10 Reasons To Tell Someone You Love Them Today

1- Because you may not have tomorrow. Life is at times unpredictable. No one knows for sure where tomorrow lies. The only sure thing we have is today and the present moment. Way too many regrets have been born by waiting for tomorrow.

2- Love heals a multitude of ills.  It is truly one powerful force. It has the power to take down barriers, bring people closer, and change relationships for the better. In the face of love, all power struggles end.

3- To set an example for others to follow. To teach and help others get used to loving unconditionally. Don’t wait for others. Be the first to say it. Be the first to show it. Others will later pick up your cue. Love will soften their hearts and they too may want to carry it forward.

4- So others can feel loved. Even though we are all loved unconditionally by our Beloved Creator, many oftentimes have trouble believing it. For many of us, we have been programmed to believe that our Creator is angry and judgmental, and will only love us under certain conditions. So many are ridden with guilt created by this peculiar concept and simply do not feel worthy of love. People are in pain and crying out for love. You expressing love to someone can help empower them to once again love themselves and believe that they are worthy of this great blessing.

5- For your own personal healing. Love opens up your heart so that you are capable of loving even more. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Because, before the ego got in the way, it was your original state. Love is the very essence of the universe and it is a natural way to be. Holding back on love and shielding your heart from exposure are what you have been taught by society, and these are all lies.


6- The more love you put out the more will come back to you. Oh, what awesome fringe benefits! This is where the great Universal Laws come into play. We are talking about the great Law of Attraction and the great Law of Abundance. What you put out is exactly what you will get back in return- thousandfold. As you sow, so shall you reap. So go ahead and sprinkle magical love dust everywhere you go. Leave a nice trail behind you! Of course don’t just tell people you love them with the intent of getting something back from the universe. Sincerity is always key. It’s futile to try to fool the universe, for it simply goes by what you think and feel, not what you do.

7-  Practice makes perfect. You may not be used to expressing love, but you gotta start somewhere. The more love you give, the easier it becomes. After a while it becomes second nature and you can operate from the calm, compassionate, and loving serenity of your Higher Self.

8- To squash the ego more and more. Your ego gets a wake up call each time you express love. Your ego is a cold, inconsiderate, and insecure entity separate from the Real You. It hates to make itself vulnerable or to put itself out on the line. It doesn’t want you to be compassionate or forgiving. It refuses to have you go beneath and serve another. Why be mentally controlled by an idiot like that? Why be enslaved by this mad tyrant? You are being whipped by this tyrant everyday, a tyrant that won’t allow you to be you. Wield you sword of unconditional love and watch it shrivel up and die.

9- To release good vibes into the world. The word love carries with it powerful energy. Every time we use it sincerely, we add to the planetary momentum of love, which in turns showers more love down upon us and beautifies our world.

10- Cause it feels darn good. Gotta admit there’s nothing more euphoric than telling someone “I love you.” and hearing it expressed back to you. It’s warm, it’s fuzzy, it’s nurturing, it’s secure, it’s safe, and it’s amazing.

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