Fibonacci Sequence – The Golden Ratio

This is to add to my previous post on Sacred Geometry. I had so much fun composing it, that I decided to dive further into the Fibonacci sequence.

From the macro to the micro world, we can see a multitude and a variety of self replicating symmetrical patterns, spirals, and designs! This includes the great Fibonacci spiral – oftentimes called the Golden Ratio.

This same spiral can be replicated by mathematical formulas. Simply put, Fibonacci numbers are related to spiral growth. If you sum the squares of any series of Fibonacci numbers, they will equal the last Fibonacci number used in the series times the next Fibonacci number. What’s amazing about the Fibonacci is that it can be seen in everything from a newborn’s hair growth pattern, to seashells, to galaxies!

Who says creation is a random act?

fib26 fin25 fib49 fib48 fib47fib53fibonacci2fibonacci1 fib46fib44 fib43fib54 fib42 fib41 fib39 fib38fib36fib fib28fib51 fib52fib21 fib20fib30 fib18fib16fib45fib14 fib13fib11 fib10fib50 fib9 fib8fib6 fib5 fib4 fib3 fib2

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