I Had The Power All Along!

I spent the bulk of 2013 chasing after riches, new careers, relationships, status, and next mlm business opportunity. All the while never realizing that I was using all of these as crutches to avoid standing on my own and unleashing my true power. Oh how I avoided going within and asking myself what it is that I truly wanted out of life. What it is that I was born to do, and how is it that I can serve the world using my gifts. I simply didn’t think there was any point to it. Deep in my subconscious mind, even though I was an advocate for the manifestation of our desires, I didn’t dare to think my deepest desires were possible for me. So I didn’t even bother?

And so I took a few detours. I took on numerous false desires and fooled myself into believing that they were my own. I began to follow other paths created by other humans. Paths that had absolutely nothing to do with what I truly wanted out of life. As miserable as I was in trying to fit myself into someone else’s mold, I did it anyway because I believed there was no easier solution. I was taught from an early age that I was a mere human being with no special significance, let alone special powers. And so I went down the path of struggle, thinking it was easier to struggle than to attempt to go for what I truly wanted. I simply didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe that I had this great magical gift. This great magical power that I could use to get anything that I want. Oh, how for all of my life I denied my power.

This is a power we all carry within us, but a power most of us ignore because we truly think we are powerless victims of circumstances. Most of us choose a more difficult path, the way of struggle, the way of hard work.  Well, I am happy to say that it doesn’t have to be so. Life was not meant to be a struggle to get what we desire and we shouldn’t have to work so hard. We have access to a force so powerful that it can manifest our desires abundantly and effortlessly. This force allows circumstances to simply unfold, the way a flower unfolds as it blooms. Oh, how we knock ourselves silly trying to make things happen, when all we have to do is tap into this force, this magnificent force that we all have access to, this unlimited power that we all carry within us.

Let’s just say 2014, began with a kick in my arse and a bang! I’ve been shaken wide awake from my sleep and disillusionment. I have discovered my sacred power and I am so excited to unleash it. My power no longer lies dormant. I know where it lies and I no longer deny its existence. It faithfully waits to be at my service, at my beck and call, and is always ready to grant me my wishes.

I now know that what I truly want, I can truly get.


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