Pride In My Living Room

The universe is always listening. So be sure to tell it exactly what you want and not what you don’t want. This is extremely important. Surrounding yourself with a lackluster, disorderly, unkept, and uninspired environment is exactly what you are saying is acceptable to you and what you think you deserve. Raise your standards and surround yourself with beauty, order, cleanliness, and joy. You deserve it!
No need to go out and spend a fortune. Simply by working with what you’ve been given, you will be given more. Acknowledging, embellishing, and nurturing what you already have, is a surefire way of saying thanks to the universe. And when we are grateful we are always given more.
So start where you are. Acknowledge the beauty around you. Organize and declutter those parts of your home or workspace that you feel are getting out of control. Take pride in your surroundings and seek to create beauty where there wasn’t any before. As you seek out excellence, the universe will have no choice but to bring you even more excellence. By implementing beauty into your life, your life becomes even more beautiful.

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