sleep, shit, and die. I believe we all have purpose for coming to earth, a Divine Purpose. Each and everyone of us are here for a special reason. Sure, some of us do have to care for a family member with special needs or small children. Sometimes for a season, we must forfeit our personal needs to serve another. (That in and of itself is a Purpose.) But what of those who did not sign up for such assignments or no longer hold parental responsibilities? Is working every day to just eat, pay bills, and take a few vacations the true meaning of life? Has it ever dawned on you that there could be a deeper purpose for being on earth? Has it ever dawned on you that you might have intrinsic value, with gifts to bring to the people in your circle of influence or to the entire world?
For those of us working at miserable, boring, monotonous, restricting, stressful, low-paying, or high-paying jobs, we are all in survival mode. The miserably employed and the homeless man are simply the same mindset expressed on two opposite ends of the survival spectrum. One simply has chosen to rebel and drop out of society, while the other has chosen to conform.
Animals  use their allotted time on earth to focus daily on their next meal and their survival. Humans, on the other hand, are Spiritual Beings. We are born with minds that can reason. If a mind can reason, then there is always a reason. If survival is at the top of your list of reasons for living, then perhaps it’s time that you reconsidered which species you belong to.
We are not here to be a slave to food, money, shelter, clothing, or survival. We are Spiritual Beings with a mission. This is our priority in life. The universe is infinitely abundant and can shower us with all that we need in order to fulfill our mission. The universe is nurturing. The universe is supportive. Where in the world did we get the idea that it is not? Where did we get the idea that we have to work hard to survive? Where did we get the idea that it’s ok to spend the bulk of our lives focusing on survival? And what is it that caused us to start doubting the universe in the first place?
Our doubts and beliefs are always a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our faithful universe, always granting us our wishes.
So if you think you were meant to struggle and work hard on earth? Then so be it.
So if you want to take over your own survival and use your allotted time on earth to focus on your next meal? Then so be it.
So if you want to forfeit your Divine Purpose? Then so be it.
So if you don’t trust that the universe will sustain you as you follow your purpose? Then so be it.
What great lengths are you willing to go through just for survival’s sake?
Have you even taken the time to consider that you might have a Divine Purpose for coming to earth? Have you taken the time to find out what it is? Or are you living only to survive? Is your reason for coming to earth worth sacrificing for survival’s sake? Is working only to rest later really your ideal life? Do you truly think this is what the universe intended for you? Do you truly think this is what you intended for yourself ?
If our minds can reason, then there is always a reason.
What is your reason for living?
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